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Carter Ginter Jun 2018
I don't understand
All the things that I feel
This anger isn't genuine
It's spawned from sadness
From hurt
From pain
I love you undeniably
And it feels like
You dont feel the same
ruoxin Oct 2018
sitting here i'm           not here
not here, not ready    , not yet, only
wishing  it was-  is- a [lucid] dream i can't
wake up           from by my {self} and
then a wave of whimsical        drowsiness;
still not here, not there, stuck in my head
quietly awaken,       eyes close.   again
too tired, dont           wake    me    up
Onoma Oct 2018

dissociating smiles

of pumpkins

trade steps out

of hell--

as white cats lick

the odd pumpkin seed

left from the carve.

there's bluejays mauling

black cats in a shrill shred

of music prone to a cool


while blackbirds light candles

to haunt condemned houses.

i like the extra layers this

time of year...

so your bones get to stay

in saints all day.
right now
sacrifice is fueling opportunity
an opportunity to breathe
with an uninterrupted purpose
the corruption of our native soul
stop nourishing it
by constructing whiteness
sacrificing ethnicity
for the temporal indulgence
adrenaline *****
intensity of dissociation
hallucinating whiteness
the worst drug ever manufactured
forced upon our children
intricate delicate
vulnerable violence
dissociating from an eternity
of survival of the most cooperative
for a moment
momentum of ******
Trauma tried to mold me
Hiding away I developed phobias
Shrinking into myself  
He planted the layers of  youth with deceit
While I held the truth
Dissociating and unfolding mentally
My clothes,  my body felt foreign
His lips tried to instill shame
I'm weary and shy now living with anxiousness
Why did not anyone see this? I often ask why
Blinded and fooled or just ignored?
I want to be secure again and begin to heal
Seize the moment to have control
No longer a hostage in my own mind
Destiny C Oct 2018
You found my hills-
ignoring the pleas and appeals.

You rampaged your way into the hidden valley,
while I sat their dissociating - assuming death was my finale.

You scourged through my dips and curves,
as though I should be flattered you came back for thirds.

Imprinting your unwelcomed touch on my mind forever,
the violation of my body will be forgotten never.

— The End —