Carolina Oct 5
The new car is a facade,
you can see it in his smirk;
there's a black tar soul
under its white bodywork.
He sells his demons
under a snowy form,
he finds his peace
on a green heavy storm.
No one has ever
know him very well
but they know
he's related to a cartel.
He has lots of fun,
too may things he enjoys,
not realizing
he's the devil's toy.
But I think he's the evil,
as cruel as can be.
He preaches his word
of magnetic philosophy.
You're cough just for fun.
Glowing sparks in aquamarine.
Comfy sea-scent room,
you wish to stay in.
You get a sugar rush
every time you see him.
Waiting for his company,
not the best way of being free.
You sit there beside him,
pretend to rely.
He offers you something,
you don't have to pay.
Tho his soft touch
turns your skin into concrete
you find yourself at his door
dying to repeat.
Carolina Oct 4
We pressed our lips together
and that made my knees go weak.
You ran your hands through my back
and that made me feel the heat.
But I know it's fresh and new now
and after some time, bored, you'll go away.
Guys have cruelly taught me
that nothing gold can stay.
Carolina Sep 23
Niega toda razón lógica,
absorto en un va y ven
de pensamientos incesantes.
Inmensurables fantasias
desgarrando la realidad.
Mientras el domingo
le da la bienvenida a la noche,
todos están moviéndose.
Paso los días abrazada
a la vieja soledad,
le digo que su visita ya es abrumadora,
pero aún así la invito a una taza de té.
Y pasa el día,
llevándose mis ganas,
llevándose un poco más de vida.
Carolina Sep 2
Will it become a part of me?
Can it renew my energy?
I'm afraid love's not here.
That fragile state is where we live.

Crossroads that lead to the same place
and it's somewhere far from grace.
But he finds peace in that purple haze
that takes his head up there in space.

I daydream about a joyful ride,
among friends, music and wine,
not worrying about the passing time,
sitting with my back against the pine.

But I open my eyes and it's all gone,
there's not a place to call home.
The aching inside burns up a hole,
filling it up has kind of become my role.

So, I disconnect to pass the days
but I still have those phantom pains.
Staying inside dreaming away
the blurry reality that's in decay.
Carolina Sep 1
Illuminated by the moon.
Her whispers come to me.
I show her that I listen,
I'll prove her that I see.
In a white summer dress,
barefoot by the creek,
with my loose long hair
and my soft pink cheeks.
Almost midnight time,
stones, herbs and tree barks,
kneeling on the grass,
going over ancient marks.
My silver hoops sparkle
and I begin to recite
a beesech to a force
unnoticeable to the sight.
Developed energies.
Astral effect;
my state of mind goes higher
so my wish I can project.
I feel its presence;
It thickens the air.
The wind blows stronger.
I can feel its piercing stare.
I command you my will
and I order you to bow
as I start to float inside the circle
baring my tar black soul.
The moon is still there,
up there in the dark sky.
It giggles and whispers:
*You belong to the night.
Carolina Aug 11
A face no one remembers
touched by the winter breeze,
dejected, walking with no rush
through streets that scream
You don't belong in here!
Looking for a hole in the ground
to lie down and sleep,
even when it's too cold
to decompose and disappear.
Red nose, watery eyes,
quietly humming a song
that no one seems to hear.
Stepping up the pace,
wishing to be headed somewhere else
than the pale yellow cracked paint house.
Cars passing by,
not a single friendly face
behind the steering wheel.
The cold pierces to the bone,
keep on walking, almost "home",
ease the coldness with a hot coffee.
And you travel through that state of mind,
never cured, never improved,
but you hope for it to change over a night of sleep.
Carolina Jul 28
You may be what I need,
what will wake me from sleep.
An holographic dream,
a mix of love and ******.
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