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Stand you on the cliff of uncertainty
all that is behind is done, what is there to come but air
let courage give you wings, to lift you up from dark despair
for nought is worse than standing still
and wondering on that bare accursed hill
Night defeats the sun
    and hangs its pale imposter
    in its own sky
    to wax and wane
    and woo young lovers
    under the boardwalk.
    Lust ebbs and flows.
    Our tide was high.
    Our moon enormous
    balanced on the horizon.
    Reach out and touch it and
    be reborn with me tonight.
You're my favorite kind of thief,
stealing my heart,
but letting me be.
the night is darker on your lips
my hips are dreaming while
your touch is searching for its meaning
"My love, I feel your pain."

"Hold me, for I am falling apart."

"Fear not, sweet princess.
This love is strong."

"I'm scared."

"Rest your head upon my chest.
Let us embrace and shine a light.
Together, we will illuminate beyond
the stars and into distant galaxies."

"My heart is beating so very fast."

"Do not worry, fair maiden.
Our connection is merging.
Soon enough, we shall ascend,
soaring high above the heavens.
To a realm we have always sensed,
yet never visited."

"Oh, this is wonderful."

"We are free."
In the mist of late night solitude,
                 from a mislaid plateau,
                 with a suitcase full of sparks

She observes constellations
        reflected as little needy eyes,
                        peering down at her

They could be midnight directives,
       postcards from distant nebula
                            suspended in gaffa

       "Ne t'enfuis pas..." She exhales

Still she wonders:

        will her children grow to love
          their perfect machines more
                                    than they love
                  their imperfect mother?

"Ne t'enfuis pas" is a French phrase which means "don't run away"
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