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Pierre Ray Mar 2012
We the people of America say killing is against the law! In defense, chilling either condensed killing! I further write to all, including the eluding law! As I chat, what of biblical and tribal law? That clever severed lucky monkey’s paw, ma and pa. We the people of America the cranky, the donkeys and the funny. The grumpy, the honey the
honkies and the hungry! The junkies, the money, the stinky and the

sunny! We the people of America, achieving, breathing, breeding, cheating, dreaming, feeding, feeling and freezing! We the people of America our delights, fights, flights, freight, heights and plight. Our allies, byes, cries, despises and disguises. Our lies, outcries our skies,
spies, ties and wise. We the people of America preying and slaying the weak, the meek and those who seek, every day of the week. The able,

the-benign, the blind, the disabled, the labeled and unkind. We the people of America of awesome, blossom, fearsome, freedom, gruesome, handsome and loathsome! We the people of America of
desire, fire, inspire and perspire! We the people of America will this still be the sum of our capture and rapture? Another frightful chapter with spiteful laughter thereafter. Our concern, discern and yearn of

foil, oil, soil, spoil, toil and turmoil! We the people of America verily I quote; let’s cope in hope to clearly and fairly vote! Every race and trace must face and disgrace this war-race. The displaced and misplaced the fast, last, past and vast. The adored, the gore, the ignored, the poor, the sore and the ******; we the people of America.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Chronic, demonic, eccentric, magic, poetic, tragic! Dreams it seems of comical or unusual! Visual sights of many sites! Plenty fights, heights, nights, plights and lights! Dreams it seems of chimes, crime, gleams and grime. Moonbeams, rhymes, screams and times. Dreams it seems as they attempt to tempt with contempt! Some become exempt
and unkempt! Dreams it seems of afros, arrows, buffalos, rainbows

and sparrows! Ample, purple-apples hung from chapels! Dreams it seems of hurdles and simple people as pimples jumping from steeples! Dreams it seems of the begotten, forgotten and rotten. Dreams and themes of cotton candy clouds! Crowds in shrouds! Dreams it seems
of the dandy and handy! Glories and gory stories of the holy or unholy. Dreams it seems of crud and mud! The loud and proud! The

vowed and wowed! Dreams it seems of blood and floods! Dreams it seems of amazing, crazing and gazing! I’m phrasing; “Is this a dream a scheme or hell?” Well I couldn’t tell! As I began to scream and
yell! Those streams of dreams that I dream… Dreams that I may, these dreams that I say. Dreams it seems in dreamy dismay.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Legend in chalk, legend talks, legend squawks, legend walks. Legend’s fate of the great encrypted, scripted or unscripted. The enchantment and endowment of maybes. Legend beckons some determined or predestined babies! Egos aglow, from awesome heroes, Negroes, Neros and zeros of long ago. Clever blowing, growing, knowing and showing wind. There is where legends begin. Doubted and shouted at by the rest! We endeavor and are forever known and shown as the best.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Heaven, heaven is one breath away! Heaven, heaven is someone’s array of death and decay. May I say? The havens and heavens above is a way for the doves and for its love. For the day, the gay, the gray, the prey, the stray, the Sundays and sunrays! Heaven, heaven is a hideaway, a passageway, a safe way, a sway away! Heaven, heaven
is basically, eccentrically, theoretically and poetically for some of the

awesome that blossom! It’s an anthem or a poem! It’s fearsome, it’s freedom and a kingdom of wisdom! Heaven, heaven is a place of face, grace, race and trace. It’s full of allure and demure! It’s rest and a test assured! Where, there you can invest the best and insure your problems can be cured! Heaven, heaven’s characterized cries and eyes! The flies, the lies, the prize in disguise! Its skies, ties, the whys and the

wise. Footprints and imprints of ancient legends of heroes, Negroes and Neros of long, long ago! Heaven, heaven’s gorgeous doorsteps! Yep! Its havens grand, take a stand. Many brands, many hands, many
strands of many sands! Heaven, heaven is enormous and glamorous! It’s where adjacent, impatient humorous, numerous followers throng and prolong! The bleak, meek, the weak, the strong and wrong! There

is where, reactive in proactive citizens and frail senior citizens hail and sail! They prevail as they unveil! They thrive and throng to there,
where righteous, brightness belongs. Heaven, heaven all adhere and hear! The allowed, the followed, the hallowed, the supreme cloud towers and gracious powers! Heaven, heaven basked and tasked by thy masked gleam. Aside, inside it seemed I was alone…

As I cried, as I sighed! Tied in wonder, under the heaven’s throne of wonder! In blunder, as I wondered if I were dead? Instead, black crows in rows, attacked and flew over my head! Squawking, talking, flying asunder, with plunder, plunder, under the thunder, thunder! Definitely bringing me to my knees! Infinitely squawking, talking, flying around me with ease, glee and tease! Please heaven, heaven!

For instance in the distance... It’s dreamingly and seemingly quaint you see! Faint sounds of angel’s hymning and rhyming! Their heavenly, heavenly, singing, ringing triumphantly, triumphantly! Although, through the distance and persistence in time; we to will hopefully and loyally dine. Dine in thrill, on the heaven, heaven’s divine! Amen all children, men and women, heaven, heaven amen.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
I was told about this special book. I was told it was a magical book! Amazingly full of bright, light and insight. Allegedly one look and you were hooked and took! This great book of life baited, charted and crafted with will, quill feathers, leather and of weather. The great book of life highly and showily regarded the *******, the rife and strife.

Brilliant parts of art from heart! Boldly guarded by angel’s darts! Holding from different angles. Behold! The pages of this book mangled, spangled and tangled. Through the ages… the corners scorned, torn and worn. In theory the inseams very weary and old. Amazingly and appraisingly with thrill they still fold! Merrily told

and eagerly sold. The great book of life’s pages is of age, cages
and wages, stages and rages! The great book of life each a way to encourage or engage courage. The great book of life was inspired and transpired by a baby in a manger. Some pages spell and tell of a stranger danger! The great book of life is about the beloved also of

the unloved. Chapters in capture, scriptures in measure, rapture-
or torture. The great book of life listen to my envision with precision! The great book of life envisions death’s breath. Missions, those enclosed in prisons and visions! The many, many scenes serene and obscene. The in-betweens, the kings and queens! Dragons, drones

and many, many thrones! The antic, frantic and gigantic! Magic, satanic and tragic! blizzards or wizards! Ancient, distant chants and rants! The great book of life, a chance from a glance. Traces of many faces, places and races! The great book of life claimed to have named those bordered, cornered, loitered and murdered. The great book of

life is it! Amazingly it tells bits of it all! Basically about the small that brawl. The tall, including some that awesomely, eventually fall! The great book of life collects and reflects the surreal or unnatural. The frail and the pale. Actions hailed while eluding a whale! This great book of life will it prevail? Yes prevail! Amen! The great book of life amen, amen.
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
No hope brought nor thought! Not from the dope or the pope! Or the imaginary rope, tightly around my throat. As I boast, as I note and quote! These bright, white halls and walls surround me in dumbfound! Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy and lazy... A squire in dire! A squire in fire and need! Shadow’s greed, conspiring too feed in desire, on my admire, inspire, perspire and wires. Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy and

lazy... Hey, they say I’m insane in the brain! Despite the real pain of the sprains and strain! Despite these wires I feel in my veins. In spite of the constant, existent, insistent and persistent rain. Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy and lazy... Forgotten directions, recollections and revelations.
Insecure affections and seducing reflections. Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy

and lazy... Once more adhering, enduring, fearing the nearing, the infection, the rejection and injections! The ongoing detention and retention! Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy and lazy... At times I dread in my head! Those crimes and prime rhymes that sing of dreams, gleams, themes and things are not as they seem! Stare crazy, frenzy, hazy and lazy…
Pierre Ray Mar 2012
Rage is endless sometimes relentless and senseless. Rage in some sense is without essence or presence. Let’s assume rage confides and hides!
It lies abundant and dormant. Its silence consumes like violence! Some rage is just another caged page. Some an outrage that bails, hails and prevails. This is what I propose I suppose! Don’t allow it too boil or soil. Don’t follow, it’s hollow and shallow. It’s corrupt! Found profound as it rebounds and erupts! It’s bigger bound to trigger! Embrace this negative trace with inner-grace. With a grin, win this
race within positive face...
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