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Alex Braun Apr 26
obsessed, terrified, the idea of seeing someone that you knew intimately, seeing them in a bathing suit or without a shirt, knowing that your hands traveled down those exposed places, remembering that, and knowing you can never do it again, they are across a room, alone, with someone else, twenty feet away, maybe more, and you can feel their hips in your hands, your body knows exactly how theirs moves, but you will never feel it again, horrified, overwhelmed
i cant live in the same world as you, i cant live in a world without you, my hands remember everything, but i dont know who you are
Alex Braun Jul 2022
I want to see the sun with you.
The rising, the setting
The ******* rainbow it makes.

I want to see it all with you.
But if I can't, when I can't
I want you to see it on your own.

I want you to experience beauty.
Over and over
Every sunrise, every sunset.

I want everything for you.
Every precious thing
Every little thing.

Every soft moment that might brighten your day
I want for you.
This sunset is yours.
Alex Braun May 2022
Jewel of the Hellenistic
for True Beauty
and Passion
for my name, for me.

"A Spirit, yet a Woman too!"
She Was a Phantom of Delight
for the life of me, I can't believe
that when you think, you think of me.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
the painting
the poem
the story, a familiar story.

Oh, a long one
years worth,
hours worth,
all worth it.

How do I survive?
being loved like this?
when I don't deserve it?
when I don't return it?
Alex Braun Aug 2021
the idea of putting your lips,
your lips that speak the kindest things,
your lips that sing the most beautiful words,
your lips that paint pictures and craft stories,
your lips that build and tear and design,
putting those angelic creations on someone else's body saying

i speak the kindest things for you,
i sing the most beautiful words for you,
i paint and craft for you, saying
i give you a part of me in every touch

the idea of kissing someone's neck,
of someone kissing yours,
yours where your most vital veins are,
one of the tenderest areas of you,
the passage between your head and your heart,
where all your thoughts roam,

the idea of kissing someone's wrist and fingertips,
of someone kissing yours,
yours where your hand meets your arm,
where your typing and writing and drawing stem,
where your instruments sing,
where you touch them,

the idea of kissing someone's torso,
of someone kissing yours,
yours where your heart lays,
where your breath lives,
where all your vitality sits,
with life and happiness,

the idea of kissing someone's thigh,
of someone kissing yours,
yours that hold you up,
that run,
that walk,
that jump,
that are crazily powerful yet amazingly soft,

romance lives and dies on your lips, on mine.
i wrote this as prose a couple months ago and decided today to turn it into different format and post it here :)
Alex Braun Aug 2021
All the sparks, the flames, there are embers in my soul, always warm and blazing in your proximity,

I didn't know what Fire was until I knew You.
i wrote this a couple months ago but it stay in my drafts, forgotten, i remember now
Alex Braun Aug 2021
my eyes
are tired of being awake
tired of seeing
of knowing

if i close them
i don't know if they'll awaken again
this poem used to always play in my head on bad days, i havent had one in a while and decided to publish it as a funeral to the bad days
Alex Braun May 2021
I have so much to say and no words to say it
at the moment
I cannot comprehend beyond the basics

-I've lost everything, but his touch
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