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Danika May 18
   is my life
as I walk through my days
obeying the whims of others
I am blinded by indecision
feet stuck in a mire
   of surviving another day
impermanent home
unsteady ground
You don’t see
   that my world
      tries relentlessly
          to knock me off my feet

Set me on steady ground
    I’m sorry to say
         that some who wander
                          in fact
Danika Nov 2019
A thousand paths
          A million miles
A clutter of questions
         A desperation for direction

Won't you tell me which way
      So we can cease our wandering
Danika Nov 2019
I hold you in my memory
And you are perpetually my friend
And simultaneously not my friend

Because you graduated before me
Or we all got caught up in our own colleges
Or because you moved away across the ocean to study
Or to join the peace corp
Or your job after college took all your time as you chased your dreams
Or you enlisted and may as well be in Antarctica

And the time stretched on without talking
Without seeing each other
Without visiting our hometown

And it is okay.
But also not.
Because you were a wonderful friend.

But in my stories of way back when
I still refer to you as my friend
Because I hope that our paths
Our millions of trajectories, vectors
Will cross again
How fortunate they met once.
Danika Aug 2019
How can I motivate you to learn
organically, without negativity
without complaining
without avoidance

How can I relate to you
when my whole being loves to learn
and craves to know
of history, of art, of literature, of what makes us human

We only have a short amount of time
in an infinite universe
How can you not want to soak up every second of knowledge?
just for the sake of it
Danika Aug 2019
I am facing grief
I can see her standing not far off
calmly waiting

I won't look down
or avert my gaze
I dare her to look away first
My teeth are clenched but I won't let her know
And my fists may shake
and my eyes may burn
but I will stand my ground
when she finally walks my way
I hate waiting on a prognosis, on a length of time, on cancer to finally take over again in my family.
Danika Feb 2019
These worries like weights rest on my shoulders
unwavering, burdening
and it feels like some burdens can't be cast aside
and the race feels more
like the march to Calvary
as we all shoulder our crosses,
these heavy, heavy crosses.
Danika Jan 2019
What I’ll always struggle with
And never understand
Is how people can just not care
About literature
Or art
Or history
Or any information

I’ll never understand
Those who pass by museum plaques
Who pass on documentaries
Who hate to read
And say so what

I could never
Choose ignorance
When there’s a whole world out there
Full of people and stories and sights unseen

I always look around me
Whenever I go anywhere
And try to see things
That no one has looked at before
The angles of sidewalk cracks
And what shapes the potholes make

I have found
That I will never be content
To sit at home
When there are coffee shops
Old homes
And old parks
For me to walk in and just be in

I will never understand
When my students say
That This is boring
and When will I ever use this
When this is your life
Your world
Our collective human experience
that you have the enormous privilege
to be a part of

I want to shout
Look outside
Go outside
How are you not amazed
That we are here
In the present
That hands upon hands
And generations upon generations
Have worked together
To build to destroy to fight to survive

I will never get it
And that is my fate
To care too much
Because I know others won’t.
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