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Hello Daisies Sep 29
I wish I could feel
Something besides
The tearing pain
I'm just a gross stain

I watch them laugh
I watch them love
I watch them believe
I watch them weep

I can't feel anything
I think I'm a fake
My heart is gone
I do not belong

My anxiety has been so high
Everything makes my skin crawl
I want it all to be perfect
I scrub and scrub
It never feels enough

I'll never be enough
Noone talks to me anymore
Everyone has left
I'm not needed I guess
I'm meaningless

I let myself go
I can't handle crying anymore
Lost in tears on the bathroom floor
It's the only place I feel safe
Everywhere else is an empty cave

Nothing brings me joy
Nothing makes me smile
I know I'm truly alone
My head keeps splitting
Why am I not quitting

I lost where this poem was going
It's like my life
It's empty and not really flowing
It bothers me deeply
That I'm ending this
Without any meaning
Hello Daisies Sep 24
It's hard to hold onto the good
Too difficult to remember the joy
The giggling and laughter
The jokes and memes at 3am

When it's night and I'm alone
All I remember is crying in a bathroom
Everyone leaving as I stop breathing
Wondering around aimlessly
Falling to the ground shamefully

Ever night I sat there
Crying harder then before
As I looked at that hotel door
Waiting for my savior
I prayed and I wished
My insides were in a twist

I thought maybe
If I sat in a random hallway
More drunk then I can explain
Maybe someone would come
Looking for me worried
Hugging me to safety in a hurry

There I sat
Staring at the vending machines
Crying and breaking
Hours ticking away
No one ever came

Picking myself back up
To end another lonely day
An ounce of love is what I crave
Maybe some attention if I feel brave

I'm so insecure everyday
I wouldn't know what to do
If it ever came my way
Yet I always try
But my best isn't enough

It's never enough
Hello Daisies Sep 24
I'm getting tired
Tired of writing about the small things
That fade away before the end of the day
Every touch
Every smell
Every blush

Gone before I get to grasp

When will it ever be my turn
To fall in love
When will you ever
Look at me and see someone
Who's enough
  Sep 21 Hello Daisies
Ever since the pink
of sunrise
was realized in His hands,
God knew
there need to be souls
in awe
and reverent
of His new masterpiece;
a miracle that would
arise every day
gracing His new world
with its ever-changing beauty.

He knew
the sun’s alchemy
upon the sky
would not bring tears
to the eyes of His angels.
This world
would be wasted
on them,
for they would
strip down
this Earth
to its mechanics,
oblivious to its magic.

So He conceived,
of humans,
whose faults
and flaws
would not allow
them to understand
the depth of His creations
but would allow
them to perceive
the splendor of each
and the bleeding watercolors
of each sunset.
Hello Daisies Sep 21
I like being teased
I like being poked
I like the little nicknames

It's cute when you steal my hat
It's cute when you runaway with it
It's adorable making me chase you

You pushed me out of my chair
They asked if I was mad
Nah it was funny
Now I'll kick you back

I got sad and fell to the floor
You pushed me over even more
Til I rolled around
I started to laugh
Trying to fight you back

Sadness gone
Giggling strong
Now your  hiding my things from me
Making me blush nervously
Did you take it?
You big *** faker

I'm drunk as hell
Everyone else left me
You were trying to sleep
But stayed up with me
As I called you all sorts of silly names
And started tons of childish games

6am you had to be up soon
Who needs sleep
When we're laughing
Feeling High as a balloon

I wanted to *******
But I was so lost
Felt so insecure
Yet you kept with me
When I thought you'd leave
Hey at least grab my *****
I'm leaving at noon
I'd like to leave an impression on you
You silly goof

When you called me kitten
I felt overly smitten
It rang in my head
Even after I left
I wish I let you
Touch me deeper
Deeper inside me
Then just a silly tease
My head said please

Yet I still felt better
Knowing we both wanted to
Hello Daisies Sep 21
I've been numb
I couldn't feel myself
Love was gone
*** was wrong
Where am I?

I saw you
I'm supposed to hate you
Yet you were there
When I was alone and scared
Everyone left
We had secret talks
Dizzy and silly

My heart raced
I was deeply insecure
Not worth a dime
You made me feel fine
Like a sweet red wine
I laughed with you all night

I didn't give you anything
I expected you to leave me behind
As I start to unwind
You still stayed and kept me
Smiling and dancing
Goofing and giggling

I wish I was sober
And not so somber
I would have given you myself
All that I had
But I'm still glad
You chose me to be around
And didn't ask for a **** thing
Besides my company

It's wrong
Let him go
They all scream at me
But you made me feel
For the first time in so long
Something very real
You made me warm inside
And I didn't have to hide

Thank you
Been feeling so numb and no one has helped. I haven't felt emotions or ****** in so long, but I saw them and talked with them and they made me feel so many emotions, I was still so insecure I couldnt have *** so I thought they'd leave me but we still hung out all weekend and they still messed with me and teased me and made me feel almsot happy. Yeah we have a messy past but it was one weekend and they were the only person to actually just attention to me. ❤️
Hello Daisies Sep 12
I could feel you
In my heart
For tbe first time in years
You came to me
Awoken my eyes

Broke all the lies
Running in my mind
I felt your wind
Blow through me
You calmed me

My heart sped up
But my tears began to stop
I felt you there
You answered my prayer
Maybe not
I'll beleive it

For one night I wasn't alone
As I've been shown
Maybe there's always someone
Watching over me
Keeping me safe
So I'll fight
Fight til I die

I pray you're always by my side
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