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Melancholy in the shadow moonlight.
Like the other
incubi before me;
I'm out for blood.

Cursed to forever roam.
A dying star
in a cluster of extreterrestrial

Detachment is the only light.
In the darkness we serve.
Infernal righteousness is far superior to Bible *******.
Sacrelicious Oct 12
Courage is only fear ,
who's said it's prayers.
Incantations won't ulter this reality.

You can't negotiate your way
out of hell's emptiness.
Language knows no boundaries.

But Latin is more effective.
Despite our constant speaking in tongues.
This is exhausting.

Like a Venus retrograde.
I'm screaming on the edge of nothing.
Waiting for your echo,
to bounce back to me.

If time doesn't exist.
Then why does mine feel so wasted?
One day was a nice thought.

But I can't live in no man's shadow.
I cast a few of my own.
Sacrelicious Sep 28
But are we even real, though?
It's never been like second nature for me.

Reality may be cruel.
But I'll make my own.

In my mind's eye.
Where I can fade.
Off into the darkness of a sunset, too early .

Melancholy in the new moons light.
Sulking to the vibes of sympathetic souls.

Searching for the light.
In the dark side of PTSD.
Disassociative press and inflamy for rolling with nature.

But I'll have my friends.
That you can't see.
In a place where everybody likes me.

I'm crawling out of my skin.
Incinerating, internally for eternity.

The srategic train wreck express has been derailed.
And I have a new ego.
We are Sacrelicious.
Sacrelicious Sep 28
Getting up is hard.
When you're always turning me off.

Switch board esthetic.

My blood flows south.
As soon as you leave the room.

Faking it.
Till I make it.
While the whole time I'm pretending you're someone else.

Bedroom eyes,
can only get you so far.
You can be anyone when the lighting's just right.

I'll give you any personality you'd like.
After all.

I'm a chimera,
it's how we roll.
Sacrelicious Sep 24
I'm not really one to lay
on my back
and just take it.

While life continues to **** me.
In every position, possible .

Unless money is involved.
I'm no longer interested.

Boy, I'll be whoever you'd like.
If the price is right.
I'll spin your wheel of misfortune.
Sacrelicious Sep 22
At this point .
I'd rather gouge my eyes out.
With an old, rusty spoon.

Then to have the misfortune
of ever catching your gaze.

Once again, I'll play pretend.
As the blood comes trickling down my face.
Nonchalantly trying to please your vindictive ego.

But just you wait.
The worst is yet to come.
**** is about to go down.
Like a full blood moon.

I will take you out like yesterday's news.
Cast your back to which you came from.

Get behind me, Satan.
It's my time to shine now.
Smooches, *******.
Sacrelicious Sep 21
I've never felt so detached.
Like a lucid dream during the day.
Disassociating just to keep up appearances.

Pushing me over the rail.
My fate,
be a train wreck.
And I've been ******
long before I could ever speak..

A spectacle, watched from a distance.
Entertainment for those with nothing better to do.
Being everybody's in April.
Has left me alone in the rain.

With nothing but my thoughts and regret.
In the morning.
Am I even human anymore?

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