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karen champagne Apr 2020
In the storm of sailing uncertainty
All in our own boat
Riding our storm out
Light is in the distance
Blurred and faint light
Edging closer
Towards the shore
The end of the monstrosity
Of waves, of devastation
Light seems nearer
Then lost again in the clouds
And the fog
And the crashing waves
The wreckage on the shore
Too much to fathom
Restoration is an unseen miracle
Yet the light is near
Having faith
Gathering of souls
Celebration and gratefulness
Realization of what was lost in the wreckage
Rebuilding our boat
On to a new destination  
To better clear skies
And calm seas
karen champagne Jan 2019
Like a silhouette in the distance
Smaller and smaller
Windchimes in trees with no noise
Acorns seeding new trees
And rocks in shapes of hearts
Like wings soaring with no destination Seeking peace alone but not lonely
Seeing the summer sunset with closed eyes
Painting the landscape a beautiful shade
Feeling the wind on your skin naked to the earth
Calmness takes over in the hushed shhhh of noise
The sweet taste of your own breath
Smiling within but not for the seen
No calamity in your thoughts just peace
Calmness sets in listening to your breath softer and more shallow
No tears or sadness just fulfillment
No wounds to heal
The echo of your own heart you hear inside your skin
Until silence sets in
And you stop breathing
karen champagne Jan 2019
Gambling fool
The self righteous
Poisoned interior
Psychological warfare
Deal with the devil
Everyone grieves you
Yet you are alive
Living, dying, living, dying
Always searching for the neon color
Russian roulette
Bang, you're gone
karen champagne Oct 2018
She is a prisoner in her own mind
Spinning circular
Hysteria rushes up in her
As water flows over her
Crouching fearful
**** feline
All her thoughts are a jargon
The hourglass never being turned over
Endless imprisonment in her own mind
The seductress
Her victimless crime
Cleansing her body like toxin release
Poison thoughts
Her energy is limitless yet she cannot move
Her heart her own warden
Madness in her own mind
But not visible to the outside
Hourglass still in limbo
Time is running out
In her own mind
She is a prisoner in her own body
And in her own mind
karen champagne Oct 2018
How clever is she
Paintdrops fall
Clothes inside out
How clever is she
Pretty scarves adorn
Scars inside out
How clever is she
Sunshine hair
Distracts her pain
How clever is she
Pretty in pink
Always the brave one
How clever is she
Smile that can stop you in your tracks
Smile inside out
How clever is she
Pink is her color of cancer
Inside out
karen champagne Oct 2018
Involuntary pain and sensation
The emotional suffering of its goodbye
Too chronic to articulate
Seeing is not believing they mixed up the words
Hanging on like my limb
Pain in my heart, empty of blood
I am cognitive but confused and euphoric
I feel it, yet missing
I see the hallucination of oneself
Trauma to the heart
I feel it. Yet missing
The phantom pain
You are gone but I still feel the pain
karen champagne Oct 2018
The rich and the poor
The innocent and the guilty
The beauty and ugliness of it
When light becomes darkness
The smooth and the pitted
When lovers become repulsed
When summer sun becomes autumn death
I tiptoe into loud stomps
Excitement becomes disappointment
Sweetness becomes sour and ****
Gladness shifts to sadness
Like the scales of justice
One has no control
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