So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Smells of the food cooking in the kitchen
Family gathered— ready and at attention
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember when we used to play in the park
I remember when our Grandma told us to be in before dark
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Sounds of laughter at Christmas time
I remember when we used to wait up for Santa
We were threatened with pepper in the eyes
Remember that?
Scared into sleepiness because our young minds didn’t know any better
With the morning sun, we rise and shine to open presents together
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember these memories represented our close knit bond
People grow
People change
I guess it’s naivety to think it would forever stay the same
It’s the memories we cherish and should hold them close
Keeping the people near and dear that we love the most
Because there will come a time when the reaper must stake his claim
We never invite him, but it doesn’t matter because he already has the name
He may come in quick or take his time, but when he comes it leaves us blind
Blinded by hurt
Blinded by pain
Blinded by the fact we will never see our loved one again
Blinded by the new memories of a new type of hurt—a new type of pain
Then the memories overflow and fill the frontal lobe-the part of the brain where memories and speech are controlled
You become speechless because you become filled and overwhelmed with the loss
Family comes together to comfort each other  
You haven’t seen some in years—it’s been so long since you’ve seen them you want to burst out in tears.
Kids have grown and don’t look the same
So handsome and beautiful, but you don’t remember their names
That’s how long—how long it’s been
Again, it’s a shame.  
You ask, “Why does it take death to bring the family together again?”
Then, in an instant, tears begin to form in the wells of your eyes
You realize how things have really changed and you don’t quite understand why
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember that there is a need to change the timeline
I remember when I decided to finally say
Don’t let the family, your blood, fade away
Embrace each other
Love each other
Motivate each other
Cherish each other
Protect each other
Keep each other
Continue to make memories—no matter how old we get
Make sure the family remains close knit

Yep, so many memories they just tend to cloud my mind
Family should always be together—until the end of time.

Upon my doorstep, laid a black rose.
Where it came from, no one knows.
Who would dare leave such a hideous thing?
I looked around, but there was no one to blame.
Black Rose, why are you here?
Is it an omen?  A curse? Is it a sign that the end is near?
Oh, what such horrible thoughts for any person to think!
Black Rose, are you here to remind me of something?
You are as the night, yet there is beauty within.
The longer I stared, the more you let me in.
Hideous, was my first thought, but I’ve since changed my mind.
Intrigued by your darkness--
You left me suspended in time.
The feelings that overcame my soul brought forth a thirst that I could not explain
Black Rose you are an inspiration
In these words, I will now begin my translation!

Stars in the sky exploding
Space and time folding
Bombs going off as the galaxy rips
Flashing lights fight to eclipse

Visions full of fluorescence
At the sacrifice of a solar systems essence
Shooting stars cry across the skies
Puncturing planets as they pulverize

Swirls of liberation
Celestial bodies melting in devastation
Swarms collect and deform
Exploding into storms as they transform  

The aura of the aurora bleeding like mascara
As if the planet is crying at the end of an era
Watching as black holes fight over vibrant sights
Pulling it apart as it ignites

What a wonderful curse
To befall the universe
It's so beautiful its cryptic
God bless a life so apocalyptic

Front Page!!! I hope to god this poem becomes more popular then "chorus of a love song" because that does not deserve to be my most popular poem.(Later) Shit The Daily...Well that was my first wish that has ever came true and then some.
Nicole Rountree Oct 2016

Not just a memory
But a stored moment in time that you savor

Not just a sound
But a wave of harmonious lyrics that tickles your eardrum

Not just a taste
But the flavor of many seasonings that bounces across your taste buds like thousands of pinballs

Not just a sight
But visual ecstasy that dilates the pupils and allows light to send blinding rays of optical bliss

Not just a feeling
But the pulsation of electrodes across the skin as it makes the thousands of hair follicles stand at attention

Take a moment to reflect and see that every day we are blessed with the gift of's NOT JUST life, but it's the opportunity to hear new things, see new sights, taste new flavors, feel new feelings, and make brand new memories.

Nicole Rountree Jul 2016

It’s that split second decision that will haunt you for the rest of your days.
Was it justified? Was it based on some racist ways?
Will we ever truly know?
What goes into that split second decision?
Does the color of the person’s skin determine if they will ever get up again?
What goes into that split second decision?
When you are staring down the barrel of that gun, who do you see?
What do you say to yourself?
Does it matter if it’s a woman or a man?
Does it matter that some child will never see their parent again?
Does it matter that they have their whole life in front of them?
Would it matter if it were you and not them?
What goes into that split second decision?
How do you know when it is right to pull the trigger?
Does it matter if it was a policeman or a black male living that thug life?
What goes into that split second decision whenever you decide to take a life?  
How do you truly decide who goes home and who dies tonight?
Let’s reflect on the police brutality, the black on black crime, the deaths from domestic violence, and realize that the split second decision doesn’t really care who makes it…
It’s the life at the end of the gun that matters when the split second decision takes it!

All lives matter!
Nicole Rountree Jun 2016


I would love to tell you it's a place that I would want to go
Unlike the world we live in today, I imagine it would be amazing in every way.

I see it...


Who wouldn't want to go to a place where there isn't any


Where the sun shines ...all day
Where you can be who you are without


It would not matter my color
It wouldn't matter if we were in love with one another
It's time for the nonsense to stop


In Utopia, we could live together in harmony.
In Utopia, we could live forever.

No worries

Maybe...just maybe
...only if Utopia were real and not just a made up fantasy

Nicole Rountree Jun 2016

You gave me a dozen roses
Thinking it would ease my pain
But instead it only reminded me of what I bear in shame.

I accepted these flowers and again you do the same.
The repetitious behavior that only a boy can bring.

Never learning from the mistakes and forever making more
Not a man, but still a boy that fails to understand the value of love.

These red, red beautiful and fragrant.
The intent behind which they were given already withering away.

I dare not place these roses in a vase, but instead return them today from whence they came
For, today I make this will never have to give me roses again.

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