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Tanay Sengupta Jul 2020
Abuse is a vicious cycle
that defiles and murders love.
It is a game
that only breeds hatred.
It uses shame
as a weapon.
In this vicious cycle; hearts no longer beat,
they get replaced by fists.
In this vicious cycle;
the tattoos that were meant for affection
become nothing but scars on the wrists
of those who were once lovers.
It awakens a bloodlust and makes monsters
out of strong people.
No, not monsters. It makes recidivists
out of strong people.
The strong abusing the weak,
a norm that continues to contribute to the cycle of abuse
It is a cycle that forces us to make love
to our doubts.
It keeps on violating us until our self-doubts
have consumed us
we've evolved to hate ourselves.
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2020.
All Rights Reserved.
Tanay Sengupta May 2020
It is so hard to watch you leave.
when you turn away
without saying a word.
It feels as if someone has stabbed
through my heart with a sword.
I can’t breathe, it is as if someone
is breathing the life out of me.
I want to break free
but I am too weak.
I am too frail to even try and fight.
This feeling is sickening
and it is filling my heart with grief.
A grief that I didn’t know existed
till I saw you leave.
I see your hands touch the door ****
and I want to scream your name,
but all I can do is sit and watch.
No, I can’t watch!
I can’t watch you leave
because it fills my heart with grief.
Instead I will turn my back on you
and let you go.
Just scribbled something and thought of sharing it. Happy reading!

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2020.
All Rights Reserved.
Tanay Sengupta Feb 2020
The sound of drizzle on the rooftops brings back memories.
Memories of the years
that leave a few tears
beneath your eyes.

Sometimes it is astonishing
when you realize
how quickly time flies.
It takes you on a roller coaster ride
over the sharp edges of life.
Along the way you experience precious moments
that make you appreciate life.
Some moments of laughter,
some moments of tears and
some spent in melancholic thoughts.
These moments often transform into memories.
Memories of the times you spent,
the faces you saw
and the battles you fought.

When you hear the sound of raindrops
drizzling on the rooftop.
Sometimes it brings back memories.
Memories of those years
that often leave a few tears behind.

After all, what are we without these memories?
Mere mortals made of space dust and mundane miseries.
We go through life, dealing with both loss and gain.
All those transactions can't be repeated,
but the memories will always remain.

So rain, fall harder tonight
and bring back those memories.
Memories of the moments
that provide us an escape
from a life of mundane miseries.
Just something I thought of in a fly. I hope you like it. As usual, I leave it open to your interpretations. It is pretty simple and straightforward anyway.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2020.
All Rights Reserved.
Tanay Sengupta Jan 2020
In my loneliness, I find peace.
It is something that you cannot give me.
You see,
there is an emptiness in my heart.
An emptiness that you cannot feel,
but that is the only thing that is real
about me.
It is a void that you cannot fill,
a place that has been forever reserved for me.
It is a void that I do not want you to fill.
Because it is a place I have reserved for me.
You shall never understand the value
of this place.
Even if you were ever to understand,
you would never appreciate it,
but I know that you will never understand this place.
This is my own space
and it is sacred,
at least for me.
This is where I can differentiate
between a liar and an enemy.

So leave me alone here,
I am at peace here.
I know that it is where I am supposed to be.
It is my loneliness, I find solace in it.
Solace is something
that you can never give me.
So leave me here in solitude,
this is where I am meant to be.
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2020.
All Rights Reserved.
Tanay Sengupta Dec 2019
The world has its strange ways
to remind us how small
we really are.
No matter how high we rise,
we always fall back
head first to the Earth.
It's like a weird problem
that we have,
a world where everyone claims
to be modern
but our thoughts are medieval.
It's like we are all two-faced
and dual natured.
Is there something called
mass bipolar disorder?
Because I think that is what we have.
Everyday we push ourselves
towards the void,
a gaping pit that is waiting
to swallow us a whole.
Everyday we try to climb
the ladder of opportunities,
only to fall flat on our face.
It is a strange dichotomy,
coupled with flea-infested
poetry and serenaded
with brainwashing ideologies.
We are turning into pawns now
manipulated by clowns and jokers,
who don't really care about us.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
This is the most straightforward thing, I have ever written. Read it and you will understand, this is the only **** time I will ever write anything like this.
Tanay Sengupta Sep 2019
Darkness divine,
walk beside me.
Can we revive
what we don't see?

Through misty eyes,
we see the lies
that they disguise.
Such fallacy!

Obsessed with the shade of the night,
Blinded by the fear of the light.
Can anyone tell me oh why?
Why do we pretend to not see?

Everything's an illusion in the broad daylight.
Confusion created by the distorted lies.
Haunting us every day and every night.
Truth is an ideological sacrifice.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I have tried to do a few things in this poem, let's see if you can spot them.

Hint: Look at the metaphors, progression, flow and the syllables.
Tanay Sengupta Mar 2019
I tried not to let go,
But she slipped through my hands.
I didn't realize I was against the flow,
Unable to adjust to the shifting sands.
Now, I sit in this emptiness longing to see her again.
I miss her presence,
Like the barren land misses the summer rain.
I want to drench in her essence
And feel alive.
She has been drained out of me.
I regret going against the tide.
There was so much that I wanted to see.
Adventures I wanted to share,
Of deserts, mountains, and the sea.
Tell her that I care
And know if she cared about me.

Oh Life, I miss you!
I realize as I sit here in my agony.
I am sorry for all I made you go through.
It is such an irony!

Because as a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up.
I could not value you when I had you.
Now, you have left and I miss you.

Oh life, I miss you in my agony.
I am smiling in my sadness,
It is such an irony!
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

We often value things, after we have lost them.
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