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I S A A C Jan 2022
I give so much love but never get enough back
it's hard to keep giving to lack knowing that
it is not reciprocated and my heartache is fated
behind the scenes, I could tell you were unfaithful
my mind perceives in extravagant hues to make up for this drowning blue
that I feel whenever my eyes close, clinging to my iPhone
wasting all my energy in the protection of my memory
all those sweet nothings that felt comforting and all those lies that caused me suffering
all I have is lined pieces of paper bonded by saddened words and tears
bubbling up pain from adolescent fears, I keep trying to keep you near
it's a cycle I am used to, used to abuse, used to misuse
used to needing you but I had a breakthrough
I S A A C Dec 2021
web of lies to cover your web of desires
kept me in the dark away from the hearth of the fire
I gave you my heart and you threw it into the fire
blew our chances like a match, kept me as an option
So I let it rain hellfire and watched your towers fall
my pride made me destructive
I found solace in the destruction
you played me like a record but I am onto the next track
you sound like a broken record, need to sit with the lack
caught in the crossfire, I did everything right
but you manipulate me out of spite
want to have all the options, both pieces of cake
I cannot wait for you to meet the same fate.
Jessica Duru Jul 2020
Her smile,
that smile
Her beauty that yonder shines,
and her love which doth strengthens me
Like the wind blowing unceasingly
Across the White Eastern sea
Shall it forever be?
Oh,I wish...
If only wishes do come true

I feel the longing pile up
With each day that goes by,
Shall it ever pass?
Oh,I doubt
Love is really hard like they say

Everything seems so broken
Even from afar,
One could still see
Can it ever be fixed?
Oh,I know not...
Nor the royal empress herself
For the rust will forever go on...

A Forever Rust
The poem centers on a man who loves his treasure so dear; A woman born with a fine, white skin like that of a newborn, and an exotic beauty which the beholder never seems to overlook. But then, the tragic wind came blowing in their path, seperating them, and leaving the poet personae broken and void. He fears he'll never be healed of the damage caused and doubts there will ever be an end to his aching pain.....
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

They are fresh-faced,
not innocent, but perhaps not yet jaded,
oblivious to time and death,
of each counted breath
in the pendulum’s sway
falling unheeded.

They are bright, undissuaded
by foreign tongues,
by sepulchers empty and waiting,
by sarcophagi of ancient kings,
by proclamations,
by rituals of scalpels and rings.

They are sworn, they are fated
to misadventure and grief;
but they revel in life
till the sun falls, receding
into silent halls
to torrents of inconsequential tears . . .

. . . to brief tragedies of tears
when they consider this: No one else sees.
But I know.
We all know.
We all know the consequence
of being so young.

Keywords/Tags: consequence, youth, children, teenagers, innocent, unjaded, time, death, fated, tragedies, tears, grief, sun, night, nightfall
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
She was crying,
He was hurting,
Both for the same cause,
Yet they pretended like nothing happened,
And wore their lies wonderfully well,
So the other wouldn't know,
What buried 'neath their hearts,
That they thought were over,
But never fades.
Colm Aug 2019
On quiet little corners turned
And freshly folded blackened ink
Beneath pillows raspy, hands left grasping
And above all thoughts which were recently freed

There are pages stating and there is change
As there is fire waiting for the freedom to be

Pleasnt quiet little corners turned
Though you once had held a candle to me
This one is about all of the old letters and notes from my various exs. Just one of many options. Truly at peace regardless.
Em MacKenzie Feb 2019
In terms of matters of the heart
there’s only one truth that’s gotten me by:
That something this strong and unique,
could never be anything less than mutual.
The world is cruel, but it’s not evil. just to love and be loved in returned.
angel Jan 2019
Littered on my skin are memories,
of gall and glory;
the coarse touches that fabricated
these mars and scars.
But no being discerns any of these.
They see the wildfire within you,
the flames that engulf
your entire being.
Yet, you are more than that —
more than the destruction which you are.
I am nothing but a minuscule spec
of dust and grime compared to you.
I’ve been with you, for ages, longer,
longer than anyone has known you.
I glance at you from afar, as I
spin around the world and orbit around you.
I get closer to you each step,
but I am drawn back.
The moments where we embrace,
embrace that encumbrance between us.
The stellar beings are jealous,
that we get to lace our dust
and the luminance that emits from us.
We seldom get a chance to intertwine
our cores, to show and tell
the fondness that we attained
for one another.
They say we were
predestined by the Divine,
fated since the beginning of creation.
You give me the luminance that I
cannot obtain without you.
But by the moment we truly clash,
the galaxies will all cease.
To pacify my strife, I then ask the stars
if they could grant my wish
of showing you the memories I cannot give.
keep me in your sight with your fiery embers.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
She began to
Whether it was a
mere coincidence;
Or they were
fated entirely.

Seán Mac Falls May 2017
One dream shall ever die,
Words promised only said,
Two gold rings tossing ayes
By gleems of moon we laid,
So gentle was strike of time,
Cruel night conquering day.
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