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Carmen Jane Feb 26
There were 2 old chewed gums
Stuck underneath our table
At exactly 2 inches apart
How random..
Parenthetically I saw this fact
When I hit the floor
with a sizable impact
When he opened the door,
He had on him 2 guns..

I saw you under the table
where you always like to hide
“2 more inches and you won't be able!”
I teased earlier with pride

I stayed very still just to be your example
I didn't want you to move not  even an inch Looking around,  examples where ample,
I was relieved when you decided to squinch.

You always gave me the best compliments
How nice is my hair, how soft are my hands
In your little mind: my best accomplishments
‘ was your hero, but  now no one near you
                                                                ­   stands

One day you said, I had cookies in my eyes
The best compliment that I ever got
Now with a look in my soul, you say it so
                                                                ­   wise
Can't have this taken away by a gunshot!

Noises are muffled, I can hear your breath
“Cookies in my eyes”, you just meant I'm
I know you are scared, but I smile instead
I just love  that I can hear your  heartbeat!

Look at you how big have you grown,
We'll get through this,we will begin anew!
I am so proud to call you my own,
Glad I can take one more glimpse of you

The waitress runs fast towards you
Shields you bravely with her embrace
She wipes your tears and guides you through
But the bullet quickly freezes her face

I see the red stain on her apron white
And I am glad it's not 2 more inches down
It's just her shoulder, she'll be alright
She is so brave, she doesn't even frown!

When gunshots stops she lifts 2 inches from her knees
She prays with all her might that no more people dies
She gives you a kiss and the greatest squeeze
When you can' t see no more  “cookies in my eyes”...
Kellin Feb 6
fuel desperation,
and so are valuable
assets in the game
of spinning chambers.

one ***** is all it takes.

you might not believe
a person still wading
through adolescence
could harbor such
malevolent intent.

one slight is all it takes.

age is barely even
a consideration when
haunted by the desire
for revenge or need
of self-preservation.

one fragile moment is all it takes.

fewer years simply
equate to shallower
perspective, exacerbating
youthful impulsivity.

one bullet is all it takes.
Jessica Jan 24
Everyday there’s a new story
A new plea that goes ignored
An outcry for protection
That the government “can’t afford”

A community is broken
A family in bits
A mother holds her dead son
It didn’t need to be like this

“My thoughts and prayers are with you”
What’s that gonna do?
It’s easy enough to stand back
When it isn’t affecting you

People post on social media
About the horrors of the crime
But how can they truly comment
When their school isn’t next in line?

A march to show the ‘big men’
What their little minds can’t see
Real humans suffering
At the word “death” they turn and flee

A 15-year-old boy bleeds
His life already done
He wants someone to hold him
His last word escapes, “Mom”

This is real, this is wrong
This is happening now
Children scared of education
In case they get shot down

So, now forget the hashtags
Now forget the thoughts
Now we need action
Not more ****** news reports.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 12
There are mothers of daughters and mothers first in Australia, South Africa,
                                                                ­      the United States, Pennsylvania.
And it is in the garden of the queen's initials, sufficient satisfaction
      is the image of the standard of living in the extreme in Kenya, the poet 2,                    |  a number of shadows of what was to be alive.
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went also to the children of the missing girl
was his strong holds to store the
Young the girl's parts of the of the wall of Europe and the stones,
                                                      O God, Freedom,
Robert Diva natural to Christ of the tongue of peace,
                    the cities of United States American art,
I hand the educational escort open call 'in human history    
Allawi to open its independence beach games too loudly,         the idea of ​​a Christian is the father, Google park city,
dead hands Yumeyume what point does Google father-in-law Brazil
when China is Ben Spain.                             And Computer Science, China's wealth,
hidden Arsoth hobbies, simple questions, write songs a game
Zip years to support scientific staff:
The male child and the mother of a girl
are the young death of my best female child of Australia,
South Africa, Ameloca Melika, Pa,
who is shining on the wonderful green night of the day
Russiana the Italian Englishwoman
The beautiful Jonathan Canadian of English
English is dark, Joe Ji will star in the color of skin,
a large gold braid positioned III:
The early standard of life of the moon
                                             of the house of change of edible acid
The breath of the standard life is like my nuke;
The face of age and satisfaction for him
Because of the shadow of the number of lives
with the high image of the Queen of Kenya
of a female poet of a VI person,                                a red baby in the garden,
wait here I lost my old school who left the police of my wife 's French in VII moon, from a girl who went to the true ***
who came to eat, robot elder; A son of a girl,        a young man of the Jewish people who changes in radius,
a daughter from the walls to a part of Europa,
and the stone is Robert Utahigashi Jesu's                                In order to open
the freedom of Torakia SEN from the hand,
it is necessary to open the liberty of God from the natural language of peace, the name of a friend of USA, the art,                  the history of human beings, the coast of Italia                    It is not a space for the game of the heartbrow,
it is not a Brazilian son of Google's father-in-law
is the son of Google's father in the city's Yumeji Park where the hands
of that color                              The deceased Christians, China, Spain,
who deceived the idea that is limited to the inside,                      got the idea of ​​regenerating the happy tree
Baloo in the form of a poem master
Tell me about the beat calling
by writing a long snooch entrance long time sports center
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From science and scientific assistance of computer science,
the richness of China,
the hidden eleistor of the bobbies,
Simple question to write playback songs
This means free care that waits for unknown doors to the present age: Home field of the mail, Australia, South Africa, USA,
Mothers and Women in Pennsylvania.
This statue of a vegetable hawker is a queen of great satisfaction in Kenya,
                                                              of­ some shadows, visible to the poet.
To me, the same watchfulness is garbage.
My husband and my son want to be honest with me,
I was missing a woman;
His strong point was to keep a wall with young men, walls,
and stones Abenam,     French, I went to the beach, town park,
one Christian father, Google - idea very high, God, freedom,
Robert elm-ha, natural language,
                                                     Christ's peace in the United
It is the open call of the cities in the United States,
the history of Allawi's history,
Some of them died on that point, Google-Google-,      Brazil,
China, and Spain ben-meyume. Computer science,
Chinese treasures, arsofia hobbies,
writing games in simple questions,
writing zip-scientific support staff from songs.
A little boy of ten watches Doctor Who religiously
because the Doctor has time travel
and oh what he would do
to turn back the clock
to when his sister was still alive

A little girl asks her mother
when Daddy is coming home
but Mommy doesn't know how to tell her
that the history teacher became a statistic
in a national tragedy that goes ignored

A teenager sobs in a corner
hands over her mouth
as she thinks, 'Dear god please, please no'
and the kid next to her texts their dad goodbye

A boy with dark eyes and darker clothes
wipes his eyes
because his phone just died
and the last thing he told his mom was 'I hate you'

The teachers lock their classrooms
and look around at their students
They wonder which ones they are going
to say goodbye to today

The children march
for the lives that have been lost
but the screams of the dead aren't loud enough
for those who can end their suffering

A kid makes a mockery
about shooting up the school
but even as they laugh
his friends wonder if he's really only joking

Everyone will say
that they are sorry for your loss
but they can't fix whats been done
and they won't stop it from happening again

We fake stomach aches
skip school
skip classes
beg our parents
because there was another one only yesterday
and 'What if we're next?'

"Mom, I love you."
"Daddy, I'm scared."
"Mr. Davis, is this a drill?"
"Will you hold my hand?"
"I don't want to die."

Kids tremble in fear
because this only happens at other schools
this only happens to other people
and they weren't supposed to join them
as another number on the death count
Have the trees all fallen?
In my absence,
Did the lights turn out in Santa Fe?
I’m walking in a shadow,
Cast by who knows what because
The skyline’s bare
Now the leaves are gone,
And in their wake the branches
Lie gutted on the pavement
Stripped to shiny bones
That smile and smile,
The call to arms blares out
So sickly sweet
A mind rang out across the room
That blazed so hot we’ll never know
And in one blazing human breath
They breathed their last
to think they were children
they were just children
I feel a great and quiet darkness
Has snuffed out those sparks
That could have ignited the world
And so I wonder
How many million seconds, meant to be,
Now never will?
Do good men die so other men
Might learn, or worse still, win?
Will those sparks
Snuffed out in Santa Fe
Ignite this world of apathy
To shame?
I ask again,
Have the trees all fallen
Down in Santa Fe?
The Lioness Oct 2018
You tried to pull a gun on me.
I just pulled mine faster
But what you don't know is
Three days later
I put my gun to my head.
I couldn't live with the fact
That I almost pulled the trigger on you
That I was ready to stop your threat.
What you don't know is one month later
I still had nightmares
That I overdosed on pills
Hoping to never wake up.
Six months later
I still see your face
I still think of the what ifs
One year later
I still wake up screaming
Fighting your invisible threat.
One year and six months later
You voice still haunts me.
You were eager to **** be because I wore a badge and gun.

My coworkers ***** me.
Two against me.
What you two didnt see
The detectives interrogated me.
Told me I asked for it
I should have fought back
One day later the detective picks me up
I tried over dosing minutes before they came
They noticed the cuts but didn't notice
That I was falling fast
I couldn't keep my eyes open.
My speech was slurring
I walked like i was drunk
I made it through the **** kit
I got home and slept for three days straight
One month later i quit my job.
My body couldn't handle the stress
I kept dissociating.
Six months later
I still couldn't have ***.
I started learning jujitsu
I had bought a gun
One year later
I was more confident
But i still feared ***
I feared men
I still had nightmares
Two years later
I'm still managing to struggle
I still hear your voices
Still see your faces
Still feel you in my dreams
Two years and six months later
I'm more confident.
I still have difficulty with men.
But now I am well on my way to be a police officer
I can't let you win!
These are real events that happened in my life.
Kathryn Oct 2018
A young women took her life
Just down the street
A child in the school yard
Found her hanging from a tree...
2 brothers got into another fight
one stabbed the other over drugs
Blood stained the doors
He banged on for help...
6 shots broke the silence of the night
Some how he's still alive
Laid on the road I'm so familiar with
With bullets in his head....
This place I grew up is changing
maybe I'm more aware
Violence all around
Where does it end...
children arrested for selling drugs
*** trafficking
Police raids
In the last year I've seen it all...
I refuse to give up hope
This world I've brought my child into
it can be a beautiful place
Love can overcome hate...
Needs editing... might delete later.... just a few things that have happened in my neighborhood in the past year
The Lioness Sep 2018
I see you,
As I walk my beat.
The soul who's life as been so rough
You've turned to drugs to cope.
I see you over dosing on the corner.
I call for help as you become a pulseless, nonbreather,
I start hands only CPR.
As they dispatch help.
Please don't give up.
There's so much more to life.
I give it my all as I hear the sirens blare in the night.
But help comes to late.
I stand in shock.
I give my statement.
I finish my shift and go home to cry.

I see you,
The guy trying to **** me because I wear a badge and a gun.
Please don't make me shoot you.
I just want to go home at night.
Shoots fired, shoots fired.
He's down, I gave him five warnings,
“show me your hands.”
I didn't want to.
Really I didn't.

I see you,
The guys that ***** me.
I see you
You forced my hand.
I can't walk the streets unarmed.
You messed with my head,
And got away with it.

The nightmares come.
I see them.
I want them to stop.
I'm so numb now.
I cut myself to feel again.
I see the scars.
I cover them.
Others cannot know I'm weak.
They look up to me.

The horrors I see.
Will they ever stop?
Working in security I've seen many things. Theses are only a few that have stuck with me.
Madeline Thetard May 2018
The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

She was sitting in math class
wondering whether she would buy the burger
or the salad
with the three dollars in her pocket
She was doodling on
her math notebook
cartoon cats with flower wreaths

She was studious, never really liked math
had a tiny crush on the boy sitting next to her
and wondered if it would rain today

The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

Screams erupted in the hallway
Head slammed lockers
as faculty asked students to clean
their wounds
as teachers asked students to tell their spouses
everything they never got to say

Kids hid in cabinets and under desks
covered their faces with backpacks
maybe their binders were more bulletproof
than their skulls

The girl clutched the hand of the boy next to her
and wondered why she could only touch him
right before she was about to die

Neither one thought they’d be staring down
the scope of a gun
looking into a madman’s soul before
lunch period started

As all of the children who were killed on that day
rested in their graves
calculus homework and English assignments
still written as reminders on the palms of their hands
bruised by the locker they hit on their way down

Nations weeped and families sobbed
many thought that their deaths might
be the anthem of change

But all their deaths sparked were
prayers and condolences
an “I’m sorry” and a “That really *****”
as the next madman loaded up his gun
two sorry days later

Sixteen is too young to die

The girl had never driven car
Never knew what it was like to be held
Never knew what it was like to be kissed
Never knew what it was like to be to be told
the world was everything she made it to be

No, the world she lived in was the place
where her peers had to live in fear
not because they didn’t do their homework
but because students might die today

In her grave her mouth was a tight line
childish cheeks and acne-scarred skin
the youth was lost in her eyes because
she lived in a world where her classmates’ blood
was splattered on the school’s linoleum floors

And no one cared enough to do
anything about it
Something must be done.
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