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Maria Etre Oct 29
Today, I remembered
yesterdays' rain "comin' down on a sunny day"
then suddenly "nothing else matters"
when you ask the piano man to "sing me a song"
as "I listened, to the wind, the wind of my soul"
Tragedy bestows the widowed sufferer.
Lustered in the cause of sheer beauty,
forlorn masks are shared generously.
when a widow suffers the remorse of tragedy, they have no choice but to share the same masks of the peers who present their condolences at a funeral.
J Mathew Jun 22
Everything around us shines like a diamond,
But we are trap in a quagmire of cons.
Nepotism, Conspiracy and Conspicuous consumption,
Has chain our real life and precious redemption.

Trapped in fear and others overpower,
A slave we are at our back, nothing is clear.
What happened to this world that was once so dear
We are no longer our own master but just someone's gear.

As days, weeks, months and years roll by
Hoping for a change one day while we thrive.
Never will it happened in this life
Unless we really open our eyes.

While they were smiling and in a lifeline,
We never understood what's behind their minds.
And now when their photos remain just a shrine
We see their real talent and act like we are so kind.

Stop pretending like you care now when they're  gone.
What's done can never be undone.
Posting condolences now and mourn
Are so fake and have no place in a dustbin when they're thrown
This is what I wrote for one of my actor who I really liked in Bollywood because of depression he took his precious life and all this is because he has gone through a lot of fights against injustice
Amna Khan Apr 23
The sweetness of this poison
offers its condolences.
What it doesn't known is
its strength is
what I ached
to acquire,
not its pity.
Jenna Feb 2019
Dear, to whomever,
last parting gift of gratitude
lips press against seal
to whomever,
this piece of wretched heart
is easily teared apart
to whomever,
it may not be your concern
but hold me close

As this is my last piece of comfort
kivel Nov 2018
how death can be so beautiful to one
bringing peace
and joy
freedom from this world of hell

this illusion death gave
to ease one's suffering
he desired it so much
that he killed himself

blossoms bloom as the Rose's petal make mess

the greediness of the boy
may have given him a new world to dance
but everything comes with a price
a sin was committed upon his death

a whole new world of pain
and emotional suffering
brought to those who surrounded
the withering, red Rose
for they wanted it to grow with them

instead they weeped for the deceased
and crowded around their friend
his family losing mentality
as they stare at the gun the corpse was holding

chaos brewed
cataclysm loomed

"what happened to our beautiful creation
did i not try hard enough
the kids are crying
im crying"


mother stares at son
then his petals
his beautiful petals
im sorry

knife at the table
wanting to justify her unjust actions towards him
and make it all even again
so then maybe
he can
forgive her

and another beautiful flower
loses its petals
to the grand illusion
of death.
i need to rant.
Poetic T Jun 2018
Condolences to self,
    you don't know this
                but life is false.

Weaponized tears
      will solidify a heart,
      eyes will gaze coldly.

Condolences to self,
      for you were your
                  own enemy.

You never knew that your
         kindness was always
         a downfall to this place.

Condolence to self,
        but if your reading this,
        you only have yourself to blame.
Nicole Rountree Apr 2017
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Smells of the food cooking in the kitchen
Family gathered— ready and at attention
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember when we used to play in the park
I remember when our Grandma told us to be in before dark
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
Sounds of laughter at Christmas time
I remember when we used to wait up for Santa
We were threatened with pepper in the eyes
Remember that?
Scared into sleepiness because our young minds didn’t know any better
With the morning sun, we rise and shine to open presents together
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember these memories represented our close knit bond
People grow
People change
I guess it’s naivety to think it would forever stay the same
It’s the memories we cherish and should hold them close
Keeping the people near and dear that we love the most
Because there will come a time when the reaper must stake his claim
We never invite him, but it doesn’t matter because he already has the name
He may come in quick or take his time, but when he comes it leaves us blind
Blinded by hurt
Blinded by pain
Blinded by the fact we will never see our loved one again
Blinded by the new memories of a new type of hurt—a new type of pain
Then the memories overflow and fill the frontal lobe-the part of the brain where memories and speech are controlled
You become speechless because you become filled and overwhelmed with the loss
Family comes together to comfort each other  
You haven’t seen some in years—it’s been so long since you’ve seen them you want to burst out in tears.
Kids have grown and don’t look the same
So handsome and beautiful, but you don’t remember their names
That’s how long—how long it’s been
Again, it’s a shame.  
You ask, “Why does it take death to bring the family together again?”
Then, in an instant, tears begin to form in the wells of your eyes
You realize how things have really changed and you don’t quite understand why
So many memories they tend to cloud my mind
I remember that there is a need to change the timeline
I remember when I decided to finally say
Don’t let the family, your blood, fade away
Embrace each other
Love each other
Motivate each other
Cherish each other
Protect each other
Keep each other
Continue to make memories—no matter how old we get
Make sure the family remains close knit

Yep, so many memories they just tend to cloud my mind
Family should always be together—until the end of time.
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