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Thank God for the rain
Now I can walk
Walk in the crowd
Without my bitter tears
Been seen by many

Thank God for the rain
Now I can wash
Wash my ***** rags
Without been laughed
By those with pretty cloths

Thank God for the rain
Now I can bath
Like a little infant
Without been told
Of my lack of privacy

Thank God for the rain
Now I can pick
The light insect for supper
Without been told
Of how poor I am

Thank God for the rain
The flowers will bliss soon
The fruits will ripe soon
The vegetables will sprout

Thank God for solutions
To problems of my heart
Hopeless I was
Before the rain started.
Deep in my heart
Far from my body
Filtering my thoughts
Moulding some in steel
For they  shall be my word

Deep in my heart
Far from my body
Selecting my words
Putting them to gear
For they shall be my action

Deep in my heart
Far from my body
Seeving my actions
Refining some to gold
For they shall be my habit

Deep in my heart
Far from my body
Re-accessing my habits
Making sure they float
For they shall be my values

Deep in my heart
Far from my body
Shining light on my values
Making sure they sparkle
For they shall be my destiny

From the seed
To the watering
To the manuring
To the iroko tree
We all must seek it

Right parts
Right paths
Right passage
Right perception
For mankind to be better.
The rat race of life
Full of uncertainty
Fulcrum on hope
Leveraged on faith

Sighted we are
Yet blind in tomorrow
Where we are from
We do not know
Where we are going
We no not not

Yet we must run
Wake up and run
Run harder harder
Run faster faster

The closer we are
The further the journey
Getting to assume destination
Only to know is for a short rest

We say nothing in life
So what do man keep aiming at
At something which is nothing
Or at nothing which is something
Yet we must aim and aim harder

We run,we run run
We aim we aim aim
From ***** cell
Into adulthood
We keep running
Keep running faster
Yet life is nothing

The distance look short
Yet is as if it can't be covered
Nobody ever finish it
Except the it's finished on the cross
Looking at life requires wisdom
Living it requires more wisdom

Even at the distant end
Life is still a rat race
We keep running
Not knowing where to
We keep aiming
Not knowing at what

Life is a rat race
We must race like rats
We must rat in the race
Until we reach something
Which is nothing..

The man sneeze!🤧 the flock scattered!!😷🏃
The sweet muezzin voice no longer heard😒
The distance looks empty
The Space unoccupied
Where is humanity🧐

Is a period of fear 🤯😰
Unseen fear to the eye
Humanity in locked down
There is fear on the globe

The world still move
Man has lost his speed🛌🚴
Fallen life seen on the path
Been chased by unseen life
There is fear on the globe

Advance technology catch cold🏬🏬🚀👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
Religion took a back bench
The enlighten looks with fear
Just because a virus has sneezed
There is fear on the globe

We must walk at a distance🗣️
Avoiding the crowd that gives us joy👭👯🕺
We must yield to imprison ourselves
If our love ones must be saved
There is fear on the globe

Those who love no longer huge👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
Those whom we love we must not shake
Our fingers far from our nostrils
Every person is a time bomb
There is fear on the globe

So the strong can be this weak🙆
So the mighty can be this feeble
So man can be this calm
So the sky can have less choppers🛫🛬
There is fear on the globe

Hmm!! Life is thesame👥👣
Hmm!! Death can point at will
Humanity more than religion
Humanity more than race
There is fear on the globe

When all this is over
When the vaccine is found
When cure comes in sight
When men catch cold without fear
Let's remember the lessons
Let's remember the period
When humanity was ontop
First Love is funny
Like a burning ring
We all fell into it once
Memories Memories

Time ago
Young in age
Tender in heart
Just like in the garden
I wanted to touch the apple

Just the next street
Yet my bath must be long
Had no real beard
Wonder what I was shaving
Armpit cleaned like a desert
Nails cut to shape
Memories Memories

Shirt ironed repeatedly
Trousers checked for unseen tears
Day before
Only shoe shined to new.
Hair line brought to shape  
By my mum used  tiger razor
Memories Memories

Vasselin on my face
Power on my neck
Perfumed ear
To make complete
Memories Memories

Mirror Mirror
How do I look
Turning Turning
Looking Looking
The boy must be perfect
To met his presumed perfect girl

With a novel in hand
A nappe in the other
The boy  good to go
Certified by my coach
Unseen shadow accomplices

Bold and calm
Queens and polished
coach gave order
Tell her she is not beautiful
But pretty
Tell her she is not a girl
But an angel
Tell her she is not now
But the future

Whistle blown
I marched forward
Be calm be calm
My shadow kept saying
Target in sight
Worrior on the March
Memories Memories

At the junction of battle
Without rain
Was covered in sweat
Had a quick look backward
My shadow had disappeared
queens refused to be fluent
words of love had flew away

Smiling was i
Cleaning my sweat
Opening my novel
able to ask for her note
Last assignment of Saturday
We don't school on Saturday
Memories Memories

Prayed for rapture
Even though I new
will end in hell
Any other thing
My hunted  asked
No! no!! no!!!
The hunter said
Hunted standing
Hunter running
Memories Memories

Now in a corner
Waiting for my scar to heal
****** up my coach said
Thanking God I came alive
Even when the battle was lost
Memories Memories

Love is like a burning ring
We all fell into it once
Memories Memories
Life..Life..and still Life

To all
Life is a mystery
To some
Life is a challenge
To others
Life is a rat race
To a few
Life is a lottery

Some born into light
And grew in light
Some born in darkness
Grew in darkness
Few born in dark hours
Yet grew into light
And some born in light
Yet grew in darkness

With empty bowel
Some build store house of grain
With silos in their house
Some grew  to beg for grains
Some met a talent
Increased it to two

From the dustbin baby
Some grew to be Kings
From palace of gold
Some slide into the trash house
Noise of the plane in the ear
Drove some kids to being pilot
Dance to the music in ear
Made some loose their path

Some are happy with a little
Yet live longer than excess
Some are in love with excess
Yet life end  so short
The begger on the street
Gives details of short life's of the rich
Their cars,wivies,parties and death
Some so rich without kids to call theirs
Some so poor with kids to throw away

Some so poor,
yet they return found riches
Some so rich
Yet steal unlost wealth
I saw the house of a dead rich man
Trees grew in his rooms
I saw that of a poor dead
The mud still glister like today

The car sticker ahead reads
Fear woman
That beside
Says trust women
My neighbor beats his wife
Yet she refuse a  divorce
Some men love theirs with all
Still got killed by them
A man with many wives
Lives to old age
One with one dies at a young age

Some prayed and are still praying
Yet appears no answer heard
Some laughed at those praying
Yet they had all they wanted
Some areligious life's are religion
Some religious life are no way

Some have no knowledge
Yet they are wisdom themselves
Some full of knowledge
Yet the wisdom is feeble
The rich says he dose not believe
Story of bedtime without food
The poor can't  imagines
Of left over in trash bin

Tossed by the wind
Some got  to house of Kings
Moving in defined direction
Some got tossed to no where
We see the distance
Not the destination
Not the destiny

Some clam been just matters
Some say they are souls
Other say they are spirit
Until we get there
We remain travellers
In this revolving globe
Call life.

— The End —