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Curtis Feb 2019
What a beautiful day

The sun is shining
The birds are chirping

The surface of this beautiful earth is glowing
Radiating with beautiful life
Curtis Jan 2018
When asked where I'll be in five years no vision appears
The little machine that makes dreams has lost its power
I'd like to rest some centuries but I've only got six hours
Curtis Jun 2017
A string of data
Conveying to you
The little letters
That I tell it to

Every last little line
Lingers on like moisture in the sky
Always there
All the time

A fluid place
Of ebb and flow
Where little data particles
Seem to be set in stone

The overlapping timelines of us
So udderly abrupt

I wish to you,
The best of luck.
Curtis May 2017
Maybe if I had a time machine
I could find a moment where I was truly happy
And live it
Over and over again
Curtis May 2017
Here I am.

For awhile,

Here I wasn't.

I forget,

Writing makes me smile.
Curtis May 2017
Where we were last night
I don't remember
All I know is that we had to go

Wherever we went
We didn't drive
I held your bag of rocks
The entire time
Curtis May 2017
I think about you often.
I wish I were with you now.

I was with you last night,
But you weren't with me.
That's how it seems.
When I see you in my dreams.
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