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Jun 2018
Essence looked out on the horizon, her eyes filled with tears. Her face looked to be grim determination, and she murmured to herself, “This time, the Founded will not stop me. I don’t care if they have written this planet off to die, it is too new to do anything else but live.” Crossfire handed Essence her bow and said, “Let’s get moving. Dahomeyia needs us. I heard they have a new rulership called Message.” Essence nodded her head and replied, “ I know of Message because I met her father. He was a good man.”
Crossfire and Essence packed the Whirlship and prepared to head out for Dahomeyia. Crossfire tapped Essence on the shoulder and whispered, “I had packed the Warberite missiles for your Crossed Bow for this special threat. This time, we will get to Dahomeyia before its too late.” Essence and Crossfire set off in the vast realms where space met reality. Essence looked out and said, “The stars look so nice, it is a shame that beings like Mythology are out there.”  Crossfire retorted, “Beings like Mythology are not just out there, they always just are.”
Deep below in Dahomeyia, in the place where it was either water or earth, there was a rumbling. It was light, but there was no happiness there in spite of the shining brightness. An entity got up, and it did not appear that he was talking to himself as it was that all of him was talking at once. And all of the voices were combative. “ Well what we do with the new Dahomeyian Rulership?” argued one voice. “She is too unstable, she will never be able to unite the forces against us in time, replied another. Suddenly the entity sat down and all of the voices said, “We must break free and move to the surface and make ourselves a name. Then Dahomeyia will tremble, and after it will be no more.” A deeper voice said throughout the midst, “Yes, yes, but we need another, outside force to break in so we can break out. We must entice the Dahomeyians to be reckless and attack, so they can force open a way. Their efforts have  to be strong enough to break through, but not strong enough to be a threat. Message will do that job for us, because she operates in haste and is not measured. She is what beings would call impulsive. “
Suddenly on Earth a text appeared on the screen. “Delta Knight Ms. Harris”, a person said to a woman in a wheelchair busy on her phone. "Yes, I was paying attention" said Lady of the Night, still playing a game. The courier cleared his throat and said, “You have a message from the Dahomeyian Rulership.” “Oh so I have a message from Message”, Lady of the Night said laughing. Lady of the Night looked at the screen and Message seemed out of breath. Her words came out so fast that Lady of the Night put her finger to the screen and said, “Honey, I need you to slow down. How can I help you?”
Message gasped and said, There is a force on our home planet that is trying to destroy us. I need the resources of the Federation in order to fight it. Arthur is already here and the Covenantial Project is on his way. I know you are the Battlefare Commander of Earth so can you forward us resources to fight this threat? Lady of the Night replied, I can send a Battlefare Expeditionary Force under Breastplate-Bearer to aid the Dahomeyian Armed Forces. We would need three days to get mobilized and another week to arrive at Dahomeyia. So Message, don’t move until they come. Agreed?  “Yes”, Message said, but she held one of her hands behind her back and crossed her fingers. Lady of the Night sighed and said, “Message don’t think that you are slick. If you do a preemptive strike and it doesn’t go well the consequences are on you.” Message turned from smiling to scowling, crossed her arms in front of her and said. “Alright.”
Message clicked off the screen and Arthur sat there with Excalibur. Message threw up her hands and grumbled, “No one wants me to attack but I don’t even understand the threat. He might as well be an urban legend.” Arthur stood up and said, “Get me a person to pilot a mechanism and I will do a Battlefare Reconnaissance on Mythology. I’ll turn this urban legend into a cautionary tale.” Message clapped her hands and said, “I’ll drive you in my chariot to where the Mechanisms are.”They arrived at the Mechanisms and Arthur was examining them. He said to one of the people in the hallway, “ My good man, do you know how to pilot a machine. "The young man nodded yes and Arthur mused, “You will do.” Arthur got into the Mechanism and Message hollered as he was leaving, “Keep me updated. Use the Mechanism log to record Battlefare data on him. By the time you get back we will be ready for war.” Message giggled at the thought of going to war again and the young man piloting the Mechanism thought that it was strange, but dare not say anything. Arthur took off.
The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons was talking to a Manyman and he was saying, “I convinced my Rulership to do the rational and sane thing and hold off attacking until we are strong enough to win. “The Manyman then asked, “Then what is that ship going to where Mythology lives. The Peacemonger bit his tongue so hard and cursed under his breath and then yelled,
“Message is such an idiot!”
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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