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By the latch gate he stood
Dressed in striped suit, why?
Someone passed by but who?
He never, ever knew.

Love Mary x
CK Baker Jan 2017
In time you’ll recover and absolve
push those scorned impressions aside
hammer down the jaded edges
and sing
that delightful commoners song
the one you sang so well
in what seems a lifetime ago

You really had it you know
that fiery disposition and nimble cunning
those butter chords and derelict style
we could see it -- we could all see it
it was all it took to turn the evening tide
(and rile that buck fever)
heads bashing
tongues lambasting
middle fingers high
and raising Cain on those may fly statesmen

There were no rules
when it came to your survival
no textbook rally or common bond
no structured songbird or bravado stage
you either made it, or laid it
“life by the *****” Mr. Poppy would say
a kaleidoscope of dreams
with rich colored imagery
hardened artisan seams
in a carefully woven motif

But something got lost in the needle point
something sinister and distorted took hold
the quirks and street genius
that were your lifeline
gave way to grunts
and squeals
and chilling night crawlers
the colors faded quickly
to a cold confining grey

There was no grace in the new world
no retribution or switch back
no salvation or accorded finale
only edged platforms of blackened steel
that kept you cased
in a silent vanquished cell
shivering cold with fear
night without day
all in the shadow of death

But time heals all
and the polish sneakers
and open sores are long gone
(though the roman nose and shallow cleft remain)
indeed the falconer beat the widow maker
this go around
and I’m hopeful it won’t happen again
and if it does you’ll see me
standing hand on heart
with that old verse in hand:

he ain’t tainted
or silly,
and most certainly
not forgotten…
he ain’t loony
or fixed,
or a product of his self-doing…
he’s just a straight shootin’ guy,
who had the most of it
figured out

I see many jealous spiders
because they will never be good as me,
I'm very good at what I do.

Oh, please don't get so confused,
I may trap you in your own web of lies.
You don't need me by your side,
just for you to keep an eye.

I'm not your fly,
but you may be mine.
See I have woven a nice strong web
made with lovers silk,
nice and soft just the way you like.

You see the rain is pouring all around,
yet my web is staying strong,
just waiting for you to come along.
See, I had a purpose to trap others flies,

But, you my dear caught my eye.
You look so gullible, so very naive,
I think that is kinda sweet,
I know I must be sounding mean.

Just know crafting this silken web
wasn't all that easy for me to do,
because I made it just for you.

You kept talking your talk.
You kept playing all your games.
But, you didn't know I was onto you
when you first gave me the look,
you thought I was hooked.

Oh, I loved how you fallen
for my every move,
my every word,
my sweetest smile that drives you wild,
while I strand my very last line of silk.

This is my fly trap, and you had one for me.
But, when the night was over,
I watched you struggle
you are hanging around as free as you could be
thinking I will set you free.

You were so unaware, how mean I can be.
Your lies and your true ignorance got you
in your own trap, where all your friends
couldn't believe their eyes.

You have no more opportunities my lustful one.
All your friend abandon you.
Oh, please don't look so confused
you know you were only being used.

Now you can see,
Your words never mattered to me.
You are now in my grasp,
no time to look back.
My wittiness is creeping closer to you.

I see you are struggling in my web,
drowning in the rain.
You start to cry while you are about to die.
You began telling me how sorry you really are
for telling all those lies.

That is when I said, I was going to love you
until you hate me. I'm going to make you crazy.
I'm going to let the others flies see,
how much you mean to me.
I'm gonna show you, how lies can hurt you.

You should had known better
than to look my way, playing all those hateful games.
You put yourself in my trap,
now I'm going to make you ache.
I'm going to let your heart bleed,
just like you thought you had done to me.

I'm going to tell you all those lies,
I'm going to make you cry.
Because I'm a black widow,
and I no longer need you,
I already got you where I want you.

I already know how to play your game.
The twist and the turns,
I bet you feel mighty ****** right about now.
You are gone its all said and done.
All lights are out and so are you.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2010
Copyright © Judy Emery| Year Posted 2010
Steve Page Mar 2017
And when you give
Give like the widow

And when you give
Give til you giggle

And when you give
Give til you've pasted a smile
On every angel within a mile

And when you give
Keep the others guessing
Keep it between you and heaven
Cos you know that's better than
A here and now blessing

When you give
Give like the widow
Keep it on the down-low
However you live
Just give
Giving is good for you.  And others benefit too.  But mainly it's just good for you. 
Mark 12: 41-44.
Steve Page May 2017
And when you give
Give like the widow would
Quietly and thoughtfully
Wholeheartedly and consciously
Like you know the value of costly
The value of giving til you laughingly
Really hurt in your fund for a holiday.

And when you give
Keep your other hand wondering
If it's sufficiently
Not knowing if it was slight of handedly
Or open handedly
So you're tempted into giving more
Than you intended previously.

And when you give
Give hilariously
Be gutsy til angels agree
On the degree
To which you plunge
The depths of your karki jeans

And if in doubt
Just focus on the tree
And the costly sacrifice
He willingly made
For you and me.

Give like the widow would -
Like it's just between you and ***
And then you'll be free.
So many ways to give.  And it does the heart good.
Zeeb Jul 19
New Orleans has its Oaks, the most beautiful in the world
The Oaks they had an occupant, little squawky squirrel
Squawky squirrel stepped out one day, cross the street he made his way
And if he hadn’t changed his mind, he’d still be here today

The widow sweet Ms. Peters, did receive a call
From a handsome gentleman, who went by the name of Paul
Ms. Peters had been interested, in Paul’s cautious advance
But decided she would wait a while, not to take a chance
Now Paul has found his one and only
Ms. Peters spends her nights quite lonely

Oh yes the case of the pretty pilot
Just seventeen in a flying machine
The weather turned black so she headed back
But her boyfriend intervened

Now close if I may - here's what I say
Trust yourself - the odds break your way
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