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Alice Kay Oct 2013
The water is so hot it burns,
but it still isn't burning away the sadness.

Melting away skin is not enough,
if only feelings could melt just as easily

But if that were true
I would never step out of the shower
I just found this from a year ago, decided to post it.
Alice Kay Oct 2013
When you are caught between two choices
you can be

good           bad
and say a prayer            and get angry
                            try to find the best in the situation          blame everyone because you know it's their fault
                                                           act like its fine           let them know that you hate them at the moment
             try to live on and be the better girl by peace           prove you are the better girl by causing them pain

always wanted to go the bad way
but striving towards the good.
My best friend really hurt me recently and I'm trying so hard not to lash out because I know it will just make things worse. But it's so difficult because I can physically feel my heart tightening from hurt.
Alice Kay Sep 2013
Some vortex
or a twist in time
a mistake you can't change
Your favorite memory that you forgot.

One moment passes
as you watch it go,
another one is already gone.

Never stop looking forward
you never want to miss what's coming.

because it might be your new favorite moment.
I know I said I wouldn't post here anymore, but this is one so the Alice Kay part of me doesn't die yet :)
Alice Kay May 2013
Other people have written parts of the story for me.

I'm done with trying to write it myself

as it is always met with remarks and disappointment, rejection.

Time to close the book.
It's been great being on HelloPoetry!

I've met some amazing people, and read even more amazing poems.

It's been a nice run, but I'm done. Thank you everyone who has followed, liked, and commented on my poems. I appreciate every single one!

Bye guys and happy writing!
Alice Kay May 2013
Forced into an adult world

so early, pushed to soon.

When will he ever be a kid?

Not have to run away from the flashes to have some privacy?

And thus we come to the important question.

Even though this is his dream,

should he wait before giving up his whole life to the cameras?

No longer is it a question.

Ready of not he will be forever pushed up onto the stage.
Alice Kay May 2013
All those idols at the top.

They have . . . everything

How boring that must be
Alice Kay May 2013
3 o'clock and not about to fall asleep with my eyes open.

It's gotten easier and easier to stay up as long as possible to live in another world

better then the one awaiting in the morning
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