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Brett W Mar 2017
Oh where to start with you
When I first saw you at Walgreens
I honestly thought we'd never talk
But man was I wrong in that aspect
We just started talking one day
And haven't really stopped since
You've helped me open up more
You're helping me gain confidence
Before I started talking to you
I was timid, and tended to shy away
But now, I feel more confident in myself
But you as a whole, you're amazing
You are truly beautiful and sweet
And you honestly shouldn't change a thing
You may think you need to lose weight
Because you claim to be "fat"
But really, your body is perfect the way it is
You are perfect just the way you are
However, there is one thing you can change
You really need to show off your smile more
It's beautiful and really lights up the room
When you move away, I really will miss you
In the short three months I've known you
I have honestly gotten fairly close to you
But you're leaving faster than you arrived
So I wish you nothing but the best
In whatever your future may hold
Just remember these three things
Keep smiling, don't change a thing
And I am always here for you if needed
Brett W Jan 2017
I am not sure why I am single
I am told I'm a fantastic guy
That will make any girl happy
But how come I'm avoided
I will treat her like a queen
Spoil her with my undying love
And incomparable affection
Do anything to see her smile
Letting her know she's special
The most beautiful girl in my eyes
I will be loyal to my gorgeous queen
Not allow anyone between us
What is holding me back though
Is it my looks? My confidence?
Is it just me? Or is it society?
Whenever my queen comes along
I will treat her like royalty
We will rule this world together
Me as king, and her as my queen
Brett W Jan 2017
There are two very special words
That will be spoken a lot in a lifetime
But can truly change your entire life
In a single moment
I do
Once a marriage ceremony comes to and end
These words are spoken by each participant
To signify the unification
Of two individuals
However, I hear these words
Probably hundreds of times a week
At work I ask a question
And I always hear "I do"
Every time I hear those two words
I smile a bit
Knowing that one day
Those words will come out of my mouth
To unify me with a significant other
At some point in my future
Brett W Oct 2016
I had a wonderful time
Reminiscing the old days
Marching competitions all day
And just being with all my friends
Returning for the last of the season
After graduating the previous year
I met some brand new faces
And was greeted by the familiar ones
But one face stood out the most today
One I have not known for very long
But long enough to cherish and recognize
She is in a tough and stressful period
And I am trying to assist her any way I can
Seeing her most of the day made me realize
How much I miss being close to a female
I offered her my sweater when she was cold
And cuddled together to keep warm
But we are just friends. Or are we?
I am not really sure at this moment
As I saw the tears ruin her perfect makeup
I consoled her to the best of my ability
Am I starting to grow feelings for her?
Does she seem to like me back?
These are all questions that remain unanswered
But one thing I am sure about in this situation
Is I am getting close to a female once more
I am not sure on my true feelings toward her
Brett W Jul 2016
All I can ask for right now
Is to find a very special girl
That I can show compassion
And love to every hour of every day
I am a broken hearted man
But my heart is still open to loving
I am a kind and compassionate soul
I care and I protect, no matter what
I want to spoil a special girl every day
And make her the luckiest girl alive
I just want to share this affection
It feels useless in my lonesome body
All I want is a tender and loving woman
I want to make a girl smile in my presence
And to call her my very own girlfriend
Brett W Jul 2016
The brain is an amazing phenomenon
Creating visions while it is most active
And processing views while least active
When active, it creates amazing elements
These are known as dreams, or nightmares
Despite the brain being an amazing entity
It can not create a face, only scenarios
All people seen in a dream or a nightmare
Is someone viewed previously in life
As the mind isn't powerful enough to create
A new life form that was not previously seen
The villain often someone harming your life
The protagonist being a close friend or relative
I see a certain someone in almost all visions
Whether it is an amazing dream I wish was real
Or a nightmare where I wake sweating in fear
But this person switches roles each time
One night it will be a dream, next a nightmare
I wish the brain was powerful enough to erase
Erase a person to rid of all unwanted visions
If only I could dream for the rest of my life
Brett W Jul 2016
All of this debate going on
Cops shooting black men
Mass shooting at a gay club
It is all the same, it is killing
I must say this before I start
I apologize for any language
But this is all a load of *******
And it honestly has to stop
When a white man kills a white man
There is no publicity in the ordeal
When a black man kills a black man
There is still no debate going on
But people are dying in these situations
Someone's family member or close friend
Gone, taken away from their life
Then a cop shoots a white man
And there's a little discussion on it
But a cop shoots a black man
And there are riots, marches, but why
All lives should matter in this world
The declaration says all men are equal
So no life is greater than anyone else's
White, Black, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern
Straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, ect.
It is all equal to one another, it's 2016
Stop the killing and keep peace and equality
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