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The woolly violet was never one for monogamy,
Ask her suitors, the honey and bumblebee.

Just as soon as one suitor is done,
Out on the air buzzing another one comes.

A symbiosis, a quid pro quo,
It is natural for lovers to come and go.
I stack wayward books
On my little nightstand
Up and up they timidly teeter
Then to the ground crash land

I hammer and cut and force the joints
Now a thing can stand
Now my books squeezed cover to cover
are close at hand
A little lady with golden shimmering sheaves,
In and out, in and out she tours
Out the door she gently leaves,
And in she comes back once more.

A man of no consequence stands
In one place never moving,
Except when his hair demands
That it needs some smoothing.

Poles apart it seems,
Proximity of the highest degree,
A thought only in dreams,
When will they both see.

In and out, in and out she goes
Leaving auras of glowing light,
He not knowing as he tip toes
That his love his just and right.

Infatuation a feeling that wrenches,
A thought far above,
He his destined to inhabit the benches,
While others fall in love.
Tyler A Sullivan Oct 2018
If i were to take of the angels share
The unattainable liquor of that batch,
And to you present a drought pure and fair,
In hopes for you to compel  a barred latch;
Would you to me reveal what within lives,
Unconditionally with no thought of clauses.
I most certainly would have love to give,
And would not dream to idle at all by pauses.
We will waver wherever all loving long day
Only few words spoken, agreements to say.
So be that we are not right cognitive,
It matters not for it is a life lived.
Tyler A Sullivan Sep 2018
The river's wide, it shines in sun
I am a child so young and dumb
So many miles we've walked and sung
Rejoice rejoice we've just begun

The sparrow sings in natures throng
It echoes through the valley long
It kisses ears and rights our wrongs
Rejoice rejoice a hiking song

Where oh where should we roam
Down past scarp where river flows
Eddies swirling swarthed in foam
Why oh why only nature knows
Tyler A Sullivan Sep 2018
Gentle cricket of yonder chirp
Rhythmic in you solitary cry
Edging my humble forgotten thorp
Where dreams peter out and die

A village slipping with the vale
Tis mine, and alone for me
Ragged breath struggling I fail
No rectitude in this misery

The huddles empty with molded thatch
Walking down valley to meet dell
The cricket  summons a parting glass
Sweet regards friend, farewell
Tyler A Sullivan Jun 2018
Hands of love carefully caress with carring certainty.
Eyes of lust linger on languished lips
Hearts of Hearts exist infinitly
Lost, lovers joined at the hips.

Do I feel
My nights afflicted by insomnia
Is it real
amor vincit omnia

July a cold month, in loving embrace
The nights march forward
In a loving rat race
Care for me, never leave me
She says so sweet
Once in hazy humidity
And our souls are complete

No, this is not me
Lost in blonde sheaves
This is her
Fearing I'll leave

The road I yearn for
Set out before me
The out door
Sets me free

Hand me The parting glass
Hand me the the last of the whisky
Cheap one drank cold and fast
One born Larceny

Tethered together
Me and the pavement
No time for forever
No time for enslavement

No time to affectionately embrace
None for love, idyllic, and family
No time for my future to be traced
None for domestic calamity
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