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C A May 2016
Wink wink
I am scared to blink
The years will fly by without you
One minute you're here, the next you are blessed
God sent you to heaven
Without me
Wink wink
Dare me to blink
And dinners will go on without you
One minute I'm seven, the next you're in heaven
But you'll always be watching me
Won't you?
For Grandpa Roger
C A Aug 2015
I wanted to scream silence
And hurt you with my piercing eyes
Because I knew you knew
You could read my mind
Or you were suppose to anyhow
By this time our inner clocks are perfectly syncronized as one
Or so I thought
And so I raged, impulsive and hormonal
Once again
I never thought you'd insult me or define me like the others
Or so you promised when you said--
I love you
Or did you forget I love you
Even when I'm moody
C A Mar 2015
Passive aggressive
I may have been partially protected
In denial and defensive
Unsure that I meant this, but I remain optimistic
Because I can't take back that awful thing I just said;
But we both know, I only meant half of what I did
Half of what I did was an accident
I can hear your screams echoing
Raging machine, blood boiling
Under my veins I never contain my inner rage either
Not very well, anyhow
No, I'm not very well at all
But you love me
Anyhow? Any time, any place you've agreed
Dear boy you are patient to have been in love with me
C A Oct 2014
Talentless drought fluttering
Anxious eyes, swell in the midst of confusion
Lack of sleep
Full moon, peaking
Endless chatter

I surrender to the trail of stars guiding us
Into the deep woods of recklessness
I was certain this time... maybe you
You were certain this time
Maybe me
But maybe, may be impossible

Dreams are intertwining with reality
skies are chilling with the winter months
The rage is fueling from atoms of nothing

You're eyes are doubting your trust

Fear, jealousy and chaos
Still prevail....
sadly this winter
without any cure of hope in sight
C A Sep 2014
Bitter thoughts redirecting infinite wavering change
Manipulative and graceful even
Catastrophically inclined because negativity was a habit brewing
Possibly her only hope, if that isn't ironic enough

Everything is a reflection of irony
Stardust was result of all my wishes
I've never seen perfection sparkle so bright, as sober as that night
Perfectly gleaming through a thunderstorm, effortlessly painting chaos's masterpiece
The sunset beamed through the prism of my heart
There she was smiling back at me
C A Sep 2014
A blank distant state of paranoia twisted in the gates of fear
Swelling from the reaction of getting too close
The air exhaled circulates around the room slowly as the clock ticks even slower
Each minute passing is undefined with empty, hollow space
The molecules are attempting to manipulate my illusions of what I know are to be solid reality are slowly peeking over the horizons
I'm not functional  in this state of content
I crave self destruction unwillingly.
The only thing stopping me between progress is caffeine, love and my inabilities to seperate emotion and work
I want to be stable, grounded and free but my broken, bipolar mind bleeds for closure
C A Jul 2014
Wonder lust,  I saw him starring through my flaws
subtle like the summer breeze,
Curious and all
I might have been adapted
Semi serious but even when I'm fearless he teaches me the most.....
I adhere to all the unspoken rules
With him I feel slightly marvelous
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