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Carolina Aug 13
The soul wants to get out of the body,
it pushes hard through the eyes.
I sight a plane far up high in the night sky
and I realize I am obssesed with freedom, a new sunrise.
The plane disappears behind a tall building
taking away the oportunity of being free in this city of the unkind.

Where is the kid I used to be? Where did she go?
Where is the love I used to breathe?
And I think, I wonder
why was it that we wanted to grow up?
Carolina Aug 9
more than ever
I long to be in your arms
to make it all feel better
to fade away these scars
Carolina Jun 25
Si usted no me recuerda
está bien,
me perdí en algún lugar
y tal vez ya no voy a volver.
Si usted no me recuerda
está bien,
mi esencia es de fantasma
y no me puede ver.
Carolina Jun 25
How is it that time
pushes me back and forth
How it is that life
makes me want to grow
The spirit grows old
My mind lost control
Survivals of war
The world won't reach its dawn
Carolina Jun 6
Love hurts
whether it's good or bad
Love hurts
and the one bruised is the heart
Carolina May 15
Lead me to the dark blue ocean.

Push me down, help me sink.

It can’t get any darker.

I am ready, drowning is my will.
I wrote this a year ago when I was headed to the bottom again. I'm glad I don't identify myself in those lines anymore, at least most of the time.
Carolina May 15
No sé si soy tonta
o me hago,
tal vez es esto de estar enamorados,
pero tengo un poema de amor guardado
por cada día que paso con vos.
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