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Tommy Randell Dec 2014
My tongue births an aural dream
In the language of meaning making
Metaphors the need

My words presage a time to come
Of needs between us
Increasingly saying too much

Standing here one hand on the sky
In a while though I resist
My eyes too spill over into flame

The throat once a thing of bone
Now fluid verges on a scream
***** from deep down your half-eaten juices

We are dolls in chains
Your hand in mine
What forgiveness is there, what crime?

In the Oral Tradition of lips meeting
Where does it say
We cannot tie our tongues together?

And who will then
Question the answer of our needs?
Kissing with lightning we fork and are one.
Donall Dempsey May 2018

**...**.  . .oh!
I don't know

if I should be
telling you this.

I was just sweet
as in 16 &

never been kissed
and my *******

hadn't yet arrived
though I prayed and prayed

to a God who did not
heed my girlish plea.

All the girls in my year
had already budded.

******* to the right of me!
Breast to the left of me!

Into the valley of despair
I rode my Raleigh

alas alas

I practiced kissing
by kissing

the you know
inside of
( the whatchamacallit? )

my elbow the
chelidon so called

by an old falling-apart
medical dictionary.

I clipped some hair
from our Yorkshire terrier

stuck it on the crick of
my right elbow

so that it became
my first moustache'd kiss.

And so, was born
my Mr. Chelidon.

Pathetic...yes...I know
but the year after

my bosoms arrived
with a suddenness

that took my breath

I breasting the waves
like a ship's figurehead

as I dived into the sea
a Venus for boys to see.

I was my *******
and my ******* were me.

Somehow I could then not
stopped being kissed.

And once kissed
grew addicted to it.

The bliss of the kiss.
I was my own drug.

I gave Mr. Chelidon
the elbow.

Discovered the joy of boys
inventing various uses

for them
as they

Girard Tournesol Oct 2018
A sea of white
Favors hallowed ground
Where dotted lines track snow angels
And souls are lost to release
A druid spell conjures delirious bliss
Tasting the snowflakes
Kissing the cold air
Hugging the entire sky
A great and simple magick stirs
Holding mitten hands
Warming nuzzle noses
And the smell of her hair in winter
As published in my book, Time Travelers, psalms of fern, v.2.
zuMee Jun 2018
Gaping voids attached
at velvet hems reveal
An oscillating, silky shrine
of serpentine appeal

A sacellum of spit
where crimson vipers preach
A sermon dispossessed of words
on biting without teeth

Two lithe reptilian wrestlers
in acrobatic trance
To recompose the primal theme
from the procreating dance

They sway in mirrored unison
as heaven’s gates converge
They twist in tongues of tactile prose
and gustatory tones emerge

In this bacchanal of senses
where feelings taste of spoken sights
The serpents molt beyond their essence
onto planes of new delights

There they share a sounding vision
muscles blink in harmony
Hissing iridescent rhythms
At last, the panting cyclopes

Reach the Art

of seeing eye to whispering eye
through the instrument of speech.
Dark Fjord Nov 2016
I am sorry, to forgive  
who moved your flower
to push your knees apart to know.

in thy choir, I wrote to kneel-
When we met in thy vespers hour -

and in the between
your feasts were great
and we kissed  the greats of choir.

I left not one wounded man behind.
toward the darkness of notes I go.
Daniel H Shulman Jul 2018
I waited…
Waited for the music to stop
So you would stop all your dancing.

I waited…
Waited to get your attention
While the attention was on you.

I waited…
Waited my turn to be seduced
While you seduced another man.

I waited…
Waited for the dimming spotlight
So the spotlight could shine elsewhere.

I waited…
Waited on your flirtatious kiss
While you kissed every man that night.

I waited…
Waited to partake in your lust
While my lust played me as your fool.

I waited…
Waited for the music to stop
So I could stop fantasizing.
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Aby Alvarez Jul 2014
I love how you say my name without even blinking
the way you scold me every time I am overthinking
I'll never forget the way you cover your mouth while we're both laughing
and lastly, the way you traces me every time we're kissing

I love the way you eat your meal together with an extra cup of rice
Thank you cos you show me love without any price
Your tight hugs and warm kisses will always suffice
These memories will always be in my heart til one of us dies

I love how your long lashes flutter
and how you ask me question that makes me wonder
Thank you because we figure things out together
and this is something I'll always remember

I love how you stay awake with me during wee hours
and how you hold and lock me tightly in your arms
I love the way we do things without any force
and this is what I love about you the most.

Hi Babe, this is why I love you
Kara Jean Jul 2016
Saying goodbye would break my pride
A heart steaming  
You left me selfless and bleeding
Butterflies still take flight
My mind cries

Keep me lost and kissing tonight

The rose bushes hide are thoughtless rights
The moon ignites
The crickets sing with the world never ending,
"You are mine"

All I ask is you keep me lost and kissing tonight

My tank top snug tight, made your heart Rush
The way you whispered my name made my knees wobbly
We were young but it meant something

Keep me lost and kissing tonight

We are free
You and me
Naked from the world's hating
Simple innocence surrendering

All I ask is you keep me lost and kissing tonight

Brave enough to say this is our everything
A reality created from our everlasting insanity
Your hands, hips and love always thrusting

Please just keep me lost and kissing tonight
Written for my amazing husband
Dark Fjord Nov 2016
we are the lucky ones,
getting off now and playing
upon the field and what's to come.
   the Forever ,
thank God for you it is going to be over soon.

I'll remember your rookie card,
when just 21,
my lil gang and me,
and we all signed it,
from Joe, from atop of the World Trade Towers,
Caught us in that flight,
with best regards for our Bazookas and Bubblegum.
your twins
Every colour has a melody
Every song has a hue
Every kiss has a story
Every scar is true

A soldiers strength
A lovers tenderness
A mothers love
All warriors true

All endings had beginnings
All beginnings will end
All starters will finish
All rainbows will bend

Every love will taste hate
Every hate will love taint
Every tear will see a smile
Every smile will feel great

Every colour has a melody
Every stranger is a reminder
That you paint your own pictures
And kiss them with colour.
20:18 BST
Marina Kay Feb 28
I sit back, reminisce and daydream of our first kiss.
How it made my head spin,
and livened my heart,
took off with my breath
as we danced with the stars.
Swaying on tiptoes
in the grass to a song,
moving closer and closer
in your arms where I belong.
A smile escapes your lips,
you knew what to do,
entranced by the words
"You've got me wanting you"
You leaned down for a kiss,
to follow through.
For a sweet instant, the world fell to a hush
Stepping back, I couldn't help,
couldn't strive not to blush.

It's a moment that I keep
under heavy lock and key.
I dare not to share it,
I keep it just for me.
Count this an exception, I wrote it down this time.
Let the relic of our first kiss never die.
Snapshot of my first kiss with Jordan. We spent the whole day together after meeting for the first time and it happened when we were back in my garden, dancing to sugar sugar by the archies. Perfect ending to the perfect day **.
kissing you made all my problems go away
it made the world stop altogether
and in that moment it was just you and me
forming a symphony of pleasure and delight
with synchronized heartbeats and lips
our eyes closed, breathing hard
i let your fingers venture to places unknown
a place i have never let someone into before
our heated bodies on top of one another
swaying to the beat of one another
seemingly perfect lovers
and in that moment i was yours
all of our desires fulfilling
and our destinies linking in perfect harmony
but it cant be
it can never be
i wish you were here with me right now
Jon York Feb 22
Kissing starting from
the mouth and
trailing all the way
down in between
her legs.
                                                           ­                                     Jon York  2019
Napolis Jan 5
this night
in you,

when the
rains come
in the
of an eye,

we crusade
the black

catching each
of night
upon our

then savoring
the taste
and sweetly
between our

seeking our
and as a
to each other's


we walk

bare toes
in flight.

to give

and there
your eyes



and I

see you.

Napolis Dec 2018
And the

weight of

us lies deep

and full


within your



and your lips

and open


are my


as we

lie on

this lazy

Sunday morning



upon us,

like broken

stars falling from

the sky.

and love

is the


of us,

and tomorrow

a day

that we


will never

Chrissy Ade Jun 2018
My lips have always craved the taste of danger.
Maybe it is because I don't know what's good for me
or I'm in love with the high I get from it
The high that takes me to the heavens,
surpassing the pillow-like clouds
resting against the azure canvas
I remember the taste so vividly,
I salivate at the thought of it
It's sweet like candy,
the sugary goodness
rushing inside my veins
delicately coating my tongue
bites between my teeth
explode into a thousand little pieces,
dancing inside my mouth
Your succulent lips pressed against mine,
remind me of the taste of summer strawberries,
juicy and tender with citrusy undertones
we're kissing like there's no tomorrow
Oh how I feel your lips part from mine, then touch
and part again the way the clouds greet the sky
Before a rainy afternoon
How can something so bad taste this good?
Oh I'm convinced your kisses are a drug
Nice to play with, but toxic to the mind
Kissing you must be equivalent to intoxication
shockwaves through my body,
the paralyzing euphoria
I don't think I could ever give you up
This addiction is taking control
Constructive Criticism is welcomed :)
Xoaquín Oznian Oct 2018
Come on.

Come on baby.

Don't be selfish tonight.

Let's be lovers.

Let's be more generous.

Let's be more nurturing and caring to each other

As we taste and explore each other's bodies

Open your legs.

Let me extend my generosity

To the legends within your hidden temple

An abundance of *** in the air

Is the sound of your voice

As you moan without care

I get so ***** thinking of you kissing my neck

and touching me in the sexiest places the way you know that I like.

I just need you on top of me right now.

My body yearns for you constantly.

It has grown so deeply attached to you that it craves your ***

and needs it to facilitate a healthy, ****** release

So come on baby

Don't be selfish, it's alright

Give me all of you


You'll be moaning with delight.
my body aches with
every heart beat,
brain flipping through
memories of those first nights
when I couldn't stop kissing you
I was just a target, tho
for your cosmic comet
your dead star of a heart
attempting to settle
**** life from my planet
but I refuse to do it
no love is ever worth
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