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Neighborhood baby
selling her lie
of being bold and happy
most of the time.
Fed up of daydreaming
about a better life.
Pleasing everyone else
is the sickness of pride.
***** princess, lazy lover
who's deepest side
is a madness of beauty
that'll get you flying up high.
But careful who you're talking to
when she's mad, heart dried,
cause she's soft as a petal
and sharp, thorn alike.
Carolina Jan 9
And one day
someone came
knocking at your door
with flowers and a bottle of wine.
You looked through the window
and waved hi.
But it wasn't a hello,
it was a goodbye.
Carolina Jan 1
What a combination,
summer and wine.
You chase that purple dream.
Won't you hold me tight?
Keeping it cold,
meet me after midnight.
You showed and told me so,
how to stay more distant.
All the attention
is in rock and roll,
interrupting the kiss
just to sing along.
Oh, rosy quartz
clean this uncertain way.
Oh, moon and sun
bond us right away.
Carolina Dec 2018
The rose garden has wilted,
the petals are fully dried.
The morning emptiness
making a hole inside.
A knot in the pit of the stomach
tied way too tight,
and the mind lost
somewhere far behind.
Carolina Dec 2018
And I'm sorry if I keep on spinning.
I'm sorry I made you believe
that I was someone appealing,
that you could trust in me.

I'm not playing the victim,
I'm just trying to explain
that I'm always quitting,
that your efforts are in vain.
Carolina Dec 2018
You wait for me
sitting on the couch
with a beer and a green.
I sit there by your side
in a beautiful night
silent and still.
Carolina Dec 2018
Staying up late till the morning,
another day that wasn't saved.
Hanging from an old scar,
wishing you'd gotten out unscathed.
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