Amongst the crowd, is a wolf hiding
Sympathize and sooner it will be biting,
Take a chance and you will lose it
Be extracareful my friend before you will be hit.
Standing straigth with its full magneficience
Is a criminal hiding its presence.
Criminals are just around.
Mercy the one who no longer feels
She has been through a lot
Bless her who gives to people
She has nothing for herself
Love her who loves everyone
She has always been alone.
Have pity on her.
She is tired.
Death is her only resolve now.
And there i felt something. A realization that i have a lot of friends but i am always alone.
Created for a special purpose,

Be the reason of my existence

Take off your skin for a cause,

I know it is what you desire most.

In your presence, I am vulnerable

But together we will be untouchable

Feed the fire with our desires

Ignite it to burn the sky

Let our heart beat be your rhythm

Listen to the music as it slows down

And match your movement with mine

As we dance in the moonlight.
Nothing really special.. Still i feel so numb.
To my only LOVE
I will stop falling for you
Will hide this feeling
Because we never work out
You were my lover and my friend
I do not want to lose
Let me stand right next to you
Baby,  I am afraid to be alone and forgotten
Our *
LOVE STORY, its over.

To my only LOVE
Embrace me, Push me
I fucked up a million times and so did you
I am sorry so forgive me
Let spend time together
I will pretend not to feel
I will stop falling.
I will stop loving my only LOVE.
And **YOU
are my ONLY LOVE.
My bittersweet goodbye.
He is a prince with no castle
A knight with no sword
A jester with lame jokes
He is a princess at the same time.

He cares,
He is quite but he listens,
I cry and he understand.
He wrote this poem about the sun
And it illuminates my life.

He stands up for you
That is what he is, a friend not a foe.
To my best buddy.. Belated happy birthday!!!
Let everything be in its prestine condition
Hold on to your ambition
2017 is already end
But don't worry my friend
Here is a new year
A new beginning for us all
No need to fear
Because God will hear your call
So let us welcome 2018
And it will be good to us all
Here is a new year to reaching our dreams and leaving the bitterness of the past year.
Greetings to you all!! :*
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