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Nathan Oct 8
Oh how he towers over her
Rushing desire and adrenaline
As he makes her kneel at his feet
Lust tastes sweeter from this angle
Nathan Feb 16
I used to write them daily
My pen filled with ink
It found the darkness inspiring
My loveless life shown through prose

But now I'm apathetic of feeling
My once ink filled pen
No longer paints poems of pain
It doesn't sing the song of serenity
The ink has run dry
I'm all out of......
Nathan Oct 2020
What breaks first the heart or the mind. Or is it the combination of the both that lead you blind.

'cause when you love and lose it cuts deep. All that's left is memories of pain etched for you to keep.
Nathan Oct 2020
Silence followed by rumbles
An eerie haunting hum disturbs rock
Droning sound surrounds all
Like a ship coming into land
One long blasting note
Turning into a cacophony of noise
Palpations, dry mouth and sweat
Adorn the man who just left home
With anxiety in his backpack
I wrote this to show my experience in dealing with Social anxiety. It's like this every day I leave the house and although you may not see it. It's very real.
Nathan Oct 2020
Autumnal leaves crunch underfoot
Amidst a thick fog blanket
Lay black tar streets
Adorned by cigarette butts
Discarded masks
As well as alcoholic cans
This once bustling city
That shone with life
Is now a ghost town
Remenants of itself  
Left behind in a museum
Of it's downfall
First poem I wrote in over a year. Its been a hard one and I've never been stimulated to do so till I saw this sight.
Nathan Sep 2019
Take the ten thousand fragments
Of this heart you stomped on so cruely
To win your popularity contest

Avoiding obvious feelings
Of which you proclaimed
Sweep them under the rug
This heart breaks no more
It will never be broken
It will never be fixed

Love is nothing but misery to me
Yet love is a game to you
Nathan Jul 2019
For no reason again
Why am I even here
It's 4:40am right now
End it all
End it all
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