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Poetic T Apr 10
We weather the storm of thought and retrospection,
            our words are metaphors of our daily lives..

Some light like a candle others like space a flickering
with  no warmth,

But swallowed by the darkness,
               awaiting its last breath.

Suffocated by the glass held in waiting,

                  for it to drown in its own fumes.
e a l Mar 16
inhale the deadly dark purple fumes
that make my head spin

lure with those chocolate eyes
the very ones i love looking in

plant a kiss on my lips
the very ones that make that sly grin

you make me plunge into your twisted sludge
your deadly concotions cause me to sin

im dancing with the devil
but i love the moves too much to cease

i am dazed by your deadly loveliness
this is making me sick

i should stop
but i dont

give me your toxic
the sweet spell you have me under
Asante' Nov 2018
I was never intended
To be toxic waste,
The girl spewing
With her words,
Acid dripping
From the corners of her mouth,
Living, breathing
So please don't share that fire with me.
Get it out of my face
And away from my lungs.
I don’t want your fumes
To poison me.
Andrew Rueter Dec 2017
It ***** with me
People not ******* with me
I ask strangers for friendship
They tell me to get ******

My friends and I
Hop in the car
We will share a night
We will have different ideas about

We go to the gas station
They accidentally buy the wrong cigarettes
They got lites
I wanted 100s
The fumes made a spark a bad idea anyway

We go to get fast food
I accidentally buy the wrong food
I got a quarter pounder
They wanted a double quarter pounder
Their fumes would've filled up my car anyway

Sitting in the parking lot
I'm not satisfied with this spot
But I stay here
Because of all the other cars already parked
Dictating where I must go
And then remain
In idle

They're finished eating
As I'm finished breathing
We go to the movies
Where the art transports me into a world of relation
But the lights bring me back
To a room where all the seats had been taken
So I had to sit in the front
And the vulnerable emotions that felt so important
I seek to hide from the rest of the patrons
Who'll laugh at me for feeling something
As the fumes of film escape my nose

We go to my house
To smoke some ***
It's another parking lot
But I prefer comfort to anxiety
When the fumes obstruct my vision of the people around me
Who are trashing my home
The demolition team becomes company
They'll always be here
No matter what
The wrecking ball changes
Machinery always being improved
Enthusiasm always being renewed
New personnel I can always recruit
Yet nothing ever changes

Once I recovered myself
Once I discovered myself
I drove back to my friend's house
Thinking we'd catch up on lost time
Or maybe he'd beat the **** out of me
I remember wondering how it had come to that
I remember wondering if I deserved it
I remember wondering if anyone could save me
From a life of no mortal danger
Only the danger of mortality
And the idea of being here on Earth throughout
Where people don't **** with me
Because the people I ****
Look too ******* similar to me
Yet when I ask strangers for friendship
They tell me to get ******
Bryan Oct 2017
Eddies and curls
Swishes and swirls
From fingertips
Relief begins
To make its trip.
Hold the flame
To the tip
Butane leaked
In its slow drip
Fuels the flame
Lit by flint.

There it goes!
There it goes...
Above the chin
Under the nose
Between the lips
To stain the gums
Over the tongue
Into the lungs.

The cheeks, they flush
Feel the rush!
The heart beats fast
To clean the blood...
Clean the blood
Of toxic gas.

The heart, it stills,
The lungs, they slow.
Down the hill
The windpipe goes.
One last gasp
Of poison still,
And the brain dies last
To seal the deal.
Tiffany Scicluna Feb 2016
Up on my roof,
Watching the stars,
So bright,
I light a cigar,

I inhale these beautiful toxic fumes,
Watching it slowly burn,
Wanting to be able,
To take my past away,

The same way,
I exhale the fumes of the cigar,
As they mix with the air,
And slowly fade away

The same way,
The cigar turns to ashes,
And the ashes,
Fly away
Aparna Apr 2013
Toxic love spilling,
Wrapped in his ecstasy,
Breathing in his fumes,
Drawing her to this poison.

Lying on burnt roses and hot candle wax.
Flickering lights above her,
His silhouette on the wall,
Strong, tall and bare.

**** her world. **** her now.
Candy Noire Aug 2014
I breathe in the fumes
Intoxicated states of pure bliss
In the form of headaches
I feel quietly numb.

Huffing away the days
To forget what's going wrong
In my solvent haze
I remember you have gone.

I breathe in the fumes
I medicate myself with bleach
These tendencies last weeks
I fear it may be my last breath it takes.
Ella Jackson Aug 2014
These memories I tried to burn from my brain by lighting
         cigarette by cigarette.
       Hoping that one day the smoke would cloud what memories remained of you.
         Memories of you and I
         Stuck in my brain
         Like stars stuck to the landscape of the sky.
         These memories that bring so much pain are the ones that not even the rain could wash away.
         Memories which sent warning signals to my nerve endings and set my body alight.
Memories which couldn't be eroded away, even with the strongest of acids.
These memories are positively stuck.

When I wake up from dreams of you
I begin my day with thoughts of you
All these tragic memories that haunt me day by day
Sending shivers up my spine.

Not just memories of you
But memories of me
My little reminders of the many pains of life

The only thing that could hurt me more than you
Is the pain of the memories of who I once was
The things I once did
And the person I will never be.
©Ella Jackson

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