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ᗺᗷ Jun 2017
Humble hypocrite.
The latter we will climb, the
Former we should find.
ᗺᗷ Jun 2017
Good relationships
Take a lot of work they say.
What does that make us?
ᗺᗷ Jun 2017
Happiness from self
And yet I find my best self
Using someone else
ᗺᗷ May 2017
Our human senses
Anchor us to space and time.
Dreams control the slack.
ᗺᗷ May 2017
The forbidden fruit.
Could it be maybe that God
Had diabetes?
ᗺᗷ May 2017
Searching life for love.
Use your courage as the bait
And let love find you.
ᗺᗷ May 2017
Humans heal with time.
To become immortal is
To not overdose.
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