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Love is for the heart
The sun is love for the soul
Love can also burn
Haiku because your
Memory burns awfuly
Hurts in places old
She doesn’t love she is just happy
Only fools fall but to her even giants have no chance
Ever felt that anything was possible under the ******’ sun yet you know tis’just a silly dream like you didn’t acknowledge the cloud’s presence
Like a demon I fear angels wish I could have learnt this before I persuaded heaven gates to open
She doesn’t hate she is just a **** that blinds me like the ***** has powers
She doesn’t keep her faith she is just there to be carried like a coconut on the salty sea going with the breeze
****** up even before my dawn like I worshiped the moon and didn’t swear pledges with the sun
Aimed at the star for ignition yet I am just a coal
Like a poor man I forgot that I was a bustard aimed higher than I could scale
My saliva now chokes me down to my true self
Thought I was moving on yet I didn’t know the ******’ direction
Directed my own film yet irrationally didn’t man up to watch my **** in the theater
Em MacKenzie Aug 20
So many of us are scared,
absolutely terrified beyond words,
of being hurt.
We battle, and counteract this fear
by hurting the only person
who would die before causing pain.

This creates a vicious cycle.
The gentle, soft hearted protector
becomes the stoic, heart of stone,
destroyer of worlds.

We’re playing heartbreak telephone.
Pass it on.
“Fear leads to anger,
anger leads  to hate,
hate...leads to suffering.”
- Master Yoda
You came as hesitant hellos
and left as sudden goodbyes.

You came as happiness,
but left as sadness.

You came as love,
but left as heartbreaks.

You came as memories,
but left as lessons.

You came as fire,
but left as ashes.

You came as courage,
but left as fears.

You came as trust,
but left as doubts.

You came as summer,
but left as winter.

You came as spring,
but left as autumn.

You came as a breeze,
but left as a hurricane.

You came as tranquility,
but left as chaos.

You came as the moon,
but left as the shadows.

You came as a mystery,
but left with just history.

You came as a person,
but left as a poem.
tytrack Jul 20
The clock keeps ticking,

As my heart keeps beating,

Sometimes i felt like stopping everything.

Giving up on every sweats,

I've been through.

'It's not that hard.'

I thought

Just a knife or maybe a shattered glass like my heart

One slide and you're free to go

Why can't i just bid a simple goodbye,

And begone even for awhile?

Leaving the world and disappear like a petal of flower,

Blown away by the wind's power,

Fog on the window,

Steam from the hot cappuccino,

Or shadow that seems shallow?

Why am i not appreciated?

Why is it hard for you to accept my flaw?

You would always look at people with awe,

Leaving me behind like a fool

Not knowing what to do

In the end.

It's just me, myself and i.

I wish you would understand

The perk of being abandoned

By people

Who are supposed to be loving and supporting you

The so called


Was indeed none other than

The source of hate
Force, demanding,scars and pain

I was once told

'Words can make you wish you were never born'


Words are the cause of joy, laughter and pain.

But is it just me?

Who collects my own shattered heart

Placing it in a jar

That I've been hiding it far

Because of painful words,

That turned a prince into a beast

I would have been happy

Because appreciation

Is all i need.
I'm proud of myself cuz im still breathing despite what I've been through
Dream Jun 19
Cracks in the paint doesn't mean the wall is about to collapse.
Just keep going no matter what, when you're facing difficulties overcome them. It's not the end. If there's a problem in your life or relationships then face them head on. Don't assume it's over because of one Crack that you have seen in your beautifully painted wall. Just like the paint, relationships need maintenance. So don't break up because of one small issue.
Losing you was easy until my silly heart realized that It lost itself.
Tine Apr 11
As the teardrops continue to fall on the windowpane
While hugging her knees she weeps in pain
There are words tangled up in her tongue
But the fear catches up with her
And those words remained unbothered

If these words are like goals
You could easily think of it
But to get there, you should risk
Words that she's always yearned to tell the world
Words that could make the man she loves stay.

If she only had the courage to tell these to him
She could have stopped him from leaving
But the fear clutches on her arms
Trying to tear them apart
Trying to hid the words that she should have spoken

As she watched the skies tear, she also weeped
And through the thin air, she whispered;
“I love you and I always will.”
—do anything to make the man you love stay, even if it's you and him against the cruel world.
at the age of 15 ,
she thought everything is good,
love is amazing,
at age of 18.
having her heart broken by some guy,
she thought,
love was just ****,
at the age of 30,
she knows ,
love always comes with a little bit of sufferings,
its us who are not brave enough to face the challenges of love,
and make it worth fighting for,
a little pain and one heart break thought her so much.......
Faryal Feb 15
Date nights & great sights
always trying to feel less alone

Only here for soft cuddles & lil kisses on the forehead
But only going through heartbreaks and counseling

Getting hit on, but they’re missing the date nights
Another date night but with a new heartbreak

Another date, but with the daily counselor,
Just to rant about how dumb the guy was

Counseling, heartbreaks, counseling, heartbreaks &
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