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Annika J Dec 2018
Front seat
They think I can't hear them
But I can
"Too expensive"
"Didn't want"
"Technology addiction"

In the back
With the
New tech
Sometimes fighting
But are they

In the middle

Is it good
Is it bad
How far to go
Who to side with

Sitting in the crossfire
Between X and Z
Borderline Millennial
Without an army
Iliana Apr 29
from the sun-dappled emerald green plains
to the mountainous tides of the deep blue,
i will search for a dream settled in the history of our time.

my dream clouds will sit atop the north
like pillows placed on a bed
too materialistic to sleep on and too minimalistic to dream about.


Vadym Komarov, June 20th, 2019 - ******

hold me down.
i can see the story fluttering in the light,
but they do not let me out.

they keep me caged like a siberian tigress
bound to the melting frosted forests
our planeted body had provided for her.

they keep me caged.


a step in the sandy dunes of the Sahara has me dry.
the only thing i inhale is silence and sand.
the grainy ridges seen in the distance slowly weather,
until they are nothing but quicksand whirlpools.
as i fall into one, i can only think, “let me out of here”.

it holds me down.

Obed Nangbatna, May 25th, 2019 - Crossfire


Lyra Mckee, April 18th, 2019 - Crossfire

in which the moon dances with the sun in a waltz.
even dancing with the moon,
the sun sprays its spotlight on the earth.

what is that?

it shoots its rays on a portion of our world.
look, there it is,
dancing amongst the skyscrapers,
galloping among the spray of bodies.
i wonder if i should follow it.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale Divela, January 16th, 2019

i follow the spotlight.


troy gave me my name.
the civilizations of Ilium,
the villages of Rhodope Mountains,
the flat plained city of Thessaloniki.

i want to run from them.
i can’t, so i run to them.

i find something.


point blank guns are zeroed in on me
earthquakes rumble under my feet
as i stumble ahead.


Leonardo Gabriel Hernández, March 17th, 2019 - ******

i guess we’re all the same.

Mojamed Ben Khalifa, January 19th, 2019 - Crossfire

Norma Sarabia Garduza, June 11th, 2019 - ******
Francisco Romero Díaz, May 16th, 2019 - ******

different shades of governing bodies which diverge from our own political awareness

saints and sinners alike,
it doesn’t matter how much your soul is tainted.
we are all sainted souls that have sinned.

it just depends on whose part you play in the crossfire.

Amjad Hassan Balkir, June 18th, 2019 - Crossfire


we live in ignorant bubbles,
cages of sort.
they are never ending
chasms of expectations and anxieties
our minds have conjured because of our complexities.
they prevent us from catching our stories, attaining our dreams.

i’ve fallen into whirlpools, followed my spotlight, retraced my birth, and plunged into a crossfire trying to escape my bubble.

i’ve followed my dream,
Jamal Kashoggi, October 2, 2018 - Dismembered
now will you follow yours?


i will make my bed,
fluff the pillows that were once
filled with my aspirations.
the pillows, now flat, vacant enough
to let new dreams puff them back up.

i make sure to leave the comforter untucked,
so the next dreamer can slide in easily,
slide into a place that once  sustained my adventures and stories.
i leave it untucked, leave the lights dim, and leave the door ajar.

i do not ever enter again.
A star-lit ballad plays for the dreamers who pursued their dream to the very end.
Lost Oct 2018














Michael Kusi Jun 2018
Essence looked out on the horizon, her eyes filled with tears. Her face looked to be grim determination, and she murmured to herself, “This time, the Founded will not stop me. I don’t care if they have written this planet off to die, it is too new to do anything else but live.” Crossfire handed Essence her bow and said, “Let’s get moving. Dahomeyia needs us. I heard they have a new rulership called Message.” Essence nodded her head and replied, “ I know of Message because I met her father. He was a good man.”
Crossfire and Essence packed the Whirlship and prepared to head out for Dahomeyia. Crossfire tapped Essence on the shoulder and whispered, “I had packed the Warberite missiles for your Crossed Bow for this special threat. This time, we will get to Dahomeyia before its too late.” Essence and Crossfire set off in the vast realms where space met reality. Essence looked out and said, “The stars look so nice, it is a shame that beings like Mythology are out there.”  Crossfire retorted, “Beings like Mythology are not just out there, they always just are.”
Deep below in Dahomeyia, in the place where it was either water or earth, there was a rumbling. It was light, but there was no happiness there in spite of the shining brightness. An entity got up, and it did not appear that he was talking to himself as it was that all of him was talking at once. And all of the voices were combative. “ Well what we do with the new Dahomeyian Rulership?” argued one voice. “She is too unstable, she will never be able to unite the forces against us in time, replied another. Suddenly the entity sat down and all of the voices said, “We must break free and move to the surface and make ourselves a name. Then Dahomeyia will tremble, and after it will be no more.” A deeper voice said throughout the midst, “Yes, yes, but we need another, outside force to break in so we can break out. We must entice the Dahomeyians to be reckless and attack, so they can force open a way. Their efforts have  to be strong enough to break through, but not strong enough to be a threat. Message will do that job for us, because she operates in haste and is not measured. She is what beings would call impulsive. “
Suddenly on Earth a text appeared on the screen. “Delta Knight Ms. Harris”, a person said to a woman in a wheelchair busy on her phone. "Yes, I was paying attention" said Lady of the Night, still playing a game. The courier cleared his throat and said, “You have a message from the Dahomeyian Rulership.” “Oh so I have a message from Message”, Lady of the Night said laughing. Lady of the Night looked at the screen and Message seemed out of breath. Her words came out so fast that Lady of the Night put her finger to the screen and said, “Honey, I need you to slow down. How can I help you?”
Message gasped and said, There is a force on our home planet that is trying to destroy us. I need the resources of the Federation in order to fight it. Arthur is already here and the Covenantial Project is on his way. I know you are the Battlefare Commander of Earth so can you forward us resources to fight this threat? Lady of the Night replied, I can send a Battlefare Expeditionary Force under Breastplate-Bearer to aid the Dahomeyian Armed Forces. We would need three days to get mobilized and another week to arrive at Dahomeyia. So Message, don’t move until they come. Agreed?  “Yes”, Message said, but she held one of her hands behind her back and crossed her fingers. Lady of the Night sighed and said, “Message don’t think that you are slick. If you do a preemptive strike and it doesn’t go well the consequences are on you.” Message turned from smiling to scowling, crossed her arms in front of her and said. “Alright.”
Message clicked off the screen and Arthur sat there with Excalibur. Message threw up her hands and grumbled, “No one wants me to attack but I don’t even understand the threat. He might as well be an urban legend.” Arthur stood up and said, “Get me a person to pilot a mechanism and I will do a Battlefare Reconnaissance on Mythology. I’ll turn this urban legend into a cautionary tale.” Message clapped her hands and said, “I’ll drive you in my chariot to where the Mechanisms are.”They arrived at the Mechanisms and Arthur was examining them. He said to one of the people in the hallway, “ My good man, do you know how to pilot a machine. "The young man nodded yes and Arthur mused, “You will do.” Arthur got into the Mechanism and Message hollered as he was leaving, “Keep me updated. Use the Mechanism log to record Battlefare data on him. By the time you get back we will be ready for war.” Message giggled at the thought of going to war again and the young man piloting the Mechanism thought that it was strange, but dare not say anything. Arthur took off.
The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons was talking to a Manyman and he was saying, “I convinced my Rulership to do the rational and sane thing and hold off attacking until we are strong enough to win. “The Manyman then asked, “Then what is that ship going to where Mythology lives. The Peacemonger bit his tongue so hard and cursed under his breath and then yelled,
“Message is such an idiot!”
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
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Alice Kay Apr 2013
Caught in a crossfire,

and I can only say something

if it supports your argument,
Colette Williams Dec 2014
You don't want to see this side of me
It is vicious and unforgiving
It is cruel and unrelenting
And you, my friend, happen to be
Right smack dab
In the crossfire.
Emmy Dec 2013
Caught in a crossfire
confused with desire
electric feelings
dangerous feelings
out of focus, a rush
longing for touch
two paths, which to choose
left or right
stuck in a plight
so very confused about what is right
Hope is foolish and love makes you blind, you seem to be out of time.
jack of spades Apr 2016
1995 saw the start of Generation Z,
the ‘iKids’ with a knack for this new-fangled technology,
Millennial 2.0,
caught in the limbo of the World Wide Web development and Rose Gold iPhones.
They say we’re adaptable,
but apparently we can’t make our own decisions about anything.
They say that we don’t care about anything
except for our tiny little screens,
but they forget who put them in our hands,
and they forget who they run to for help
when they forget how to troubleshoot.
They forget what kind of technology we need to keep sustaining life in the Information Age,
Caught in a crossfire because
Yeah, we’re 90s kids—but the 90s never really actually ended until 2006,
the only difference between two decades being
how much neon versus how much chrome,
and just how expensive accidentally opening the internet app on your mom’s blackberry phone was.
We’re nostalgic for all the things we can’t quite remember,
and half these high schoolers weren’t actually born until 2000 or 2001.
Most of us aren’t old enough to even remember 9/11, nothing outside of the news clips that our teachers show us in history class every single September.
I was born in the same year as the Columbine shootings.
The United States has not been at peace for a year of my life.
We are always fighting— fighting for everything.
Human equality,
posing arguments about micro aggressions and refugees, seeing the inhumanity in the past that we’re living.

None of us are older than 21,
under such hard scrutiny while Baby Boomers Wave 2 still run our country.
We inherited the Millenial’s exhaustion,
the generation before us spending our childhood fighting for all the things that we have never really believed in.

Generation Z.
The ‘iKids’ who are going to one day be making leaps and bounds with technology,
the generation to nurse this dying planet back to health,
Millennials 2.0 who know how to learn from our forerunners’ mistakes,
who know how to adapt from Sidekicks to iPhone 6S Plus in less than a decade.
We’re the kids who have realized that fun is found in safe spaces rather than invading each other’s personal spaces.

They say we’re too sensitive,
but at the same time they claim that we’re desensitized.
And I thought we were the generation that couldn't make decisions.
HYA Nov 2018
Dyan ka lang,
walang patutunguhan
siraulo, dyan ka lang
Buong magdamag,
Laro inaatupag
Dota, csgo, crossfire at... pag-ibig?

‘Huwag kang tumalon,
Huwag kang tumakbo,
Huwag kang lumipad,’
Yan ang sabi nila
Sa tulad naming adik sa dota
Yan ang sabi nila
Maji-gg ba sa buhay, sinta?

Pero ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang buwan
Ibigin mo ang araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Bahala na kung saan mapadpad
Kung iibigin mo ang araw
Kinabukasan, matatanaw

Walang reset ang buhay,
Walang revive ang buhay
Wala ring pause ang buhay
Kaya lahat ay dapat ibigay
Lahat ay iibigay

Dito ka lang,
Dito ka nararapat
Huwag magbilang e hindi naman kaya
Dito ka lang,
Wala kang kinabukasan
Kung maglalaro, dito lang

‘Huwag kang lumakad
Huwag kang lumangoy
Huwag kang gumapang’

Susunod ba sa sabi nila?
Ang bukas ba'y hindi mapipinta?
Totoo ba ang sabi nila?
Makikinig ka ba, sinta?

Bumangon at ibigin mo ang tala
Ibigin mo ang mga buwan
Ibigin mo ang mga araw
At ibigin mo ako

Tumalon at lumipad
Ipagmamalaki ka ng lahat
Ibalanse mo ang oras
Talento moy ilalabas

Walang quit button buhay
Walang edit ang buhay
Walang cancel ang buhay
Kaya magpatuloy, magpatuloy, magpatuloy

Iibigin ko ang tala
Iibigin ko ang buwan
Iibigin ko ang araw
At iibigin din kita

this is a piece I created when I was in the bathroom HAHAHHAA this is a song actually for today's contest and here it is.
This piece is for my classmates na mga 'gamers' na nadidiscriminate ng iba at ng mga **** namin kasi nga mga tamad HAHAHHAHAHA but I still love those pipol and they have a loooot of potentials
Andrew Castillo Aug 2010
Two hours ago it wasn't in thoughts
Two hours later I'm dead
Currently I'm caught in a crossfire
An hour ago it was premeditated
An hour later I'm bleeding
Tomorrow I'm laying in a morgue
Underneath a white sheet
Yesterday I was asleep
Dreaming of flying
Now I'm here
A week from today
My body is burning
Ashes being scattered
Last week I smelled the roses
And said someday
Elixa Greene May 2014
Chatter forming round the window panes
Dewdrops falling from your mouth
Splatter into my own mind
Poisoning my own thoughts

You don’t realize how much
I can’t stand to be around you
You don’t realize how much
I hate you when you’re like this
You don’t realize how much
I love to break my heart
You don’t realize how much
I trample myself to stay out of the crossfire

Your voice straining above the others
Sounding to me like music
Trained to move past the barriers
Straight into my soul

You don’t realize how much
I can’t stand to be around you
You don’t realize how much
I hate you when you’re like this
You don’t realize how much
I love to break my heart
You don’t realize how much
I trample myself to stay out of the crossfire

It’s like an addiction
Moving into my blood
One brush isn’t enough to
Cover myself against the pain

You don’t realize how much
I can’t stand to be around you
You don’t realize how much
I hate you when you’re like this
You don’t realize how much
I love to break my heart
You don’t realize how much
I trample myself to stay out of the crossfire
Joe Wilson Apr 2014
Torture wreaked havoc with his mind’s sanity
The anguish just chilled me to the core
As the beatings continue to reduce him
He is scared he’ll not take too much more.

Again the water washed over and woke him
The bucket clanging as they threw it back down
Once again he was taken to the table
‘Waterboarding‘ I thought with a frown.

He was laid on his back and then tied down
They put towels over his mouth and his nose
They poured and they poured water on him
Once again in his chest panic rose.

A reporter who’d been caught in the crossfire
There was no information he could tell
No amount of hard beatings and torture
Could make him give secrets he’d not held.

Beaten and bloodied he is taken
Back as before to his cell
He’s told them all that he ever could tell them
But he still can’t escape from this hell.

He languishes in his cell I am certain
He cries out for mercy from each pore
I know that they still give him more beatings
I see him as he hobbles past my cell door.

Dangerous work requires brave people who we sometimes take for granted.
Geno Cattouse Sep 2012
The Viet Nam era was a witches brew.Mission creep in  Saigon
The evening news brought the ****** trips stumbling into
my TV dinner, kicking over my Tang.

Bouncing Betty went bang
Beans and ***** out the can.

Guys in my age bracket  knew it was safe cause 18 was the magic Number.
Simon and Garfunkel ,The godfather of soul.
What we.
Had Here.
Failure to Communicate.

We were reaching for the stars with one hand and
squeezing of rounds with the other. Bobby was in the crossfire
Martin would retire,
I remember.

Guys slinking back home with broken minds
Baby killers all. No love ,No jobs. COMBAT FATIGUE.           PTSD     Came later.
Got a monster habit, Nose running of  like a racetrack rabbit.

Oh yeah Asian Strain Gonorrhea.
Penishmillin.  ***

Sacrelicious Mar 2012
Don't let their condecending, backstabbing, whispers
blow out your candle- lit heart.
For in the darkness even the strong willed,
will fall to their knees to **** on the worlds ****.
So when life happens and you're just a good person thrown in the crossfire of a war you didn't want.
Are you going to swallow and make peace
are you going to spit and fight back?

Money rules the world. I rule my mind.

We're all diamonds just some of us are in the rough. Wrong place at the wrong time.
DC raw love Jan 2015
I love to read poetry in motion
I love to read poems that flow

But I'm caught in this crossfire
Because I must write about my life
Katie Murray Dec 2015
and the truth is undeniable
despite the sureness of my heart
and the confidence i have in
you and i

one day the bombs will fall
and with my world shaken
and my chest pounding
i will build a bunker
to last out the storm
Andrew Parker May 2014
Building Blocks (Spoken Word Poem)

I played with legos when I was young.
What I didn't know was the value of those building blocks.
Putting tiny pieces of plastic together,
all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

For what?
For fun?
For structure?
For a challenge?
Because my mom told me to keep busy?
Or because that was how legos were supposed to work - together.

As I grew up, I gradually upgraded.
My legos got traded in for classmates,
for co-workers.
for bar buddies,
and even for the occasional stranger at the mall or movie theater.

They started telling their own stories:
About their first day at lego high school and making new friends.
About falling in love with their first lego boyfriend.
About going to lego prom and putting the pieces together at the after-party, if you know what I mean.
About getting dumped, but then landing their first job at the lego factory.
About shedding priceless limited edition lego tears, on stressful days.
About going through struggles where all they could do is pray to lego God.
About dreams of a nice big lego house with lego children someday.
About lego suicides, resulting from bullying in every worst kind of way.

Eventually it felt like I had opened up an expert level pack,
containing a variety so vast that I never would have guessed anybody could piece them all together.

These building blocks started to feel pretty heavy,
like bricks building a house,
I could only carry a couple in a fistful at a time.
Except they've been worn down from a life full of misuse.
Their colors faded,
edges jaded,
teeth serrated,
like an adapted mechanism for survival.
And what's worse - no mortar to piece them together.
because it all got burnt up.
A casualty of angry tempers' crossfire.
The constant collisions of verbal bullets bullying the building blocks,
bulldozing them over.
With the strength of slurs,
societies seems to blur,
all the inadequacies faced.

Without solidarity to support,
these building blocks are beginning to contemplate giving up.
But Stop!
But I don't like that.
I'll shout, "Hey little legos, remember the plan?
We should work together with your manual instructions in hand.
You were built with a scheme to be put together.
So in unison you can create an amazing structure to cherish forever."

Building blocks are resilient anyways.
Remember that time you left a lego alone?
Detached from its peers,
abandoned out on the carpet,
without the safety of its pre-fab box home?
Well the lego didn't seem to mind, I mean it turned out just fine.

Remember when you stepped on that seemingly small, insignificant lego?
Yeah, don't step on legos.
I'm sure you remember how much that ******* hurt your foot.
Change the last line to not end so abruptly.
Shreya Dristi Jan 2019
I am awake

alive. aware. tired... but, so awake
ready. content? drained... but, ready.
ready for what's next.


soak while enveloped in His cloak of soundness, of serenity inconspicuously emerging from the crossfire

come to an understanding

a consensus with Yourself


stay here... in this fractured moment of freedom, of belonging, of peace

A breakthrough.

Gasp for Air before descending back into perplexity.


know the Answer

Believe in the Answer to all those unanswered, unanswerable questions

Love the Answer

Thank the Answer


आप पूरी तरह से ठीक हैं
आप ठीक हो जाएंगे
आप ठीक होना पड़ेगा


Helloooo, this is something I've written after years of inactivity, life's been really busy guys...

P.S I can understand Hindi but, I have never studied it, forgive me if I have made a mistake... I just love the impact Hindi has. My mom speaks Hindi so I just have an unconditional love for it huhu

Btw the title is 'Zinda hoon yaar' - which means I am alive, my friend

The poem is quite vague but, I think it perfects sums up what I was feeling when I wrote it
Nathan Dec 2017
How quick to assume
That the bullet I shot was aimed for you Well my dear
Don't step in front of a firefight
You may just get caught in the crossfire
Ian Cairns May 2013
So we soldiered on
Because the lives we led were held on battlefields.
We trudged onward
But it felt like we were stuck there forever
Amidst the crossfire.
Dodging make believe bullets
That whistled sweet melodies to our ears.
We were camouflage.
Trekking undetected
Through the world.
But the war is over.
A few casualties still unaccounted for
On the bloodied floors.
Whatever happened to no man left behind?
Star Gazer Feb 2016
When she spoke of birds and bees,
She wasn't speaking about ***,
Enumerating about leaf and trees,
Twinkle over a topic quite perplex.

When she spoke of rain checks,
She wasn't speaking about shopping,
Instead fretting over the birds in the nests,
Trees that perish by wood chopping.

When she spoke of a branch,
She wasn't speaking of business,
She spoke of destructive avalanche,
That pressure trees to diminish.

When she spoke of wood,
She wasn't speaking of phallus,
Or a portrayal of manhood,
She expounded on nature's palace.

When she spoke of nature,
Her passion burned hotter than a bushfire,
For she witnessed creatures endangered,
And the animals that suffered in our crossfire....

....Our crossfire between money and satisfaction...
Alexandra Provan Sep 2015
My child,

As you watch your worlds get torn apart
With a malevolence you can’t comprehend,
Please do not throw yourself into the crossfire,
This is a war you cannot mend.

Their anger is too deep-rooted,
Their hurt is much too strong,
They will insist on going down fighting,
And refuse to see where they are wrong.

Find shelter from this constant storm,
Please close your eyes and ears.
They won’t listen to your pleading,
They choose not to see your tears.

Your screams won’t penetrate their spiteful resolve,
Your little voice will go unheard,
You have no choice but to be strong now;
A responsibility so undeserved.

My child, you cannot help them
As they stand firm on this battle site.
You must know this will be one of many,
There is too much wrong to put right.

If they could see how their bellowing makes you recoil,
See you cowering on your knees,
They might take heed of the damage they’re wreaking,
Reconsider this incessant, vindictive reprise.

But this road is far from ending,
So don’t exhaust your resilience here,
You must protect yourself from the barrage,
For they have not the strength to shield your fears.

It will be another long and tiresome night
As you are again dragged through this mess,
Processing all of their vicious accusations
For all that they refuse to confess.

So as you watch the two people you revere the most
Spit venom at volumes you can’t stand,
I beg you not to let it make you hateful -
This is not what they had planned.

I know how you long to fix it,
Desperate to appease their pain,
But my child, too much has already been broken,
Just please know you are not to blame.

I wish I could offer an escape route,
Tell you everything will be OK,
But there is no choice except to ride out this bitterness,
Await the dawn of a new day.

And on that day you’ll find a way to forgive them,
For destroying everything you knew as home,
For their selfishness stealing all innocence
And turning safe places into war-zones.
Leanna Gray Jul 2013
We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet
But this is the untold story of another fair, beautiful Capulet
Rosaline as you may come to know
Met her demise at the hands of a Montague

She was the first object of dear Romeo's affection
But for dainty Rosaline, Romeo was not her selection.

He desperately tried to win her gaze.
She would only give hints to her hearts twisting maze.
Faithful to her vows of chastity
Another Montague held her key.

Benvolio stole her heart and won her affection
From first glance she was swept away, a true connection
Like the gentle lullaby of a nightingale
Her soul composed a symphony on his instrument could play

Kissed like the petals of a rose by the morning dew
A simple touch of his hand created a overwhelming sensation only they knew
Secretly inseparable, hidden romance
Their houses would not understand, so they took a very risky chance.

Until the day of that faithful fray between Capulet and Montague
Rosaline was caught in the crossfire of the two
Trying to keep the peace she lunged ahead
And at the hand of her true love she was dead.

He had not even a heartbeat to react.
Blinded by hate, a moment he could never take back.
Plagued by loss and despair
As if his lungs had been drained of air.

As the life left her eyes
He died inside.
Tragedy washed over their houses.
And in the end,
Hate won the war,
Love was left mangled and destroyed.
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
A scene too obscene to be believed
when it's seen
Like an acid trip intersecting with a *******
Where reality becomes a second thought
And you and I were caught
or maybe lost
in the crossfire of hungry hearts
I breathe you in whenever you're around
there's a code to my heart that unlocks with the sound
of your voice in a humorous shout
through the crowd
But what once was so loud
it shook me to the ground
burned so bright it may have burned out
the Chaos is Dead - All is Quiet now
And where there once was great noise
as joy did abound
is stricken with silence
like A Forest of Frozen Clowns
Matt Braunger gave me the title to express what's been happening to me lately.
Careena Mar 2016
I'm stuck in between
What's your right and theirs
And when you place me in center
At me, each side tears

Each side picks their points
In the battlefield of my mind
Each dear to my heart
Each one of them kind

Then, without warning, shots fire
I look left and then right
I'm bombarded from both sides
There's not just black and white

But I see it both ways
I wish, away, I could crawl
You would respect my wishes
If you respect me at all

I want and need to step out
Instead of being stuck in between
To point the cannons at their sources
Instead of at me
Fluffy Genocide Oct 2013
Do you ever want to peel back your own skin?
to walk along razors edge bone and muscles scraping bare
where sin and flesh dance in a defining din of noise.
blood soaking the parched river bed
And i am the crossfire
sheltering,screaming, pain so sweet
but the skin never left
so silence the screams
and smile for the crowd
Deyer Mar 2014
I had an idea
that guns should shoot in both directions when fired,
to rid the world of assailants intent on


another human being.

To the public, I still think
                   this an effective method.
To military men and women,
                   this is no solution.

           They fire on orders,
they fire on enemies of the state
they fire because they have to.

I think that for every shot fired on an 'enemy',
                           politicians should be shot.
Non-fatal, of course.
   Just a warning,
                 so these decision makers
                   can truly understand the

of war.
Michael Marchese Oct 2018
The underlings stare
In submissive awestruck
Subjugation in landmine-filled
Landfills, are stuck
In the trenches, the feces
The carcass-strewn muck
Where the vermin-spawn ****
As they're taught how to work
And to fend for themselves
Like the Fall of Dunkirk
As the imminent doomsday device overhead
Incapacitates them
As mere prey to a web
Of a global dominion
Ambition connection
Subconscious hive-mind
Buzzing out the objection
And phobia-spreading
Pandemic misanthropy
Greed in disguise
Subsidizing atrocity
Not for me,

I am
The justified treason
The reason the man-hunters
Close open season
The cease-fire peacekeeper
The water war's rising
An MIA runaway
AWOL defector
Still haunting the tombs of detente
Like a spectre
With what I assure
Mutually in the end
When I send go-aheads
On the ICBMs
And avenge the dependent expended
Caught in
This crossfire for-profit
Arms race it has been
Waverly Mar 2012
i know I could've been the one
who caught
the bullet
instead of you.

I could've been in the crossfire
of hate.

will you forgive
for walking up to the ABC store
in a hoodie and jeans.

I hate that the world
has become a place of suspicion.

I wish that love

I wish my love

i could've been the man
shot down.

That's why it's so important
to don
a hoodie
in 80 degrees
because the degree of separation
isn't that much
Andrew Rueter Aug 2018
There are two kinds of lives
Examined and unexamined
So we see two kinds of drives
One of grace the other famine

Two lives
In the line
We call time
In a bind
Of the blind
Versus kind

We needed an example
Of how to be nice
Though those were ample
We found Jesus Christ
To lead the way
Through the fray
Until the day
He was slain
And died for our sins
Because the bad guy wins

Now when
Holy men
Goal tend
We bend
To their end
As they send
Us to mend
A devil's den
That is of their apocryphal creation
Of which they deny any relation

There are no angels and demons
Only people who are the reason
For this devilish season
And those who are not
Are caught
In the empire crossfire
Until they retire

Floating through life peacefully
Treating everyone equally
The people at the steeple see
Ways to help through deep beliefs
But others pervert it
To divert it
And insert it
Into hateful ideology
That falls onto me

The imposition of their will
Is how they get their fill
Becoming jaded predators
Not caring who must be killed
Our pain doesn't register
Once we're billed
Cash in till
Their heart goes still

Pain lingers
From bane stingers
Of shame singers
And grave bringers
Using slave fingers
As blame flingers

The righteous save brothers
The wicked blame others
The two became lovers
To hide pain under covers
Because the righteous
Want to be like Jesus
Once the wicked fight us
The righteous leave us
To turn the other cheek
Until we're up **** creek

Plenty of people act like Jesus unintentionally
And live life exceptionally
Others study religion fervently
Yet continue hurting me
This dichotomy
Is odd to me
Do we need God to see
A way to be?

The real dichotomy is net negatives versus net positives
Though we may never conceive
A measurement I still believe
This battle exists
Our actions persist
But the only judgement we'll receive
Is in the way we're perceived
Yet society's goals aren't the same as humanity's
I know it sounds like insanity
But we act counterintuitively
Like the lawyers suing me
So they can get theirs
While saying life isn't fair
Which may be true
But only because of them
So my frustration grew
Once I saw the problem's stem

I wanted to be a good person
But then I got headaches
And bad breaks
From high stake
Growing jaded
After society graded
My endeavors slated
As failures awaited
I became one of them
A broken gem
Can someone please save me
From remaining the same me?
Or will I spend my time
As part of the grime
Not reading the signs
Until the day I die?
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”.
Theia Gwen Jan 2014
Her mother pushed religious ******* down her throat
But she refused to listen
Her mother pulled her hair and took away her hope
But she had accepted long ago her mothers love had conditions
Her mother always let her get caught in the crossfire of her anger
But she just locked herself in her room to forget
Her mother constantly called her a failure
But she didn't need her mother to remind her of her regrets
Her mother was fed up with her passive aggressive behavior
But she knew she deserved better than this neglect
Her mother always yelled at her for never talking
And she let hollow silence be her reply
It wasn't until her mother said "You should **** yourself."
That she happily complied
They echo through our dreams
clear as church bells
on a crisp Sunday morning
'from that direction
where everyone is looking...
don't you see?'
smoke continues to rise
some 50 years later
from a fire still burning
of greed and hate
the bitter taste remains
the nightmare of truth
keeps it veiled in shadows and silence
hiding in the blinding light
of paradise

— The End —