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On topaz mountain
A sky blew cold
Clearing ash of another’s fire

In a cage of bones
A rattle bellowed
From a lonely coyotes song

She buried
The tomorrow of yesterday
In the wind’s arms
And she took some tiny steps
to love herself.
Slowly whirling toward the rainbow,
a light guide to her greatest love.
With colors like no other.
Enjoying her journey,
a wildflower embracing herself.
Growing wherever she chooses,
in the stillness of the stars and the rhythm of the breeze.
Wind and pain,
sunshine and rain,
A velvety night,
a meadow in the sky.
And she took some more steps
to love herself.
She doesn’t have a name,
she’s a wildflower dancing free.
Tell me not the music
Sing me not the song
But listen to the dancing legs
To understand the time rhythm

In this open air of liberty
Freedom is on fettered feet
Chocking the beleaguered souls
In the grave of death.

How long'll the dark rule the day?

Time in luxury appears too long
To bring the day to loud victory
As time tolls the bell
For the beleaguered souls!

We must watch the dancing feet
To unveil the freedom rhythms
In the invincible deliverance clouds
In this occluded anomie season.
Lost inside a labyrinth

Tight-lipped tinkerer
open-mouthed cynosure

Pressing matters completing their circuit
all things said, but not spoken

Osculated locution, succinct phrasing
released, but not heard

The human element imparting
seminal spark
—together felt and touched

A tingling syntax
owing to its art
becoming its nucleus

A body arched in ecstatic flight
cold marble face turned to the night
the primal explosive birth of a star
light reaching finally from so far
we see one day too late its fire,
falling in tongues of fused desire.
A long night of long knives
Stinging more than legion adders
Stinging-death from depth
Burying men  in unmarked graves!

Down flows in torrents the power
Quaking earth in tremors
Devouring darkness and its powers
Exposing the earth in glory to glory
Till death is dead , and its venom are buried in eternal infernal damnation
Till earth is buried in luminous glory!
Running on cheetah heels
Breaking through the iron jungle
Knocking down enemies at dark gates
Knocking out enemies at dawn
In thunderous lightening
Bringing exploits in unusual glory
Harvesting beauty in transcendence
Taking spoils of gold in waterfalls
Taking spoils of silver in waterspouts
Sending waves of glory across clouds
In emerald of undulating golden hills.
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