A face no one remembers
touched by the winter breeze,
dejected, walking with no rush
through streets that scream
You don't belong in here!
Looking for a hole in the ground
to lie down and sleep,
even when it's too cold
to decompose and disappear.
Red nose, watery eyes,
quietly humming a song
that no one seems to hear.
Stepping up the pace,
wishing to be headed somewhere else
than the pale yellow cracked paint house.
Cars passing by,
not a single friendly face
behind the steering wheel.
The cold pierces to the bone,
keep on walking, almost "home",
ease the coldness with a hot coffee.
And you travel through that state of mind,
never cured, never improved,
but you hope for it to change over a night of sleep.
Carolina Jul 28
You may be what I need,
what will wake me from sleep.
An holographic dream,
a mix of love and heroin.
Carolina Jul 15
La de amores intermitentes y fugaces.
A quien le dan un intento pero no dos chances.

La de encuentros efímeros a escondidas.
Escapes irreales, soñadas huidas.

Su tímida personalidad versátil
en ocasiones se torna agobiantemente volátil.

Tiene esa extraña energía que la hace genuina,
de cada rosa muerta conserva una letal espina.

La que camina a través de la multitud
con la cabeza en alto y una desafiante actitud,

con su corto vestido ajustado
y labios de rojo tirando a morado.

Muchos la devoran con una mirada ardiente.
Secretamente eso es lo que espera impaciente.

Guiña un ojo e irrumpe sin previo aviso.
Te invita al lado equivocado del paraíso.

Especialmente a vos, nudillos de luchador.
Vos, que llevas ese mote de ganador.

Sus coloridos caprichos a los demás alteran,
pero ella actúa como si no lo supiera.

Y en sus solitarias caminatas a veces hace una parada
en aquel café donde la triste rutina se ve pausada.

Pide un jugo de naranja y se sienta en una mesa de afuera,
el vestido se le sube demasiado pero sabe lo que genera.

Piernas cruzadas provocativamente,
su lengua juega con el sorbete de forma inocente.

Su piel de seda emana cierta energía
que te golpea con imágenes de todo lo que le harías.

La de pícaras sonrisas, labios sabor miel,
sabe que de sólo pensarlo te quema la piel.
Carolina Jul 3
The rain has stopped
but the sun is out sight.
The sky is cloudy grey
and I've grown numb.
I think I miss the pouring
hitting on my skin,
at least I had something
to make me feel.
Carolina Jun 24
Maybe after some months
– or years –
I'll meet your eyes again
and maybe then,
you'll be able to love me.
Or maybe,
just maybe,
I'll have already forgotten you.
Carolina Jun 10
Now I realize
I'm the one I've been waiting for.
And I know I'm more
than what meets the eye.
Now I declare false
half of the things that I swore.
I will furnish you
with all the thoughts I go by.
Now I understand
my mind's state of war
and I sincerely admit
the feelings
I used to deny.
Now I'm standing,
feet bleeding, peaceful postwar.
Sometimes the aching
seems to magnify.
This awareness grows
inside me like a tumor
but I won't turn around
nor say goodbye.
Even if my soul
is deep sore,
even if my eyes
I cannot dry,
even if I'm kneeling
on the floor
my survival strength
you will identify.
And I will be
my own God to adore;
I'll pray to myself
not to the sky.
There's a fire
originating deep down my core.
Through this rising flames
I'll be purified.
And you'll wonder
how I stand strong
when I used to be
the weakest inside.
I'll tell you this,
and no more,
it's possible
once you control your mind.
Carolina Jun 8
I find you in the darkest place
of my mind.
The one I wander at 3 am
sleepless at night.
Where my dreams
slowly die.
You ended up there,
no need to ask why.
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