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The poet is a universe
In the universe
Having the universe in him
Vibrating the universe in his head
Kicking the ball in the mind field
In complex tapestry of words woven
To attain infinity in infinity.

Wonder not, the poet
In the universe knows
What others know not
By unravelling the universe
In complex poetic rhythms
From deep afflatus.

Living in the universe and
Carrying the universe on head
Are they equal?
I know the poet is a universe
Thinking the universe
Carrying the universe
In complex colors of night and day
Complicating the universe in issues
But resolving them in poetry

The poet is a universe
Growing tap root into the ocean soil
Shooting foliage to **** and heaven
Engaging the the universe in dialogue
To grow tall trees of wisdom and understanding
In the universe in which he is a universe.

The poet, a universe
Isolated in the universe
To think the universe in the plains,
Valleys and mountains of a universe
In the universe bewildering complexities
The poet is a universe!
I gaze into the front only to see the combating fiery back!

I pierce into the back only to see the front confronting me like the teary tumor!

I commandeer the still waters and it runs deep, exposing me into the visceral of the world.

Tell me not that life is made up of material minus the immaterial.

The Spirit breathes the ocean of life alive ahead of matter in realities and reflections!

I raise my hands in applause of the Shadow that devours the midday
Floating beauty in surreal
And roses rising in petals of glory
Dancing in opulence of love

In this vortex of power conflicts
Roses arrayed in glittering gold
Shooting light beyond the
Darkness of the blooming gloom
Saying, rejoice not over me
Fiery sting of the darkest dark
For I am the rainbow at sundown!
On the ocean of life
Dropped  thought-pebbles
Resonances in winds
Rebounding in ripples
Actions born in countless waves
Triggering counter-actions!

Cataracts of wonders, suddenly
Vomiting volumes of gold
Pouring golden flames
Into life ocean purities
Bouncing up hills and valleys
In voyage of expectations
Creating realities in emeralds!

Tumbling air in blues
Skies beatific glory binges
In endless waves in azure skies
Echoing sounds of depth
Deeper than deep
Launching into the Deep
Harvesting immortal gold
Reaping eternal glory!
Luscious scent, her scarf carried,
That she left behind,
On purpose.

Away she took her gaze,
That lasted a second,
On purpose.

Pearly smile, she kindly flashed,
As biding goodbye,
On purpose.

The tab was picked up by her
For that homeless man,
On purpose.

Prayers she hummed in her daily runs,
For all menkind,
On purpose.

Verses she danced, in her mind,
While whispering rhymes,
By accident.

Softly she touched with her silky hands,
Yours, on the bus,
Also, by accident.
I am not in the well
I can say it is well

I am in the well
I still say it's well

Enthusiasm is my song
Hope is my strength
Faith is my eye
Courage my feet
Perseverance my food
Catching the glory
Harvesting victory unborn!

It is well!
It is well!
It is well!
Quite a very huge shadow,
with a venomous tail ,
unsmiling roaring face ,
shooting fear into the vortex
of the earth face.

We indeed crossed in multitude
of silence, courage to the verdant morning, with the sun smiling its
face to the earth, with its
uncountable snow-white teeth.
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