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Allie Jan 2019
Get closer to me
close is not close enough
           I want our souls to touch
your body is blue
    when its touching mine
youre the cracks in my lifeline

I'm caught in this moment
        no ticking clock could disturb this
you've stained me like wine
           Im making you mine

You're a forest fire
         babe arent you tired
                 of burning down trees
           enflamed by each breeze
      beautiful but chaotic
destructive but hypnotic

when youre out of control
        I'll suit up and water you down
        you dont have to sell your soul
to deserve someone who sticks around
About someone special
Allie Nov 2017
You stand here kissing the light.
A halo of red leaves fall past your head
Your lips leave sparks on my cheek
Your eyes are as steady as tree trunks
The touch of your hand,
Makes the wind roar.
Will you catch me if I fall?
I already am.
My shirt ripples like waves in the  sea,
I wish to fall forever.
Because your mountain lion purr is my new favorite song,
I feel that your mysterious mind is made of music,
Each breath is a tune, each word is a melody,
You smell like brown cabins and daisies,
Your naked feet are the mud I am stuck in.
H e l p
I'm going to hit the ground and disappear into your orange hands.

You stand here kissing the light.
The gray skies are meant to be your background
Your rosy cheeks look far too kissable,
While you dance as if it's all you know how to do.
Every glance you grant me is a blessing and a  s i n,
Memories of lip balm and car rides flood my brain.
My dress is soaked, I'm drowning in you,
I wish you were lost in me too.
Your baffling blonde hair blinds me,
I can no longer see where I step.
Caught in a whirlpool, drinking all your thoughts,
Cold evenings, sweaty bodies,
You smell like blue trampolines and bubblegum.
This love is a shipwreck,
Oh God, This daydream has an expiration date,
I can't live off empty kisses and blue eyes.

You stand here kissing the light.
And breathing burgundy words.
Your hands are searching for a spark,
But your touch is as light as a bumble bees.
When you laugh, I no longer feel alone,
Because you make my heart beat again.
I stand on tiptoe and kiss your habitual hat,
Wishing I could be happy in your arms.
You are a sunny serene statue
In this seriously fast-paced fast-racing world.
But, notes passed and dying embers won't save me from
H o l l o w  car rides home.
You smell like warm blankets and hot sauce.
I warn you not to drink me,
I am spoiled milk.
Get out, before it's too late,
I don't love your yellow mind like I should.

You stand here kissing the light.
A rainstorm strikes when you laugh,
Your bare back is the sturdy ship,
I am stranded on in this wide ocean.
I'm stuck in the jungle of your mind,
The story of you is locked in my bones,
You're wild, green, and reckless,
I'm etranced.
Our various vivacious ventures leave me in    r e v e r i e,
craving something I can't quite name.
Yet, smoky rooms and video games
can't protect me from these
black thoughts.
You smell like cinnamon and *****,
In this moment, that feels like home.
But god, I can't tell if I'm healing or hurting,
And I don't know if you'll survive
the hole in my heart,
Still, I'll kiss your brown lips,
and hope that you do
A poem about the three girls and one guy in my life I've loved
  Nov 2017 Allie
I've started hating all
of the music that
I love
and maybe it’s because
I hear you in every
Allie Mar 2017
I wish I could touch you again
To feel your body beneath mine.
I am angry by how beautiful you look
Because maybe if you weren't for a second,
I would be able to get a grip.
My feelings are a tornado
And I'm trying to find myself inside them.
But I'm worried I am lost.
The guilt I feel about loving you
Is giving me nightmares.
The happiness I feel from your touch
Is hurting my heart.
The sorrow I feel from your rejection
Is choking me.
But maybe it all makes sense when you look in my eyes
I swear
I can't help but love you.
Allie Mar 2017
If I loved you more, I would kiss you every chance I got.
If I loved you more, I would bring you a gift for every day of the week.
If I loved you more, I would stay on the phone until you had to go.
If you were upset, I would set fire to anything that ever hurt you.
If you were happy, I would remember to capture every smile in my mind.
I would vanish into the storm beneath your eyes.
I would miss your lips when they weren't on mine.
I would tell the world about the girl I loved.
If I loved you more, maybe I would be happy.
Allie Feb 2017
I thought I knew what passion felt like
But learning to love you,
Was like learning to bike.
It was scary at first
But, freeing in all
And you first must learn
to let yourself fall
You should know
I'd never regret
The nights that we spent
I can never forget
Maybe they're tainted
To you, they were nothing.
I don't place blame,
I know you can't
Love me.
Learning to bike was thrilling and hard
But as someone once said,
All the finest things are.
Allie Feb 2017
I can't put my thoughts into words
They are too intertwined to be written on paper

If I could take a picture of what's in my head

You would see colors and dancing
Music and lights
Women with lipstick, smoking
Men with guns
My first lover and my newest
*** and storms
Water and anxiety

Maybe you would understand
Then again,
Maybe you wouldn't
A very bad quickly written poem
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