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Nathan Sep 15
Take the ten thousand fragments
Of this heart you stomped on so cruely
To win your popularity contest

Avoiding obvious feelings
Of which you proclaimed
Sweep them under the rug
This heart breaks no more
It will never be broken
It will never be fixed

Love is nothing but misery to me
Yet love is a game to you
Nathan Jul 14
For no reason again
Why am I even here
It's 4:40am right now
End it all
End it all
Nathan Jul 11
With the last match in my box
I'll set myself alight
So you may feel the warmth

One solemn tear doesn't even last
As it's vaporised by the heat
Of this lonely broken heart
Nathan May 12
Can someone teach me
What's a haiku help me please
I don't understand
Nathan Mar 14
I've not picked up the pen in a while
It feels alien to the touch
Former flowing words
Now barely drip

This paper so cold to the touch
Which used to be so warm
My canvas of former dreams
Now stares back like a nightmare
Writersblock creative frustration
Nathan Jan 20
The cruel irony of second place
Not finishing first
Having to look up at them
The cruel irony of finishing fourth
You don't even make the podium
Just bask in the cesspool of failure
With everyone else
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