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Carolina Mar 23
I no longer
try to avoid the arrows
that are thrown at me.
I let them sink deep into my skin.
I no longer care
to stop the bleeding.
How am I still alive?
Carolina Mar 23
Amé tu energía,
tu sonrisa,
tu mirar.
Y hoy ya no te encuentro;
aunque lo intente
ya no estás.
Y no quiero alejarme
pero me cuesta caminar
y vos casi corriendo
ya ni me esperas.
Triste pero cierto,
a veces el amor no alcanza.
Carolina Mar 13
In essence, deep and hidden,
there's the moon
and there is me.
Moving oceans;
raging waves,
hunting winds.
Carolina Nov 2021
Land of no one,
devastation at sight.
This body of mine
seems to have no pulse,
the feet keep it moving
but in slow motion.
There's a war approaching
and nobody to fight.
This piece of land
has stayed behind.
The steps of my feet
are not enough
to get out.
Carolina Aug 2021
I wish I could go back to the day I met you,
back to that december,
and never stop your way.
If I could make a wish
it'd be to feel better
all by myself.
Today, I am in a place I hate to be.
Today, the love I felt does not exist.
My friend pain is the air i breathe.
And I wonder why I won't just leave.
Carolina Jun 2021
My eyes, wet.
My lips, dried.
The fantasies, they're all about a new sunrise.
And I wonder why
you play with my mind.
Your screams echoing at night.
And, again, I cry.
The pain is only mine.
I hate this confessional poetry style,
but it lets me fly
as I was high.
And once again I stop the time;
you're warm for me to remind.
I find the light
within my sight;
On a sunny day
I pass you by,
and I reach the sky.
Me and I,
we unify.
My only thought
I should retry.
Carolina Jun 2021
I see the extension of a countryside
at sun set.
I see a deep orange horizon.
I see hills, light blue from the distance.
I see a file of trees that at this time seem black.
I see a windmill at the right of the lot.
I see an only star shining bright.
I see my childhood.
I see freedom.
I see you.
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