Home is not a beautiful place
In the ruins, I was born
I grew up and live
My mind wanders around the world's beauty though
Never contented with what I have and where I am.
I was born a dreamer and forever I will be.
Searching for a place I can call home.
Is this where I belong?
The only time I felt that I am home was at that time.
In his arms, I feel safe. I was happy.
I was contented and being greedy at the same time.
I want more of him.
After that, never have I felt at home.
Not even in this paradise, I am in.
I'm alone with no home now.
I beg you, give me shelter, give me love
I'm dying.
The truth is I just want to go back home.
I just realized that I've got no one.
Heya, sending me random messages again
Ain't you cute when you smile?
It's been almost three years
Do you recall?
I met you from the other side of the world
Calling me thru Skype to hangout
You with your friends on the phone
Playing these games
You're accent awakens my sexuality
March, after the man I've gave my heart to torn it in two
You stayed by my side
Laughter from each side roars
We get naked and listened to one's desire
Confused, I asked us to stop
It's too much for me to handle
I've never been alone for you've been here with me
Months passed and you met a girl
Loved and took care of her
You've come seeking for me when she left
Constant messages with each other, keeps the fire burning
You make me smile, your words comforts me
Your videos makes me laugh
Can you hear me? My heart is so loud, screaming.
I want your sex and your love.

Don't send me this video of you being drunk.
Don't ask me why you have that boner
Don't ask me why we are just friends

Don't randomly ask me to make love with you
My feet were weak.

Do you want me or my love?
It's hard to tell.
Just writing this for I don't know how to express it to my friend. Share your thoughts?
You're something beautiful
Something I call mine
Our bodies intertwine
But it is cold without the love
There is more that we could have.
I guess it is over
For I know you hate me
It is okay.
I’ll hate you if you did what I did
It's okay, it is over
Just got inspired while listening to a song.
You’re gone,
You’re gone
But you’re still here
You’re gone on the inside,
Rotting like a corpse in the sun,
You want to take a gun
And use it like a toy,
You want to kill yourself,
I get it, I really do,
But you need to stay strong,
Do it for your sister,
Your brother,
Mom and dad,
Aunt and uncle,
Do it for the people who care for you,
Do it for the people who love you with all their hearts,
Just hang in there,
Just a little longer!
So, you’re back,
Have you come for my dignity,
Have you come for my pride,
I see that you’ve brought my biggest fears,
I see that you have come to consume me,
The fact that you have the dignity to show your face,
The fact the you’ve determined my fate for me,
HA I think not,
Depression, you are one big S.O.B,
But you won’t consume me,
You won’t decide my fate for me,
Your darkness is powerful, but my strength is invigorating,
You’ve done enough harm to me and my friends,
You’ve caused so much heart break,
So much pain,
So much blood shed,
So many tears,
And you’ve wasted too much of my time!
The scene was horrid,
It is during the midday or late night
I hope my memory serves right
Prisoners are on their cell, innocents everywhere
Just one guard at bay as I tend to the babies
I heard them, I heard them right
In the swine of criminals, only one deserves death
They say.. they'll kill her
I have no evidence but believe my address
Listen before it's too late
For these people are full of hate
But who am  I? Just a child attending to your babies
That is when they ransack the place
So I cover the nearest child I see, as we all drop from the highest ground
Such a horrible night
For the same night lives were taken by million
And my blood dripping at the back of my head.

Damn I wet my bed.
Just a nightmare to share.
It feels so real.
I said i am sorry but you never forgive me.
I hurt you for you banished me
Some past draft... never really had the guts to finish it.
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