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em May 2017
sitting at the kitchen table
and trying to
explain to my mom
why i stayed
while she told me,
with small kaleidoscopes of
warped devastation
pooling in her eyes
and rolling down her cheeks,
that this is scaring her.
because, it sounds like
i’m the type of girl
who stays,
while her husband beats her.
the girl she raised.
sitting at the kitchen table
and realizing
that when you ran your hands
through my hair as you kissed me,
you were twirling my future around
your fingers.
this is scaring me
because you’ll be the guy
who carved the hole in my chest
that stays
i know i will see your fingerprints
in all the hands that will come after you.

And I Will Run.
ASB Sep 2015
(photographs; kaleidoscopes)**
I tried to capture you
in words, the way you were, the way
with each relentless second
you would never be again.

2. (words were not enough)
a) language is a frail medium
    for the powerful; the overwhelming;
b) emotions are shifting, & imprecise.

3. (I tried, a thousand times, to say)
how I found in you the wonder I had always looked for;
always missed.

4. (we can choose how we react)
how rare and beautiful
it is — to me — that you exist.

5. (you)
your hurricane eyes
twilight smiles

have you

6. (define morning as a feeling, not a time of day)
what did you think about when you poured your coffee and did you feel relieved when you heard the sound of rain? what colour was the daylight; and does love ever happen to you, in the traffic of rush hour?

7. (I said)
“come on --
let me take you home”.

“I am here” she said “you are it”

8. (he asked me)
"have you ever been in love with someone you knew you couldn’t have?”

I’ve never been anything else.

9. (a single green light across the bay)
I will rearrange my life around your meaningless smiles —

when love is not returned to us,
we will never stop looking for it.

10. (holding on and letting go)
there is a space between breaths and heartbeats — an endless moment, the infinite, an entr’acte in the operas of unrequited love.

11. (simply because I found her irresistible)
and yet that’s what we do, isn’t it?
we hang onto hope —
in every hopelessly irrational way that we can.

12. (and so part of me is always a fool)
I will wait for you forever.
The potency froths the glass in ghostly embers.
Rectifying a suppressed kiss.
Liquid's juicy lubrication sweats
as the icy voice asks,
refill my void.

Fingernails cling
like thorns to skin.
Waterlogged and fogged,
my footsteps fall,
sloppy little domino.

Mindful thoughts yank at drunk appendages.
One too many benders, far too many hands.

Awake, the memory kaleidoscopes.
Pieces unmatched.
Strange images fade,
meshed in sheets.
evidence stains.
Stephen Leacock Dec 2018
Space time that is assign
Emc2 of Einstein
Checkered reality of its blocks
Bridges of people like rocks
Payments like a  cross
Kings and queens that move forward and backwards and across
Pawns that creates the foundation
Building blocks like a paradox
Pebbles and stones of its fabrication
Thoughts squared into manifestation
Black and white like chess pieces of the grand master pieces
Action and thoughts at its course
Things like ran like kaleidoscopes
Transcended with the eyes to see
Reality of the truth that i believe?
Caroline Oct 10
Don’t you even close your eyes
Lest you miss how bright
This morning is.

Even the ice will fall in
A masterpiece of light
And though it cuts hard
Through the warmth of the night
I will lay my palms outside
And clutch it.

Reach with me now
Into the crackling cold
And feel something there
So pure
There are crystals dripping down
The insides of my soul.

Don’t you even close your eyes.
There will be diamonds drifting from the skies
From clouds so thick
And so white
This stabbing pain
Will be shredded into
Wild kaleidoscopes of light,

Similar to the ones in your eyes.

Let us not miss this moment.
Strip the blankets of summer
And feel the sting of truth,
A biting wind along my skin;
It sings


Don’t you even close your eyes
And if you should
Be it only in the circle of my arms
Where our hearts
Move in a quiet beating
And the rest is silence
And rest is peace and

A bright moment worth waiting,

"Well the night's forlorn and the morning's born and the morning shines with the lights of love. And you'll miss sunrise if you close your eyes and that would break my heart in two"
G E Sousa Jun 7
Music a flaming patterned tsunami,
Floods onto my dizzy brain,
Put my body ablaze in glee,
I'll find myself confused under this burning rain

Lights kaleidoscopes alike the stars,
Trance under the stroboscopes' thrill,
But my mind doesn't go too far,
It never does, never will,

Because all around me are
Images of you,

Splendorous in their grandeur,
They are louder
Than the music's hue,

And reminiscent of memories wonderful,
They are more colourful
Than a thousand rainbows.

Images of you,
Remind me of vows
Lying in yesterday's morrows.

Images of you.
Tiny Verses for You

— The End —