The worst part about
missing you is not knowing
whether you feel this
way about me too.

The clocks have never
worked in our favour,
maybe I must accept
we'll always be bad timing.

I'm not sure
if I was going to to see the band
or to see you.

I know you cared for me
and I'll never understand
why I deserved someone like you
but what it's even harder
to comprehend is how
you could touch me and
look at me like that and then
throw what we had away.

When I first met you I thought
you were too good to be true,
Now I'm beginning to think
I imagined you all along.

What hurts the most
is not the thought that
maybe I wasn't good enough,
instead it's that for you,
maybe somebody else was.

I want you to know,
you were the first person
to call me sexy
and the first person
to make me feel
that way too.

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