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Two people are all the same
If you see them in one frame
But they have two sides
The one I guess have sit besides
Two people are all the same
I think that is I am
But another's hide
And also need a guide
Indonesia, 2nd July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
labyrinth Feb 2021
We need to learn
Not to lie
Not to fight
Not to be greedy
Not to be corrupt
Not to be ignorant
Not to be jealous first
But just because
We have smart phones
And ****** electric cars
Or over a trip to Mars
We think we progress
Progress my ***
Bhawna Jul 2020
Is it the matter of priorities
Cause I guess they change

Is it the matter  of time
Cause I guess it flows

Is it about the people
Well I guess maybe
Bhawna May 2019
" understanding someone
before them speaking
is a sign of genious"
But look at the misery
If I speak I know the result and
If I don't then this pain will eat me up
Fed up with understanding everyone when the heck will they understand me...-_-
Yume Blade Apr 2016
I laugh all time
    but with him
I giggle non-stop
Cause Life's too complicated
&  He makes me Thinkin' to something else
like *** , like couple , like other's life , like win

I crie too much
    but with him
I crie mucher than that
Cause Life's Unfair
& He makes me See different thinks
like other problem , others couple problems , like drama , like lose

For Some poeple it caled Boyfriend
For Some Other it caled Husband
For Some Otaku it caled Manga-anime
For Some Geeks it caled **Games
Too Many examples I can give you !
Iz Jan 2015
Like a rose bud attempting to bloom
in the middle of a nettles field
you are trying to survive
in a world where it takes courage
to be alive
I see strength trapped inside you
trying to make its voice heard
yet you don't seem to listen
and with the heaviest memories
of your past
you try to recall
the last time you felt loved

And when the dark
tries to embrace you
I, with a morning kiss
will tell you how beautiful you are
and if you say
you do not agree
I'll gently kiss you again
once, twice, three times
until I'll see that smile of yours
that every day
makes me love you
a little bit more

And when, looking back at your past
you still think nobody believes in you
I'll be by your side
reminding you that this time
you don't have to fear being alone
and I don't care how long it will take
for you to understand
for I'll bring you flowers
with a simple note that says
you are smart, beautiful and fun
thank you for being my better half
Styles Dec 2014
Right now,
I'm alone, and I feel that way.
At least I think I do.  
And its making me sad,
Because I know better.
I am too scared of living a pointless life, to life one.
I fear only the large hand of time's final stance,
Not giving me a second chance.
on the second hand, with another glance
presence of mind,
Will change the circumstance.

— The End —