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Andrew Jun 2017
I'm so grateful I could die
And then I'd be the Grateful Dead
For every Touch of Grey
You erase
And paint intricate beauty I cannot equivocate
The enigma of your mind
Matches the confusion in my heart
What's the point of talking to someone
if you know what they're thinking?
I enjoy the intense haze
Of your rearranging maze
It's complexity fascinates me

Some of my favorite moments are when
I laugh hysterically as the tears fall down
And you're there
To hit my waterfall with your lightning
My emotions get so charged
As you pump electricity into my current
Making you the conductor
On this lifelong train ride
That's definitely been through some valleys and tunnels
But as we continue to scale this mountain
Negative thoughts can creep in
I wonder if you're disgusted by me
Or what you'd call me if you hated me
And as the tears fall down
I look to the heavens
And laugh hysterically
Thanking God I don't have to live in a world like that
I'm so ******* grateful
CK Baker Mar 31
~ Ode to Spring ~

Cherry blossoms filled with bloom
rhododendron’s sweet perfume
warming winds feign summer’s breeze
songbirds singing from the trees

Open windows, déjà vu
sunsets filled with graceful hues
families gather on their strolls
Mother Nature for the soul

Baseball season at the park
evenings lifted from the dark
daylight savings' finally here
patios for wine and beer

Cleaning house and planting seeds
rebirth fills the days and deeds
picnic baskets, hummingbirds
poets find their way in words

Kaleidoscope of bedding plants
shorts in favour over pants
farmers markets, garage sales
power-wash the decks and rails

Hiking, tennis, gardening
inhale the freshness of the spring!
painters, sculptors shape their art
gather here with grateful hearts
Verse 1:

You shed a tear
for every hair
that I lost

You held my hand
through every stone
that I crossed

And now you wonder
how you'll live
when I'm gone

But when you feel under
just remember
this song


I'll love you
in every way that
I can

I'm just not sure
what those ways
will be

So look for me
in the kinder words
of strangers

Look for me
in the patterns
In the clouds

I'm not sure
What I'll do
But I'll find
Some ways
To love you

So look
for me

Verse 2:

And when I cross
The other side
Of this viel

I'll drop a crumb
along every step
of my trail

And when I find
the light on the
other side

I'll be right back
to comfort your
troubled mind


There'll be
no rest
for me

I'll be back
your dreams

Things might not
go according
to plans

But I will do
The best that
I can


This song was originally written as a suicide note in 2015. A lot has changed since then.
Elaina Mar 2017
Two words
8 letters
Seemingly not much
But they contain everything.
I will always be
For your help
Your support
Your friendship.
Always know
How great you are.
Feel it
Own it.
You are so caring
So good at what you do
Who you are.
Never ever
Let another's
Poor words
Change who you are.
sara Dec 2018
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
It's an another day.
I'm still breathing.
I'm alive.
I'm blessed.
I'm humble.
I'm thankful.
I'm safe.
God is really good all the time.
God is really great all the time.

No wonder why I am still kicking and alive;
it's because of God's presence that made me want to live;
Hope that people realized that God wouldn't want them to be an evil but a virtuous.
GOD is good all the time.
sara Jul 2018
Beyond the sea, a white rose stands
outside a vase, away from hands.
Too pretty for a picture frame,
a large bouquet, or window pane.

Still growing, life is hers to gain:
the warmth of sun, the cooling rain,
the water droplets, oxygen;
beauty will flourish best with space.

A trademark warmth she wears so well
like sun rays on a daffodil.
She laughs like shamrock by the well,
as infectious as a breeze among bluebells.

I see the child inside your cries of joy, behind your smiles at boys.
Beneath the skies, above the noise.
You breathe in life, and it's all yours.
infectious laughter is like the breeze in a field of bluebells haha   
Birthdays are a time to celebrate life
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
We're awakened to our insatiable longing for heaven
through both beauty and the painful marring of it.
For beauty hints to us of that for which we are truly made,
and its marring shouts that we are truly not meant to find it here.

We can be eternally grateful for beauty lost when we realize
that it's one of the great secret-tellers of the universe.
Still we fear it so and often fear even to hope for the beauty itself,
though they are a necessary cycle that fuels us on and drives us home.

We cannot deny or diminish our intense longing for beauty--
to see it and have it and be it, and we cannot pretend that its
dreadful loss does not press down upon us like a crushing weight.
We must let it crush us until our ache for heaven is excruciating.
s Dec 2017
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your story,
I ponder what boredom means to me
and why I'm grateful for mundanity.

you colour my life
in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing, poetic,
underrated way.
grey - the soul
of every colour in the world -
invisible and aligned
like all things well designed.

or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come
and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pyjama informal.

You’re my common sense,
my reality check,
my perspective lens,
my goodnight peck;
and even your grim phone voice
& plotless stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette 
I've come to adore,
painting magic
in monochrome.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
I made it...
Though I haven't much of what it takes.
I certainly saw some pretty dark days
Though I have had my fair share of heartbreaks,
The Lord has blessed me in many ways.

I  made it...
Even though I've waddled in emptiness
And had my share of disappointments
And my equal share of Loneliness
I have also had so many blessed moments.

I Made It...
Though  I had my share of sorrow
Despite all this and through it all,
God kept me here to see tomorrow
I know by grace I will not fall.

I Made it...
Even though I made it without any money
And have had my share of Troubles,
I know my joy will come in the morning
For my meals will be served on many tables.

I made it!
I made it..against all odds, in spite of all, I'm grateful to God for life and providence.
Her hair is grey
She's getting old.
She'll love me for always
I am told,
She's here for me
to love and cherish.
And my love for her
will never parish.
At times,
when I am bad,
I look into her eyes-
so sad,
and see the tears
that I have brought.
How could I,
after all that she's taught?
Someday I know
that I will learn
to banish all those tears
that burn.
For will there
be another,
as my own sweet
loving mother?
I love you!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
You who graced and
adorned my life with
the fantastic I adore you
for you are my glory
and my salvation.
I am so grateful for your love,
thank you.
The one who made
my life possible,
you are the God of my realization
thank you.
See where I am today just
because of you,
thank you.
I survived the onslaught of the
wicked ones because
of your presence,
thank you.
Everything is working out the
way they should,
thank you.
My heart is at peace because
you are the God of my heart,
you reign in it,
thank you.
The world I see is beautiful
because of your glory,
thank you.
Night and day comes and goes,
yet you keep us safe and secure us
from the evil pestilence,
thank you.
Fear can never interfere and intimidate us,
for your spirit abound within us,
thank you.
I have a sound mind in a sound body
for there is no affliction or illness,
you are the God that heals,
thank you.
Incredible increase on every side,
nothing is wrong or lacking,
you are all sufficient one,
thank you.
Everything within me says,
thank you Abba father.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Clarerize Jun 20
As the days go by I am grateful to be by your side,
The many ups and downs we share only makes us stronger.
When we lie in bed together with your arms around me, I feel the safest.
I can let go of all my worries, fears and doubts.

I am your queen and you are my king until the ends of time.
My dreams are part of yours, my amputations are yours.

When life throws us obstacles we over come them. When we stand hand in hand nothing can stop us.
My heart is yours deom now until the end of time
nia Mar 14
it's no doubt that you're someone
who means a lot to me,
a boy full of joy, happiness,
who also radiate love and eternal glow.

i watched you cry, and i also watched you suffer.
blame me for assuming,
but i know you're hurting once or twice,
and you hid it with your grin.

how could someone be so selfless,
how could someone be so true,
how could someone be so pure,
and how could someone be so endearing.

you put me in bliss,
makes me feel like i'm laying
in a bed made of flowers,
and a blanket that is sewed with your love.
for you, my excalibur, cho seungyoun.
Hayley Jan 2018
The sunset reflecting onto the clouds
Fading into an empty darkness
Only to be relit when the moon rises

Showing me the nature of life
A colorful masterpiece;
Only for a moment is it dark
Until the sun
Finds another way to shine its light in the sky
NC Aug 2018
She is not thriving in the fancy place
but she grow up with the fertile mind
Other people think like she is in prison
But she feels like in mansion

She grow up and feel comfy
Stuck in her own routine
Doesn't makes her feel unlucky

No one can judge her, she doesn't care
She will prove it someday
What she's been prepare.
©anecstatic 2018
purple turtle Mar 16
Each candle may only burn so long
Some may not even taste its own fire ablaze
so profound, not even the wailing wind can topple
its potent peak
May not even see the swell sun that sacrifices itself every night for the scintillating stars
May not even hear the palmy peace past sorrowful sobs
May not even smell the swirling smoke of your fallen foe

May not even start its beginning
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