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Ylzm Jul 2021
You use your cleanest rag
to clean a mess
An antiseptic swab
to clean a wound
And the softest strongest
to wipe your ****

Only the strong
can be burdened
Only the living
bleeds when cut
And a tree withered
to its roots still lives

The poor illustrates
the folly of greed
The outcasts reveal
the pretence of good
And the chosen shattered
that evil's judged
Dani Mar 2020
In a forest without trees
Where only a buzz is heard, not seen
She laid on black ground
Her belly up and her face down
She stared at the missing stars
Empty spaces of used up light, now just scars

Bathing in a sea of mud
She lifted her hands and saw blood
LIFE she thought, so from the ****** muddy pulp
A melting body she tried to sculpt
To bring to life from the wet dirt
A being to love her, although formed in a chaotic birth
To fill the voids with light and sense
Instead, a being stood, made of nonsense
Upsidebackwords and a grievous grin
For which she hugged dispute the sin

Pretending that light magically appeared
Knowing it was only her sanity that disappeared
Upsidebackwords and a spinning head
She would be okay here, amongst the dead
Living in an empty chaos was better than not
So she gave up what she had originally sought

Spent her life in the upsidebackwords, and forgot
That she created this being to aid her escape, but it was all for not.
Inspired by "Two dead boys" by  Tyler Rager and the dark spaces within our minds that are so hard to explain.
Sam Hawkins Apr 2019
Upside-down and unconditioned I
climbed my tower.

Sprinkled my flecks and dodges.

Wistful-eyed, in soul surrender
with my twin wild roses, I grew.

Sunset in mauve near sparked attention
cop politician any progressive crew

and all the while
I whinnied to the moon.

Before the door was broken into
under-rooms had shut, had disappeared.

Streaks of starlight filled the streets
and sailing, flew.

This is way the desert sings

automatic writing. just me going off, near sedona az
Lori Apr 2019
Just like that I fell
I fell into your arms
Wrapped around my skeletal body
Wrapped around my soul
You held my heart so tight
As tears fell right on top
And burnt my skin
My blood raging in fury
And demons circulating in my veins
It happened so suddenly
I shut my eyes and when i opened them
uʍop ǝpısdn sɐʍ ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ
I didn't know what to do
Euphie Dec 2018
Paper planes, falling

Into the starlight,
that is upside down.

In my heart, it’s beating

The street lights are blinking,
in the upside, down.
My world is red, it's shadows.
Raven black.
The treetops are swaying,
in the upside, down.

Black on red, it’s pattern
tartan plaid.
Who’ll be my lover?
In the upside, down.

As above, so below.
Touch me until my bones
grow cold.

I am a dream so, shut your eyes.
And hold me close—
in the upside, down.

Till the music stops playing,
and the sheet music
is scrolled across my lungs.

As though nothing could fail
in the upside, down.
روبرت Dec 2018
Backwards; maybe
I'm not upside down
I'm looking for a new perspective
When you are down; you're really up
So perk up; all is well
op oʇ ʇıɥs ʇoɓ ı ɐu ʇnq ʎɹɔ ɐuuɐʍ I
Kaaya Faye Nov 2018

Being strong is lonely
Happiness is obligation
Love is slavery.

Being alone is freedom
Tears are relieving
Hatred is bravery.

Nights are beautiful
Nights are intimate
Warm sun stings in the eye

Falling is freeing
Falling is beginning
Earthy land against the dusty sky

Stars, with their borrowed light,
Are more hopeful
Than the moon and all of the nigh

Than all of people
Than you
And I
Do we tend to hold on to the good in life too tightly sometimes?
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