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  Jan 6 Ashley Chapman
Hold my hand and persuade the way
tell me all you want to say
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
bring out passions deep within
Draw me close and hold me near
eradicate my pain and fear
In the darkness of the night,
shine your beacon, be my light
In the luster of the sun,
demonstrate you are the one
Offer me wings so I can fly
and I will soar when you're nearby
Infilrate my heart, break the wall,
it's time for me to let it fall
I've been a prisoner, extensively
Break my chains and set me free
***** me of my armor tight
this time I won't put up a fight
Release my soul held deep within
For you’re in my heart where love begins

The poet in me washes away
The calling card of the hero
Fades away like age
Tossing the leaves in the summer breeze
For the old people
With my hand
I look at the secret spot of poets
It's under a sycamore tree
Full of metaphor and rhyme
My hand is raking leaves
As I search for my deeply buried
American Beauty- Grateful Dead
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