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Irene May 2020
almost is the saddest word there can be.

"he almost fell in love with me."
"we were almost together."
"i was almost good enough."

when you expect something to happen but it slips out of your reach just like that and it never comes back.
Irene Jun 2018
i hate feeling like i'm just trying to survive each day lately...
when i want to be thriving - living my life to the fullest.
but sometimes, it's okay if you have to just get through the day.
you tried, and that's enough.
keep going.
06.24.18 been going through a rough time mentally this past season, but slowly healing.
Irene Mar 2018
a lot of people put celebrities
and well-known figures
on pedestals
like they are gods or idols
but if you really think about it
they're just like you and i
as different as we all might be
all of us are more alike
than we realize
written on 03.21.18 | happy world poetry day
Irene Mar 2018
i'm learning to find beauty in the ordinary
just like in the shape of a shadow
i hope i can learn to do this in myself
written on 03.21.18 | happy world poetry day
Irene Mar 2018
my favorite color has always been blue
most people may associate blue with sadness
which can be true
but blue is also
the color of
the ocean
and the sky
so blue is not such a sad color afterall
i think blue is my favorite color
because even though it may be a "sad" color
it still is beautiful
the days where there are blue skies
the days where you gaze off
into the distance of the vast ocean
i think that's why blue is my favorite color
written on 03.20.18
Irene Mar 2018
i used to want to die
i wanted to end my life
felt like it wouldn't have made a difference
if i weren't here
felt like i had no hope

but i realize
how beautiful life is
if i ended my life today
i could've missed out on so many things

the people and friends i wouldn't have met
the songs i wouldn't have listened to
the memories i wouldn't have made
the sunsets i wouldn't have seen
the candid photographs of me and my friends
having the time of our lives
or just goofing around
the lover i might meet someday
soon i hope
with whom i'll spend the rest of my life with
if i weren't alive

this strange
yet beautiful thing
called life
there are so many reasons to stay alive
and i'm glad i'm still alive now
to be here for it all
inspired by the book "reasons to stay alive" by matt haig | written on 03.17.18
Irene Mar 2018
i'm scared at how time seems to fly by...
someone please
stop this train
inspired by "stop this train" by john mayer | written on 03.17.18
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