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positrxnicbrain Dec 2015
Like a parasite, you've entered my blood
Stream and spread through my body.
Like cancer, you've grown and multiplied
Faster than I could **** you.
Like weeds you've taken over everything
I had and grown over it.
Like alcohol I'm dependant on you and
The feeling of you and the touch  of you.

You may be bad for me,
But I can't give you up.
positrxnicbrain Sep 2015
Watching from beyond, writing their little notes.
Look behind the brainstem and see the past perfect present tense.
You thought about it and I heard it. We grabbed the thoughts.
New bones and muscle.
All the different ones, all the same thoughts pulsing, like brain radar bounding back.
They're of me. they're in me.
But he is not.
The serpent retains it's form but it stays inside. It blinds my dreams.
No escape, let craving; an eternal void.
As it all becomes one form and function. We join. We are the new being, hideous and beautiful.
I think he has taken my soul. I probably wasn't using it anyway.
I am his disguise.
positrxnicbrain Sep 2015
He looks like a trapped caged animal,
So evil and transparent
Almost naked among the cloud;
Laid bare,
For all to see.
He knows the end is here!
He hates the feeling of not being in 'control'
Fear consumes his mind.
He is no longer.
i was just writing down stuff & came up with this & couldn't think of a title for it so i thought it tied well with ted bundy. if u know who he is or research him you'll understand it more :)
wants to take a shower in your blood because bathing
in it has already been done.
(Ted Bundy asked how you were doing,
and I replied, "still alive, unfortunately.")
positrxnicbrain Aug 2015
Life can be hard when your thoughts are messier than your bed could ever be.
Sentences, phrases, words, anything just racing around my mind.
Sometime I can sort them, catagorise them in a way that makes them easier to perceive.
But sometimes, that's not the case.
They twist and manipulate as if my mind is a kaleidoscope and every new thought just adds another fragment to the broken picture inside my head.
Maybe it would help to understand, or maybe it would just add to the confusion.
I wish I understood why my mind works like this, in these confusing an mysterious ways.
Perhaps one day I'll understand why they behave this way, but for now I'll continue trying to organise my racing thoughts.
positrxnicbrain Jun 2015
Mel mí hendi dagniruva
Nai npér ve nu mel
Ar pér lok tenn’ i orë

Love within the eyes is not the bane of
That which we desire
And bends unto the heart
Not the eye
this was wrote in elvish and translated into english, if you were wondering what language it was
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