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Raga Apr 11
Losing you was easy until my silly heart realized that It lost itself.
Tine Apr 11
As the teardrops continue to fall on the windowpane
While hugging her knees she weeps in pain
There are words tangled up in her tongue
But the fear catches up with her
And those words remained unbothered

If these words are like goals
You could easily think of it
But to get there, you should risk
Words that she's always yearned to tell the world
Words that could make the man she loves stay.

If she only had the courage to tell these to him
She could have stopped him from leaving
But the fear clutches on her arms
Trying to tear them apart
Trying to hid the words that she should have spoken

As she watched the skies tear, she also weeped
And through the thin air, she whispered;
“I love you and I always will.”
—do anything to make the man you love stay, even if it's you and him against the cruel world.
at the age of 15 ,
she thought everything is good,
love is amazing,
at age of 18.
having her heart broken by some guy,
she thought,
love was just ****,
at the age of 30,
she knows ,
love always comes with a little bit of sufferings,
its us who are not brave enough to face the challenges of love,
and make it worth fighting for,
a little pain and one heart break thought her so much.......
Faryal Feb 15
Date nights & great sights
always trying to feel less alone

Only here for soft cuddles & lil kisses on the forehead
But only going through heartbreaks and counseling

Getting hit on, but they’re missing the date nights
Another date night but with a new heartbreak

Another date, but with the daily counselor,
Just to rant about how dumb the guy was

Counseling, heartbreaks, counseling, heartbreaks &
Aries and Taurus

She was the princess of Mars,
He was the prince of Venus,
She was from the planet of passion,
And he was from the planet of love.

She had a fire inside her,
That he calmed with his nature.
He had a dreading insecurity,
That faded with her crystalline love.

Her heart was a volcanic adventure ,
His was a music of peace,
Her volcanic eruptions reduced  with his support,
And his music got her crackers' beat.

Breaking them was impossible
Both of them had a rhythmic fuss
Both of them completed each other
After all she was Aries and he a Taurus.

Aries and Taurus had one weakness
Compromising was not in their veins
When their rubber of love was stretched
Their weakness broke the rubber with pain.

She pretended to move on with her enthusiastic vibe,
But he suffered with his precarious heart,
The end of their story had no jubilation
Whatever left were the only memories.
Melody of cacophonous melancholy—
   echoing in the wake of ripped romance,
Aflame long the wrath of a chained eagle—
  over the aching scars on its grand wings,
  yet see
Glaring umber irises rise even in downpour waltz—
  soul standing ever so strongly,
Nevertheless, like Rome and Greece—
  indeed a day is a jest to build a thing,
After blue moons, I hereby wish—
 may you soon be at ease, unchained and alive.
sorry for the inactivity. wrote this few days ago for a friend (or i can say, i was somehow inspired by her telling me that she broke up). as you read the first capital letters, you can see her name. this is me telling her (and everyone who recently feels heartbroken) to rise up, even after the bitter fall.
Before it was a sweet hello in your musical voice
And now its venomous words rumbling out of your throat.
I believed it was a destiny's call that brought us together that night
And now its clear, life wanted me to fall, crawl and hurt
Your hands had the magic to bloom life in me
And now they are covered in blood
You are a murderer for you buried me  alive when you said it was over
You were  my angel before the skies broke and now the devil I despise that tore me apart
Hoping you will pay for these tears though I can't hate you no matter how much I try
What hurts more is the tattoo of your name on my shoulder that reminds me of you
How do I forget you? Tell me how.....
Moving on is hard sometimes when you were  so much in love with one that meant the world to you
Many times we lose ourselves, we drink too much to erase those memories we had but it makes it worse. It's  like she possessed the whole of you and now has control over you.
In times like this, I just write, play some music or go for a walk.
Jana Clay Nov 2018
Walk all over me I’m use to the abuse!
Step on me and dust your feet from the nasty concrete I’m use to the abuse... no matter what you say you spit and dump on me everyday. You say you love me in what kind of way I’m use to the abuse and the words you say! I was taking for granted you thought I will always be, one day you came home I wasn’t there for your feet. You was lost without your doormat it was no longer there  a house is not a home with just you living here.
Ace Antonio Oct 2018
I am who I am today,
Including all the heartaches and pain.

I am who I am today,
Including me without you
Starting today.
Lauren Pascual Oct 2018
as i bleed my heart out on this keyboard
you instantly flashed in my mind
my face in between your large hands
as you started to lean forward
making our forehead's touch

i do not write for you,
i write about you
more importantly,
the little things you do
like how you rests your hand,
particularly your right hand on my thigh
or how you'd take mine
and press them against your chest
while whispering to me
how much they made your heart race

imagine us
passing a crumpled note
back and forth
exchanging i love you's
i watch how a slow smile stretches across your lips

we're tangled in the sheets
strong arms wrapped around me
it certainly felt like home
your scent sinks deeper into my skin
i hope you don't see my hands
reaching out just to touch yours

i'm running out of words
i think you have given me enough to write about
that even flowers grew on paper
— bmva
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