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Ricky Rose Dec 2011
Here we are just me and you our emotions boiling like stew for each other as we gaze at one another. I approach you standing before you in ****** thought. Studying your beautiful **** figure so innocent in your taunting  poise. I give you my crooked smile with a raised brow. Wanting to show you if not everything I know how. Everything that's not allowed. Now I take you boldly and without warning close to me.

Pressing my lips to yours overlapping each others. My lips almost curl to yours as I enclose over your mouth like a puzzle piece fitting in place. I close slightly to interlock our mouths passionately head tilted to complete the exchange. My tongue exploring your mouth teasing your tongue to play. Ever so long we kiss as we wrap our arms tightly around each other. Not wanting to let go.

Inevitably my arms loosen only to grab your sides my hand slipping down beneath your pants swaying slowly as a tree limb in the faint wind. Fingers expanding apart into your ******* like the tentacles of a sea creature over your patch of ***** hair above the sweet lips of your ******. Longest finger going threw the folds feeling your **** harden. You start to moisten with every touch I give to you playing with your *****. I stop only to have my lustful kisses go to your cheek, on your neck my lips as a suction cup feeling the warm pules of the blood beating in your jugular vain.  Tasting the salty sweat on your skin ******* the blood to your skins surface I leave my mark as a vampire on your neck. My **** hardens unbarringly wanting to escape the in closer of my jeans. I push you on the bed of seduction caused by your temptress ways!  We feverishly tear off one an others clothes all while caressing and pressing ourselves to each other.

My eyes exploring your **** body every curve and shape it brings so lovely in its beauty. It's form can not be duplicated. I stare into your eyes hands at each of sides the prettiest face Ive ever seen on a girl. I left your head close to me as I lay over you. My lips going for more of you. My body nudging between your legs you spread them apart slightly I balance over you as if I was reading myself for push ups. We can't stop making out I go to your ear kissing your lobe flicking and nipping the bottom of your ear.

My body slides down a little further as I explore you. Going to the finest breast Ive seen. Shape just right I circle  my hand around and over it feeling your ******* hard between my fingers. I massage them firmly and lightly. Kneading them in my hand I start to Kiss and suckle them playing with your ******* in my mouth. Teasing them ******* on hard and softly with the hot and cool air as I breath and blow on them.

I raise up a little kissing further down your body as your legs spread more before me.I adventure to your belly kissing your belly button in a playful manner tickling you. Hearing your cute giggles laughing so soundly sweet. Now at the entrance of the ***** I french kiss your ****** in a romantically way. My lips pressed to your *****. Licking you rubbing my tongue threw the folds and over the pearl that is your ****. Turning my head back and forth as I bury my face more between your thighs as you push my face up to it wanting me. You lift up spinning around to sit on my face. Sliding your self to and fro as your ***** mounted on my lips. Thighs against my ears. I Lick and lick  kiss and kiss in all manner of ways I **** on your ****. Turning over you grab my **** kissing up an down the shaft of my ****. Kissing the head of my ***** your mouth engulfs my **** ******* on me rubbing me squeezing my ***** with your hand playing and exiting me only as you know how. I continue to make out with your special spot while grabbing your *** cheeks and spanking you playfully. spinning around like two serpents
mating. I have you down back on the bed.

My **** hard as its ever going to be in this moment of lust, passion, and ecstasy. I insert myself and enter you sliding my **** in the entrance of the begging of life. Feeling your warm wet ****** around my hot ****. You gasp and moan inhaling and exhaling with every push and release of me in you. Faster and faster I go exploring your insides every which way probing you with every inch. We are at a rhythm of love making. Kissing caressing my movements are like a crazed caterpillar crawling in its way. I tug at your hair as I'm going back and forth inside you. We spin around once more to have you ride me. Back forth up and down. I buck you like a wiled horse. Lean up to you kissing you between your breast. Playing with them once more. In the moment of ****** you ****** uncontrollably scratch my back. We turn over and I lay you back down once more never exiting you keeping that good rhythm inside you. Alas I pull out as you cant take no more only to roll you over on your back side and protrude your tight ***. My **** swelling once more. You tighten your *** cheeks while I'm inside you again. I vigorously pound against you as I did in your *****. My hands massaging your back as I press against you leaning over to kiss and cress your back with my face. I pull your hair on your head with one hand playfully. With the other I massage your neck. Now with both hands I go to your shoulders and pull your body closer to mine. I *** in your *** as I came in your *****. Our breath exasperated from the pleasures of love we muster up the very little energy we have to shower and cleanse one another. So we can lay and cuddle in our bed of love with a kiss to fall asleep.
Ricky Rose Dec 2011
Swimming in our own corruption as we Play then we pray Oh Heavenly Father you gave your son to us in Sacrifice so we can be repeatedly forgiven for our ways, but yet our days are numbered one by one. Sorry your rules are boring we've read your story now were snoring Christ blood is poring flesh torn by the thorn of our own mockery by sweet sin we put our selves in. Though some sin of others affect our way. Time to blame you for them how could you let it be? Again some blame their brothers so no one will see there trickery. We haven't lost faith just your place. Of course some have. For you not being tangible sometimes our life is not manageable. We Play for fun careless for the heart. Pleas forgive us we fell apart. In our own playground of sin testing others to come in. Were too lazy to stand upright. We don't care you see, it's easier to take and fake then make or pay our own way. Yes we lie to get by our fellows. Why should we care life's not fair it's too short Dog we mean God. Just want to Play in any way through our short existence. Forget the busters they dont know its ok, to continue go this way. All I have to do is say sorry so sorry and everything will be ok.  Thanks for your Son we just want to have fun!!!!!
Ricky Rose Oct 2011
The only one I ever published!! It was for no one just writing! I was 20 y.o.

Midnight Blue
Once a pone a midnight Blue,
there was sitting me and you!
We were all snug an tight.
Beautiful my soul felt so right.
To hold you in my arms tonight.
When you pass that lushase kiss I close my eyes to reminisce.
About the time we made love,
my **** dove.
I have fallin' in love for only you, its vary true.
To see your smile stretch for miles.
My heart hurts to see you cry,
To see those tears run down your eye!
So have no fear for I'll be here for you.
On this midnight Blue!
I'll love you for ever and ever,
never think bad it will make you sad.
So think happy thoughts my Love!
Ricky Lee Bloker Copyright ©2009  Ricky Lee Bloker
The only one I ever published!! It was for no one just writing! I was 20 y.o.
Ricky Rose Jul 2011
I wish I may, I wish I  might. I wish to have this wish tonight.

I wish it could, I wish it would. I pray it so, to be true.

A wish is a wish. I wish you so.

Yet a fantasy the wish of the minds yearning heart.

Constructing dreams, some of touch. Affectionate passionate ecstasy.

A wish I wish this for me. So in a wishful fantasy I reach for thee.

Only for thee to pull a way, giving to another. This truth I found

My eyes awake, to see my place in reality.

A dream a fantasy's illusion. I wish I may I might have God take away my foolish heart tonight.

Keep me bold, keep me stern this heart a heart I wish would yearn never no more.

Keep it right, keep it real this love I have 'Dear Lovely' is pure. Yup, ever more my friend!
Ricky Rose Jul 2011
I see you with him, questions in my mined on why you won't take me.
Intimacy with you I wanted it to be! I guess that's not what you want from me. I don't understand, I shouldn't dwell I'll only put myself in hell. I care for you this is true attracted to you, for we have a lot in common. Though you said you don't want to loose our friendship with going out. I know that's not what its about. I don't want you not accepting me. To loose our friendship totally. Boyfriends may come and go. This I was told. Yet friends stay. I may not make you smile like him. I could only be there for you the best I can. To you my friend. I wish you happiness!
Wrote this when I was a teenager as almost all my poems. Except Jezebel.
Ricky Rose Jul 2011
To the beautiful sweet girl of my attractions. How I would love to be in intimate comfort as companions. To hold you close, look in your eyes and study each others auras radiating in alumnus shades of color.

        Taste each others moist lips as we kiss, in a sign of intimate affection. Share our hearts feelings. Experience new things, and share each others wisdom; of our lives journeys as is.
      Know why you feel that you have to enhance your beautiful cute face in those makeup colors.... Is it to enhance what is already beautiful? You attracted me not only in your physical elegance but your nice personality.... What you say means a lot.... For your opinions do matter! ....

     I would love to have someone like you.... As a companion to care and be cared for.... Not to overwhelm your heart, but to keep it full when others pierce it with negativity....
To tickle for your laughter with and without a touch.... You and I together would make my dreams a reality.... As friends it is half complete....

    My secret is revealed.... Feelings out in the open for you to decide...

May this not shy you away if not get you closer.... I would like to go places to hang out as my companion/potential lover, or a close friend.... I would like to be here for you as ether or.... You as my girlfriend would flame the spark I have for you in my heart....
Ricky Rose Jul 2011
How are you on this day? Are you happy enough to play? Or do you not want to speak many words? Then write me, so I can see what your pen had to say through it movement you portrayed. Glad to have encountered such a lovely girl! To have you as a friend rocks my world. Ever so spinning things can get confusing. Your are contentiously amusing. I have heard how well you sing a nightingale with angel wings. Light hugs to spread your friendly love. Turns a frown to a bright smile. **** ya off and you could be a crocodile. These words are not to surprise there true I tell you no lies.
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