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Ripples of fervent gratitude
Flow out from my thankful mind
I feel the ripples cycle back
They are never far behind

Ripples from my loving actions
Though tiny - can help you smile
And when you smile, you pass it on
The ripples flow for a while

Ripples from my forgiving choice
When feelings get hurt a tad
Help both of us to let it go
And make our hearts feel glad

Ripples from our prosperity
Build increased life for all
Our sharing makes a difference
Whether it’s big or small
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You are important. You are here for a reason. Your actions influence more people than you might imagine. Energy follows thought - so even the simplest blessing visualized for another will help them out.

In this "Ripples" poem I've described some specific ways these ripples might flow, from specific actions. You and I can do better in our actions and our thoughts when we understand the ripple principle.

Start a ripple today.
George Krokos May 2018
The more one gives the more others are likely to take
and so expectations are increased for the giver’s sake.
From "Simple Observations"  ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Please note that I'm  not against giving at all but some people can and do take advantage of one's generosity at times.
She Sat with her bank statements and other bills
mass of paper and debt
too easy spending using credit cards realising
after several years of denial
pressure from debt recovery firms increased
just wanting to be realised!

Eviction from her home was almost certain
yet still had the urge to spend
from a young age she never went without
brought up n a material way
never knowing hardship so grew to expect
with money came respect!

But those days went when her father died
and mother had a breakdown
committed to an institution and remained
leaving a young woman
totally unprepared for a harsh actuality
she to struggling with sanity!

Never making friends and the only child
the family home a trap
yet containing many happy memories
deepening the melancholy
beside her containers of different pills
some laying on the bills!

The doctor did not seem to understand
said take the medication
for a few weeks and return just a phase
was his not so wise words
leaving with her a dilemma unanswered
her desperation not heard!

In a daze took the tablets lonely confused
going onto a deep sleep
the mobile rang loudly it seemed distant
as her worries began to fade
it became bright and there was her dad
to be with him again so glad!

Debt would not bother her any more!

The Foureyed Poet.
The young woman found herself alone and in debt with life could not cope! The Foureyed Poet.

— The End —