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Seb Tha Guru Jul 15
A poet.

Only God knows this journey I venture.
Do not enter is a sign that I have placed on my heart to keep away the evil that surrounds me.

A vibe called myself.

Chastised from my subconsciously wrong doings.
However, I’m still growing, learning, and evolving.

What’s left or next for Seb?
I can’t even tell you, even though I’ve only emptied out one bag of so many of my thoughts, emotions, and passions.

From dusk to dusk I sit and contemplate.
Medicating along with meditating is no longer my comfort zone.

But somehow,
I’m still forming into my own.
Seb Tha Guru Jul 9
I got inspired and started writing at the airport.
A mile high.
Like I tried to write a lullaby for you and I.

Do or die?
Til death do us apart.
I’ll let you decide.
Tried to ride the wave, but they tanked and couldn’t catch the tide.

Slicing everybody up some humble pie.

Hold me down through my troubled times.
Or you can be another victim to my stubborn pride.
A Nipsey quote.
Cleared the air but now, I want all the smoke.
It’s one love but still missing substance, are you even woke.

Lacking all the talent, recreate your passion.
People die from what they fake,
and put it in a caption.

Rags to riches in my own fashion.
Avoiding all distractions.
Done overreacting over selfish and childish actions.
Seb Tha Guru Jul 9
Let me tell you what it’s like,
when you’re trying to balance life.
Trying to keep your sanity but still roll the dice.
Don’t get caught up in the hype.
Finding your way through the dark,
but it’s hard to sleep at night.
On the head is a price.
For net worth and income, some sacrifice.
They fake a smile and play nice.

I can tell you what it’s like, when you’re trying to find a wife.

These days, they aren’t solid.
So you pack up and leave.
They switch sides with an ease.
Leave a man on his knees.
When they killed my bro I didn’t have time to grieve.
I put it all on my sleeve.
Now it’s blessings I receive.
Close your eyes and perceive.
Covered in branches and came from the dirt with a little bit of leaves.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 11
Back in the booth
Ready for truth
This ain’t nothing new
Just something to do.

In the quick sand of life,
got me stuck like glue.

Got me thinking, should’ve turned this to an interlude.

Now I’m back in the booth.
Hope you’re ready for truth.
This really isn’t nothing new
Just something to do.

I love you through everything.
I’m no longer the muse.
Its got my ****** like,
**** what’s gotten into you.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 11
Painfully honest in my poems, why would I lie to you?
I’ve gotten rid of toxic things so I’ll survive for you.
Giving people the cold shoulder, thats how we had to move.
So many times you’ve gave your heart, and they turned their backs to you.

They’ll try to pick your brain apart and say they’ll ride for you.
Sell you everything that you need, they’ll lie to you.
No longer care and want all the smoke I’ll sit outside for you.
I was on my last, I was doing bad but I would provide for you.
I know so people who will take your art and ride on you.
Throwing the shade,
feeling rage, can’t pick a side for you.
They can’t be honest with anything, can’t confide for you.
Throw dirt all on your name the go and go hide from you.

Reminiscing on the days when we were back in school.
Trying to get points not scoring buckets but we loved to hoop.
Me and boys was running throw cars rooms and houses;
we was even taking shoes.
Everybody else wanted to party, we’re trying to make a move.
I seen my first gun at thirteen and we knew how to use it.
Use to look up to some cowards then I start writing music.
I look inside my own eyes and see that I’m tired of something.

Transparent relationship but yet you’re out here cheating.
We can break it down to the right and wrongs, there’s way too many reasons.
These labels hear all of y’alls trash but yet aren’t signing me.
Feel I’ve been tripping for so long but I’m steady trying to find my peace.
Kicking everyone out of my house;
I’m the one who signed this lease.
Until we knew who killed my friends I’ll never have time to grieve.
I’ll treat y’all music like y’all treat women, it don’t mean **** to me.
Showing I can do this without who, ***** who are you to me?
I’ve had so many peoples back yet they were stabbing me.
Just want to see my family smile they’ll soon be proud of me.
I know my dead loved ones are looking down on me
And I’m still waking through the fire, there is no matching me.

Why every time I come around these girls are eyeing me.
Say I’m lacking on emotions but my hearts on my sleeve
No matter what, no giving up, getting back on track to me.
Even long when I’m dead and gone I’ll be a studio athlete.
When I was hurting, they were up, so what’d you have for me?
None of you can keep it a thousand so I had to leave.

Write and record what I’m feeling in my heart, I’m not thinking about a hit.
I ride and do whatever for my dogs like we relate to Vick.
I’m doing everything that I said, I also prayed for this.
No one knows about the hard and late nights we had to wait for this.
Anything less than 100 has to go, so all of you are dismissed.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 5
I’m shady because I want more?

I’m the snake because I chose not to slither?

I wasn’t built to fit in your circle anyway and for years you didn’t encouraged me but laughed when I was “out of shape.”

I didn’t even want the last laugh, I ended all my moves pretty shallow.
I thought the grass was mowed so tell me, how low does it really go?

See from this love village a boy grew a rose from his own soul and soil with no water or seed from his fellow peers.
To only realize, he was prince all along and when he tried to show others the way
They ignored him.

As times goes on, the circle gets smaller.
We will never forget The Marathon Continues.
However, everybody can’t go.
Everybody isn’t built nor ready for this race or this fast pace.

Still painting my pictures perfect, they never needed us.
We couldn’t get inside the doors but now they’re greeting us.

Ash to ashes.
Burning dust til dusk.
Only love we see through the lust.

More than just a poet, these words aren’t enough.
Seb Tha Guru Jun 5
I been trying to find the perfect way to open this.

At the same time, I really don’t think that anyone notices.

Behind these word’s a person that had lost themself and the only thing they could do is run and fight themself for their pursuit to happiness.

A simple man.
No love from his own wife.
Well maybe not in his love language at least.
They can’t even hold a conversation.
Take the *** away, there’s nothing left to lay in.
Debating with himself like everything is a complication.

She’s angry.

Always feeling you’re down and out.
Your outer shell is hard, but inside you’re crying out.
And can’t even find comfort to just talk about it.

Comfort is a thing these days that seems so challenging.
You have to find the middle ground for both of you to balance in.

To find a partner who’s on target with everything you’re missing is inevitable.
Can’t even find a cure or therapy not even using ThereFlu.
I know a lot about it, I been there too.
When the only thing you’ve got is right there staring right back at you.
Surrounded by mirrors.

In a fitting room with hits and misses like target practice.
Only thing you seem to do right is moving backwards.

Fronting for people who don’t have your back.
Nor your best interest.
Especially when they’ve never experienced your position.
This all takes persistence.

And to these, one person beings who swear that they’re so in love, when everything hits the fan how do you stay above?
Maybe you can help the next, or spark their mind to understand that everything starts from your mental and deep within.

So where do we begin?

This love cycle’s something that just happens to us over and over again.

Break the walls.
Your fitting room shouldn’t expose and fragile yourself.

Take that weight off of your shoulders and put it back on the shelf.
Give it to God.
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