Can you feel my heart?
It's squeezing but never breaking.
For it is not letting go of the pain
How can I complain?
I brought this to myself.
In exchange for my dreams
I sold my soul
Now, I do have no soul and no dreams.
This is my new life.
People are shapeshifters
They change their skin from time to time
Sometimes they are preys
Lovely and faerie
Innocent lifeforms
Unlike the evil norms lurking on earth.
But mostly, they are killers.
They'll **** you upfront
They'll **** you while you're not watching
There's no catching for there is no justice
For no one notice

No one notices because they've changed their skin again.
Just a random thought.
Gazes turning to arrows
Crafted and sharpened to ****
Try and avoid it but it will follow
Snap it and there will be more
Ready to tear your core.
I'm just saying.
Your word kills me more than this knife pierced in my chest
I was your saviour
And you are the death of me.
Here is our story:
The beginning still plays on my head
The images are vivid and alive
You are the one that needs saving,
Lying ***** on the street at a cold winter night
I was a passerby who got a glimpse of the homeless child
Our eyes met, just like that
And we became meant to be

Both wearing their birthday suits
In a home built for two
The love burning like a wildfire
As two bodies intertwine
Pushing each others limit
In every passing hour,
You go rougher each time you are inside me
And always finish before me
Leaving me craving for more every **** ******* time

What happened next was a disaster not worth telling
So, let us end it here and not open old wounds
You must go in your own way
And I on my own
An old poem that I decided to finish. Not that I really care.
In my mind, i already forgot about you.
But why does my chest hurts so much?
Seeing you suffer because of another woman, why don't you look at me the way you see her?
Don't you know that you're the only one I love?
After all these years, you're still everything to me.
Till now I want to hold you tight
Turn around, I want you to see me
Yes, i am not pretty but i will give you everything you want
Call me crazy but i still love you
Why is it her? Why not me?
Does she kiss you better?
Is it because of ***?
You're so unfair, you know that i can also give that to you!
You never really understand how much I love you.
How scared I am to lose you.
How miserable my life is without you.
All this time I pretend to be great but then, I am only perfect with you.
Just crazy stuff on my head.
Your teddy, once your favourite toy
Now, dumped in the trash like everything else
Tattered and covered in dirt
Teddy is thinking
Did he miss me?

Your once cute teddy,
Walking in the dumpster
Looking for a way home
Poor teddy
Still hoping..

Kids throwing stones at the poor little fella
Rats gnawing its skin
But still it goes
Moving forward in your direction just to see you smile

Knock, knock!
On the front porch, he lays
You took it and take a close look
It face lit up, for at last, it is home.

In your arms it found peace
Its heart is filled with joy
For now it can see, embrace and love you
Such beauty, even angels can't compare

Ouch! A shrill of a small voice can be heard
You gashed it apart for you want your new toy and not the old fella
Poor little teddy...
Life has finally taken away from his limbs
As its shreds scattered on the ground.
I don't know..
Home is not a beautiful place
In the ruins, I was born
I grew up and live
My mind wanders around the world's beauty though
Never contented with what I have and where I am.
I was born a dreamer and forever I will be.
Searching for a place I can call home.
Is this where I belong?
The only time I felt that I am home was at that time.
In his arms, I feel safe. I was happy.
I was contented and being greedy at the same time.
I want more of him.
After that, never have I felt at home.
Not even in this paradise, I am in.
I'm alone with no home now.
I beg you, give me shelter, give me love
I'm dying.
The truth is I just want to go back home.
I just realized that I've got no one.
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