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Hanna Sep 7
I'll swallow your past
that you spit at at me,
because exploding
is better than hearing inner plea.

I'll muffle your cries
in the form of supernova,
because I'm just
one more crutch you grab at, beyond coma.

I'll never throw it back,
not intentionally
because I know
I have to treat this delicately.


Do you want to stay scattered?
Blow away like the ashes that plague your mind?
I can't blame you,
but you know I do.
acacia Aug 14
What two* lucky days for me:
so star-crossed, lacrosse on the TV, and you both smiling

Every moving planet watches you sing light melodies into the air and they echo back
Every rotating star watches me dance to heavy beats on the balcony and they send another one

In the morning, the Sun shone on my mated mansion, preparing me:
Jupiter blessed you with an opportunity to blend our harmony:
Venus saw your Heart and gave you to me

Only fifteen minutes ‘til your birth, Venus wanted you to come see me:
Jupiter drove into your lot, ringing your seventh-door bell:
the Moon saw our hands in the Future

I misplace my gratitude for you men
Please, forgive me for nothing feels better than your touch,
nothing sounds better than your voice: I want nothing else
Please, forgive me for nothing feels better than holding you,
nothing sounds better than your laugh: I want nothing else
i'm happy
astrid Feb 27
Even as the golden embers of the Sun
sweep the rough surfaces of wood,
the rays command the light to twist,
to show the perfectly imperfect portrait of life.

Even as nature's breath let
the crisp autumn leaves sway with the air,
you don't cease your own little dance
within the children's sandbox.

Even as your eyes crinkle along the edges
with your nose crunching like a flower bud,
you seem as if you were Touch-Me-Nots
that found its way to become a Sunflower.

Even as we align like a seesaw
with weights that drift us apart to a distance, but
bring us closer to the equilibrium,
we would always be close but never quite there.

Even as I see you the way that I do,
even if my words won't reach you,
I write all these to let other seedlings know
of a special flower called *you.
happy birthday to *yoo. :")
Francie Lynch Mar 2018
When the plank is up,
Icicles form like the sword of Damocles
Above my door.
Breath is whisked away by prisms
Hanging between limbs, flailing.
My parka rests in the closet;
The shovel looks incongruous
Leaning against the shed.
High, I giggle in the peopled park,
Waiting for descent.

There is talk of another Arctic Vortex,
Combined with the Texas jet stream,
A canopy of cold is raised,
Crueler in the bright sunshine of March.
But we see shadows, elongating and shrinking,
And my toes reach tentatively
For the softening ground.
But soon,
I'm high again,
Heading towards the bright, yellow sun.
ᗺᗷ May 2014
I'm balancing the seesaw rhythm of the sun against the moon
Swooning in circles- my vice to your versa
Dropping the dice
Hoping these verses are keeping you warm when my hands cannot
Knotting underwater thirst taking aim at a sea salt sprinkled sky
Kaleidoscopes revolving in my eyes
Complimenting stars who have never blushed so bright

I’m sorry
It’s been a long time since I’ve been down this road
I’m looking for the letter that comes after ‘T’
I remember finding her
Where it rained rose petals
Rose pedals, from sunrise till sunsleep
Where every morning began like taking my first breath of real air
Like an overload of senses
Ego waiving defenses
So dizzy till your dancing

There are places where romance is like science and religion combined
How serotonin can spill from your mouth and into mine
And returning the favor gets wrapped in your thighs tied tightly
Where an epoch of yin meets an eternity of yang
Where the seesaw pivot meets rose petal rain
Dhaye Margaux Jun 2015
I know my emotion is not stable
Up and down, down and up
But I am so glad you're on the other end
You keep my life balanced, you saved me with your love
Candy Noire Mar 2015
I have so much love in my heart
But don't let anyone love me
I take and take and push away
I bruise, I break, I bleed.

I crush the souls of those I meet
To get my daily feed
A dose of poison in my veins
Is all the love I need;
Heart breakers and hell-raisers
Can never love for free.

Why do I fall so easily?
Why does nobody satisfy me?
These questions seem to fill my troubled head
I push away before I'm hurt
I too have felt pain of the worse
Because with love and lust comes fear and greed.
Up, down, back and forth
Seems purely unpoetic
What a serene change
Well this is a terrible poem.
May Jul 2014
I wish I could say,
That I was lost in your eyes,
But it's a straight-paved road,
So I'd be telling lies.

I wish I could claim,
That you were a moat-surrounded castle,
But when I launch an invasion,
You barely even get hostile.

We're on a seesaw,
But you're not quite heavy enough.
Soon I'll get bored,
And move on to something else.

Don't make it too easy,
Don't be black and white.
For I'd just pierce through your glass,
And leave you in a plight.
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