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Danial Suhaimi Aug 2019
As you rest your head upon my shoulder
I whispered to myself
I'm starting to fall
But like the tree in the forest
Nobody can hear it
Your presence gave me joy
Your voice gave me comfort
You're everything
So high on cloid nine
How I wish you were mine
I'd say this the next time we meet
I love you and I hope you love me too
Danial Suhaimi May 2019
Why are you waiting?
She never remembers you
Does she even care about you?
The questions I ask
The answers I'll never get
Does it all end here
Me being in this state of despair
Defeated again by the words of a girl
You meant the world to me
But what do I get back?
Just a broken heart
A wound tat'll never heal
The pain the distraught
The anger the anguish

You I'd still wait
You know my anger would fade away
In the hopes that you'll return to me
I'll be whole again
Just like the last time
but hopes are just hopes
In the end I knew you're happy with him now
That leaves me longing
For you
Danial Suhaimi May 2019
What am I to you?
Was I a joke?
Was I just someone you look when you're bored?
Why does this hurt so bad?
When I know you're out there somewhere with another guy
I'm hurt and I know you know it too
When will I have my chnace?
I'm tired of chasing
But I'll never stop
It's you at the end of the finish line
With your heart in your hands
Is it finally mine?
What I've been chasing for since forever?
Does it actually belong to me now?
Or was it just an illusion

Wait please don't go I beg
I want to catch a glimpse of your face in the moonlight's embrace
Once will never be enough even if it it's a million times
You're my favourite thing in the world
You'll always will be
The sun is rising
The painful rays are hitting me
Shining through the hole I left where my heart used to be
You ran away it never to be seen
So here I sit and lay
Pondering on the pain
Danial Suhaimi May 2018
I'd still wait for you even if it kills me
The pain is bearable if it's with you
My tormented soul scream out your name
My heart skipped a beat when I see you
Oh the jitters in my stomach
When you lean in for a kiss
Those were good times
You left me in ruins
Gasping for air like a fish out of water
You hurt me but I still love you
I'm a fool to believe that you were mine
My bitter heart laughed as I gouge out my eyes
I'd risk everything for your smile again
I see you're happy with him
It's killing me slowly that you don't need me like you used to
I still love you even if it hurts
Danial Suhaimi May 2018
Melancholic melodies fill the atmosphere
Suddenly it starts to gloom
So does my thoughts
Old memories came flooding in
Stuck in an eternal loop
Flashes of your face here and there
Paralyses me wishing it didn't end
Always coming home to you but you're never there
A room that was fill with your laughter has now gone silent
I know it's been awhile since we met
Please don't make it hard for me
I've suffered enough
I know I shouldn't be doing this
It's tempting to press call on your name
You've changed
You've moved on
Danial Suhaimi Apr 2018
Mistakes were made but I never regret them
But this one particular makes me drenched in it
Could it be I've let go the one that I love the most
Still haunts me to this very day
Oh how I yearn your affection
Where did I do wrong?
Was I the one at fault?
We've gone cold like the planes of thundra
Once a couple now estranged
My heart mourns everyday without you
Your presence still lingers around me
Like you never left
But you did
Maybe that was my mistake
I didn't love you then as now you were gone
Danial Suhaimi Apr 2018
Standing at the corner of the room was you
Beautiful as I remembered
Your contagious laughter fills the room
Takes me back to when we first met
We were kids back then
It was summer the cool wind blows gently
And then I saw an angel on top of the hill
It was you with your orange dress
Oh you were so beautiful
As timeflies we grow old
We began to mature
We are starting to drift apart
And then we became strangers
I never you would have remembered me
But you do remember
I never thought that we'll meet at your wedding
I congratulate you and your husband
While my shattered heart said
"I love you forever"
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