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Jowlough Oct 2010
You turn me on girl,
with a smile.
care for my vices
like I'm a child

Made me felt,
like i'm a star,
Looks that melt,
a distance a far

Made me inspired,
to strive harder.
Seeing you
makes the tasks easier.

We talk things,
we didn't knew.
Crazy anthems,
sang out of the blue!

Quality time,
Perfect companion.
I don't need another
you are my station

You don't care on things
such as vast indifference,
picked the rules,
to free happiness

Love above the law,
Is what your'e showing
Felt the independence,
there, it's Overflowing

"You" are perfect,
Oh could I say "We"?
Except for the fact,
you don't see the way I see

All my gratitudes
my dearest friend
See you when I see you
Adios, -- this is the end.
(c) Adios Oct 2010 * jcjuatco
LordxWilliamson Dec 2014
Yo soy *****

**** immigration and the racist white tèjanõs, please tell me how the hell would they ever know what I know, shout out to my Mexicans Hondurans and black Cubanos shut the border down call it the no fly zone. Adios Americanos me and my amigos are stealing ya women and playin em like pianos, vocal terrorist this lyrical revolt should be your primary interest. Public enemy number one the domestic hectic terrorist I'm influencing your white son, right to bear these nuts I'm taking the tea parties guns stealing your freedom from right up under you, all your jobs, and way of life, your point of view. I'm the original black power ranger hide your right winged minds if not I swear they'll be in danger. I am the broken brick the stone left unturned the rhythm of the wind the willingness to learn and the desire to fight and get what you earn. I am the individual placed on the no fly list with my hand balled into a fist cause my turbin is too tight and my beards to thick. I am the man choked to death by nypd for selling cigarettes now I'm rioting with my words doing lyrical pirouettes.  Yo soy ***** spitting jive like lingo I want a Pam Grier keep your Marilyn Monroe, from the 6th borough buckin like bronco they said finish em I'm educated and black had to hit em with the combo.  I'm non fictions Huey Freeman battling congress and their demons catch me flexing on the law lookin like the black He-Man Standing up for what I believe in writing in my notepad I stay steady schemin with my head up in the clouds I stay steady dreamin. Yo soy ***** freeze em like sub zero not concerned with dolores or the dinero yen or bills yo, I'm still waiting for marvel to make a Mexican superhero.
The Last Poem of Rizal

Farewell, my adored Land, region of the sun caressed,
Pearl of the Orient Sea, our Eden lost,
With gladness I give you my Life, sad and repressed;
And were it more brilliant, more fresh and at its best,
I would still give it to you for your welfare at most.

On the fields of battle, in the fury of fight,
Others give you their lives without pain or hesitancy,
The place does not matter: cypress laurel, lily white,
Scaffold, open field, conflict or martyrdom's site,
It is the same if asked by home and Country.

I die as I see tints on the sky b'gin to show
And at last announce the day, after a gloomy night;
If you need a hue to dye your matutinal glow,
Pour my blood and at the right moment spread it so,
And gild it with a reflection of your nascent light!

My dreams, when scarcely a lad adolescent,
My dreams when already a youth, full of vigor to attain,
Were to see you, gem of the sea of the Orient,
Your dark eyes dry, smooth brow held to a high plane
Without frown, without wrinkles and of shame without stain.

My life's fancy, my ardent, passionate desire,
Hail! Cries out the soul to you, that will soon part from thee;
Hail! How sweet 'tis to fall that fullness you may acquire;
To die to give you life, 'neath your skies to expire,
And in your mystic land to sleep through eternity!

If over my tomb some day, you would see blow,
A simple humble flow'r amidst thick grasses,
Bring it up to your lips and kiss my soul so,
And under the cold tomb, I may feel on my brow,
Warmth of your breath, a whiff of your tenderness.

Let the moon with soft, gentle light me descry,
Let the dawn send forth its fleeting, brilliant light,
In murmurs grave allow the wind to sigh,
And should a bird descend on my cross and alight,
Let the bird intone a song of peace o'er my site.

Let the burning sun the raindrops vaporize
And with my clamor behind return pure to the sky;
Let a friend shed tears over my early demise;
And on quiet afternoons when one prays for me on high,
Pray too, oh, my Motherland, that in God may rest I.

Pray thee for all the hapless who have died,
For all those who unequalled torments have undergone;
For our poor mothers who in bitterness have cried;
For orphans, widows and captives to tortures were shied,
And pray too that you may see your own redemption.

And when the dark night wraps the cemet'ry
And only the dead to vigil there are left alone,
Don't disturb their repose, don't disturb the mystery:
If you hear the sounds of cittern or psaltery,
It is I, dear Country, who, a song t'you intone.

And when my grave by all is no more remembered,
With neither cross nor stone to mark its place,
Let it be plowed by man, with ***** let it be scattered
And my ashes ere to nothingness are restored,
Let them turn to dust to cover your earthly space.

Then it doesn't matter that you should forget me:
Your atmosphere, your skies, your vales I'll sweep;
Vibrant and clear note to your ears I shall be:
Aroma, light, hues, murmur, song, moanings deep,
Constantly repeating the essence of the faith I keep.

My idolized Country, for whom I most gravely pine,
Dear Philippines, to my last goodbye, oh, harken
There I leave all: my parents, loves of mine,
I'll go where there are no slaves, tyrants or hangmen
Where faith does not **** and where God alone does reign.

Farewell, parents, brothers, beloved by me,
Friends of my childhood, in the home distressed;
Give thanks that now I rest from the wearisome day;
Farewell, sweet stranger, my friend, who brightened my way;
Farewell, to all I love. To die is to rest.
Jose P. Rizal
the force of egos
she drags me down
I just hope that she knows
I could pick her up
we could fly like eagles
take to the sky
adios amigos
Overwhelmed May 2011
at midnight,
as I take off my shoes,
my coat,
shirt, tie, vest,
socks and
I am caught in
the delirium

this revolution
takes place entirely
within me

my kidneys are
attacked in destructive
my knees knocked
and sweltered with
my mind shot at
and frantically
my heart has
seen much better

it is an uprising against

a war
to overturn
the old thinking

outside of me,
I can feel the sting
of bullet and

inside of me,
I can see the pain
of evolution and

I rest my weary head tonight
drunk on thoughts of an end
to all this

by the morning’s
cool touch
I will find myself
rid of such

wondering only if
she’ll be there for me
when I call her twenty;
thirty; forty years
from now

I watch the night turn about me
and rest my eyes for the first time
Er legt die Nadel auf die Ader
und bittet die Musik herein
zwischen Hals und Unterarm
die Melodie fährt leise ins Gebein

Los! Los! Los!
Bop bop shu bop

Er hat die Augen zugemacht
in seinem Blut tobt eine Schlacht
ein Heer marschiert durch seinen Darm
die Eingeweide werden langsam warm

Los! Los! Los!
Bop bop shu bop

Nichts ist für dich
nichts war für dich
nichts bleibt für dich
für immer

Er nimmt die Nadel von der Ader
die Melodie fährt aus der Haut
Geigen brennen mit Gekreisch
Harfen schneiden sich ins Fleisch
er hat die Augen aufgemacht
doch er ist nicht aufgewacht

Nichts ist für dich
nichts war für dich
nichts bleibt für dich
für immer
He lays the needle in the vein
and he asks the music to come inside
between his throat and forearm
the melody travels softly in the bones

Go! Go! Go!
Bop bop shu bop

He has closed his eyes
a battle rages in his blood
an army marches through his bowel
the intestines become warm slowly

Go! Go! Go!
Bop bop shu bop

Nothing is for you
nothing was for you
nothing remains for you

He takes the needle from the vein
the melody travels out of the skin
violins burn with shrieking
harps cut the flesh
he has opened his eyes
but he is not awake

Nothing is for you
nothing was for you
nothing remains for you
Kirsten Lovely Aug 2013
These old memories that stick like glue
Bonded like some impossible atoms
Are flowing in some unstoppable rain
That never leaves but tends to stain.
These old songs I hear again
The ones I skipped on 'shuffle'
Are playing and I hear it now
The lyrics haven't changed the style.
These pictures that I throw away
Old pictures that bare your face
Are ones I cannot bare to see
In these pictures I don't see me.
These old shirts I've come to hate
Shirts that held one special date
Are rotting in the trash bag now
Your memory just makes me smile.
These old memories- I remember them
I realize now I'm free at last
I don't have to just live them anymore
These memories- well- they make me bored.
This wasn't a love song, no, not today
I'm better off without you, babe,
'Bestfriend? Sister!' Oh, such a lie
I hope one day you will realize.
You'll see me soon, out there, famous
And you'll be stuck in the clouds, dazing
Remember that when you miss me, dear,
Those memories are all that'll be here.
Jack Jun 2014

Why does
“good guy”
Have to rhyme with
“good bye”
Gladys P Apr 2014
A precious hummingbird, left rhythmic sounds, in sweet soft notes
Playing music, light and heavenly, as I waved adios
Soaring freely, upon Springs gentle breeze
With finesse and ease

With iridescent feathers
Flamboyantly taking flight, in this lovely weather
Graciously gazing through
Surely, dazzling too

Quickly resting on tree branches, in attune
Fearlessly humming, in romantic tunes
Dancing smoothly
And elegantly

Modeling beautifully, in its fine long beak
Very entertaining and chic
And casually stopping in the center of a flower
Obtaining nectar, in the morning hour

Placing a grin on my face
While engaging in an impressive, cozy space
Instilling a fulfilling and pleasant day
And quite excited, it came my way
PrttyBrd Jul 2014
Happy our paths crossed
Wrapped up in conversations
Naughty by nature
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
**** YOU HEAT.....
You cause my *** to get burned by my seat!
Every time my cheeks & the leather meet
Feels like hot coals under my feet
Right through my shoes.....******* too concrete
& that's the sidewalk not even the street
Swimming.... A refreshing treat
With ice cream to eat
Mission keeping cool complete
Adios hot weather I won't be beat
You're so sweet
Thinking you could defeat
....instead you're running away in retreat
Hopefully you don't attempt to repeat
.....risking to become obsolete
& I won't be discrete
Leaving the seasons incomplete
Then spring & fall can finally greet
Erasing summer as quickly as CTL ALT DELETE

.....this Facebook status was a rhyming top of the top elite
& it deserves a retweet
Flowing on a roll like tires on sleet
Or wind through holes in a sheet
If I want a retweet, I better go send out the first tweet
**** this flow is neat
When I finished & read it, I was like "awwww ****, *****, *****"
This started as a Facebook status one day just because I was feeling creative & it was really hot outside. I couldn't stop going though so it became an epic little rhyme.
Tyler Atherton Sep 2018
By the time you read this
i will already be dead

when you're this broken you can never be fixed.
Not by anybody else, not by yourself;
Not even by those who love you.

I know to be silent, not to scream,
Not this time,
But to silently slip under without saying goodbye.

I’ve been waiting,
for someone anyone to come here and hold me,
to tell me that they are here that they love me and will never leave me,
but no one’s come yet and if they did and they said that they’d be lying because everyone eventually leaves,

"Mom and Dad, I'm sorry;
I just can't take it anymore.

For too long I have suffered,
And you have never known.
You never saw that I was slipping,
Never heard a single moan.

I am sorry for lying to you and saying I'm alright
But most of all I'm sorry about how much of a problem I was
For wasting your time and effort and money
I'm sorry for causing you pain
I love you all and this is the truth

Friends, I am sorry I **** at being just that and if you say I am a good friend
Look at what I just did, good friends don't do that to others
But, I love you all and this is the truth

Good people don't do this
Selfish people do
Weak people do
Cowards do

I'm sorry Trenton.
You gave me hope, you were my friend.
I didn't deserve your friendship.
I'm sorry I broke my promise.
But, you broke yours first.
Because your gone.
So, this is my goodbye to you,
To everyone.

I'll see you all sometime in the afterlife.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
It was a dark and stormy night the wind tasted of emptyness of the midnight hour.
The man was broken as he viewed the ledge and as he stepped out apon it he seemed more lost than
Elton John in a ***** house.

******* stupid *****!
He threw the picture into the night as it made it's way to the dark waters below.
Then taking a  deep chug from the bottle he began to fling the bottle as the picture befor.

****** man hold on!
the man shocked almost fell he thought he was alone.
Who the **** are you!

The stange looking man who sat apon the ledge and smelled of
week long ****** and a stripper or two.
Look man dont try to stop me im jumping and that's it.

Hey amigo I dont give a **** if ya jump but if your gonna jump and  toss a bottle at least make sure it's empty ******* duh theres wino's all over the world and one right next to ya that
right now are dying for a drink.

The man like most people in the pressense of Gonzo looked at me with strange mix of
aww and **** my life that they all seem to share.
Im gonna jump and all you care about is the ******* bottle!
My good man im hurt besides ya gotta wallet to duh not like your gonna need it
besides someone has to notify the cops besides I might get a reward I always wanted to get on a show besides cops.

The man said puzzled im guessing being he didnt follow  so easily he must be Canadian.
Okay okay you got me I was also on Locked Up  okay and Americas Most Wanted and maybe To Catch A Perdator that Chris Hanson what a ***** tease.

Look ****** get the **** away from me here's the ******* bottle as for my wallet here ya go but my ***** cheating ***** of a wife beat ya to the money.
So your wifes a ***** and you still have to pay sir I belive your suffering from dellusion
here have a drink with me.

The man was far worse than I thought not only a Canadian he seemed to be suffering from some mental issues Jesus was it fate that a rational man as I would be hanging out okay passed out on this very same bridge.
******* batman  cause Gonz was on the job and I wasnt gonna blow this one like
last time not that I go around blowing things.
Besides remember kids a ***** charges me I give it away now if they offer to pay
thats a diffrent story.

But enough with the foreplay hampsters.

I sat drank and listend to the mans story.
How he fell in love with this strange women who took his money and was a total ****.
Hmm wonder what she'll be up to after this annoying ***** jumps?

And when I caught her with my best friend that was the final straw.
Its all over **** life !.
So did you get this all on camera?
What !!!
Why would I do that?
Idk hell man  just thought it'd be fun to watch I mean who doeant like drinking and watching ****?
I know the Hello staff  seems to keep things running great on it.

You are are ******* mental you know that?
Maybe but im not the one wasting ***** with a kickass ****** living at home
sure ya gotta pay but dude your getting free shows its like living in Germany
sure kinda ***** but hey beats writting perverted things that no one reads on a website that
died years ago and no one wants you on much like there ******* daughter.

You sick ***** you want my life so much you can have it!!
The man shouted in his outside voice once is okay when outside but if we were inside
id really be ******.

Just have my life you demmented *******.
Really sir you just made me happier than that talentless **** Russel Brand after escaping
the clutches of the preaching hottie drag queen Katy Perry.
Im kidding she's great to watch with the sound off.

The man looked puzzled again I swear im begining to think he might have lied .
Cause he seemed  more from a third world country like  Indiana.
Hey where the hell do you think your going!?

Hey wheres my.
The man fumbled through his pockets .
Looking for these I asked holding up a pair of keys.
Hey bring thoose back right now !

Amigo sure I could  hang around here listen to ya **** and moan.
But hey you said i could have your life.
And being you wanna play man on a ledge I figure why the **** not.

You see what's one guys ***** rotten cheating ***** of a wife is another guys
kick **** party to go so later.
Wait stop please Im not gonna jump  she's a ***** but I love her .
And the thought of your demmented *** living in my house  ***** it life's not that bad please
I want my life back.

My friend ya see thats all I wanted to hear.
I tossed the keys in one of thoose corney *** movie moments that guys go to just to make the laidies happy and in the hope they'll get laid.

The keys flew through air  the man put his hand in the air tears in eye's
so happy he totally forgot he was still standing on the ledge.
And he screamed like a school girl as he fell to his death it was a twisted scene oh well.

I had no time to reflect cause i was off like a madman with a date with a ***** little hampster
Hey someone had to console this woman and who better than the person who spent those last
hours with him.
And was kinda responssible for his deatn but hey whats in the details.

Untill next time hampsters you stay crazy.
And remember when all hope is lost learn to hotwire a car and get the **** outta there.
Thanks for the important life skills grandpa.


Gonzo has left the site.
pk tunuri Sep 2018
One day, I woke up early in the morning
Unlike other days, it was very chaotic
I opened the door and was surprised
To see, people hugging each other
Crying and wishing all the luck to each other
As if it was the last time, they were gonna be together

All of a sudden one person came to me
Held my hand and broke down to tears
He was one of my best friends
I asked him, what’s happening?
Why are you crying? What’s wrong?
He neither replied, nor stopped crying

On seeing the luggage bags
I thought everybody was about to leave
On a trip, planned without my knowledge
I tried telling him, “It’s alright, It’s just one trip!”
“We shall plan one more when you guys are back!”
He neither replied, nor stopped crying

I thought maybe, wishing a goodbye
Is the hardest part of life
I tried to wipe his tears
which is when I got to know,
They were actually crying & wishing all the peace to me
And it was my journey which had come to an end
Meghan Marie Mar 2011
I can't heal the deaf or blind,
I can’t turn water into wine,
But give me a glass, and I can turn it into kool-aid
Maybe if I were more like Jesus I could get laid

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
And I’ll be leaving this place soon
And if you have any sense, you’ll decide not to follow
As I’ve told you before, my chest is hollow

Smoke me up before I go
Here’s a tattoo of a rainbow
I found it at the bottom of a box of ******* jacks
Put it on, and when it's gone, never look back

One last kiss upon the cheek
We'll both have moved on in a week
So walk me to the bus stop and say “adios”
You think you love me, but I know you can’t love a ghost.

Written with Kayla McCormick, for our musical project; Peach Pommes.
Adesumbo Jul 2013
Keep it on, even when its off
My memory runs with time
As it sleeps like paraffin
Like aqua Monster, it splashes in fins

What is life?
Is it not in vain?
Without you Amigos in Heaven
No paradise seems much better than Hell

I built my world amidst the thorns
In their 'giantise' they strangle me in pieces

Its gone now, but its **** afresh
Its short though, but it now run in my veins
Written in the Sky
Only two eyes would

Its blue in my heart
But better remains Green
it remains in my dreams
I forgot it makes it grin
corpser Mar 2017
I hear it buzzing at the back of my head
Crawling neath my flesh and bones.
I give my fond farewells
Take two steps as i turn around
Facing the formless abyss writhing behind me.
It gazes with its empty eyes.
I step forward.
PYG's Whisper Feb 2018
The sky is crying
My eyes are raining
My heart is hurting
This love I used to live for is fading
Those lips I used to melt for are vanishing
But like a fool I’m still waiting for your phantom
You whispered your adios hopelessly
So why I’m expecting your return hopefully
You took your heart and mine
Leaving our love in pieces
Forgetting that we wrote
The beginning of our romance happily
Now you closed the last chapter
With tears of my stupid ending silently
originally a MicoSlamPoetry , my own creation where I've been mixing my slam with micro poetry to got this short version of spoken word.
you can listen to the official audio on my soundcloud account
Taijitu Jan 2018
Te dejo ir
Soy fiel creyente de que los corazones deben ser libres
Retener nunca ha sido para mi una expresión de amor,
por el contrario, solo demuestra egoísmo cuando ya no se quiere estar mas en un lugar
No mentiré
Escribo y puedo sentir mi corazón desintegrarse como pólvora dentro de mi
Es siempre mas difícil respirar cuando no encuentras razón para seguir haciéndolo
Buscando aliento, pienso en tus besos y recobro la tranquilidad
Por un segundo todo vuelve a tener sentido y te siento nuevamente junto a mi
Te Amo.
Se que lo has escuchado muchas veces, pero te aseguro, jamas con la misma intensidad
Te Amo.
Y podría decir que es por el verde color de tus ojos que me deslumbran el alma, o por tu sonrisa que cada vez eriza  mas mi piel
Pero la verdad es que te amo aun en los momentos en que tus ojos no me miran o aun cuando no estas de humor para sonreír
Así te amo... porque si
Y presiento sera así para toda la vida
Aunque, como lei hace poco, este sera el amor que llega envuelto en el Karma
El paso a ciegas que puede dejarte destrozada al fondo del precipicio o regalarte las mas hermosas alas que te enseñen a volar
Duele que ahora solo queda sentarme a orillas del nunca sera
Sintiendo la brisa de tu ausencia. Escuchando las palabras resonantes de tu Adios
Ojala volver fuera tan fácil como dar vuelta al reloj de arena
A veces el amor no es suficiente y las acciones no se pueden siempre retactar
Te dejo ir.
Pretendiendo que soy demasiado buena para imponerme en tu ahora, en tu después, hasta el final de esta puta vida
Lo Siento
Te Amo
Erick Dec 2013
Never thought this day would come so soon
I care nothing for you
Frustration has taken over me, everything I do is so useless
You never seemed to cared either, so why must I?
I am done dealing with this nonsense
For now all I can say is goodbye
Maybe now my mind can relax
But now I pay the consequences of denying the facts
Seemingly I was in denial of rejection
Even though I pushed my self to total incomprehension
I never thought clearly on what would be after this  
For now all I can do is pretend I wasn't dissed
I am free after 7 months of emotional prison
You yourself changed me into a whole different  person
I sit alone in this dark,cold room thinking of what it could've been
Being not with me, but him
So it ends here
I hope you enjoy yourself next year.
Brent Kincaid May 2017
My daddy wants Republicans
Standing in a line
Then ship them all to Moscow
That would be just fine.
Then after all is said and done
There shouldn't be any fuss
Since that is exactly what
They want to do to us.

They can try graft and corruption
In any foreign war zone;
Dead, like they wish our youth
They'll leave us all alone.
It never seemed a good idea
All this war and death and hate
But Republicans love it all so much
It is their fitting fate.

So Dad wishes all Republicans should
Be put in a big ugly ship.
He's fine with them being gone forever
And wishes them a speedy trip.
So adios all you Republicans
We're sick of all your messing.
Go away and stay away.
You have my father's blessing.
liberal Democrat anti-GOP politics poetry Kincaid
Don't try to ask me why
   just think of it as my final goodbye

It means you are no longer needed
    you did your part
    and I think you did great
Sam Barger Mar 2014
This Journey.
This Quest.
Has seen it's beautiful chaotic end and has been laid to rest.
Our Faith.
Our Loyalty.
Our Smiles and Cries.
Have not gone a moment without test.
All the pain.
All the stress.
Has met it's inevitable demise, for this is best.
With a crossed heart.
With a hope for death.
I tell you these words, for you they are my last breath.
I am bound to her by blood,
this madwoman of a city
with eyes that see
a comatose heart, with no feeling.

One, two, three hundred,
a thousand —
we are all carbon copies
of her silicone *******, collagen cheeks
teeth bleached whiter
than the pearls we adorn ourselves with.

I was a child
when I left this madwoman,
mother of my younger years.
I left her drinking cuba libres,
stirring ice with her finger,
her nails crimson red.

I said, “Goodbye, I am leaving you.”
She turned her face back to the barrio
and said, “Adios, Muchacha.”

Years later, I look back on my youth.
I remember her as the mother I lost
the sister I never had
the woman I was afraid to become.

If only she knew
how easy she was to leave
how difficult she was to forget.
Knotts Island  10:oo pm wedsday Feb  9   2011

It was like any other night spent at the doctors office slash
Dr Jerry's trailer.
Drink fine deep conversation about world events and *******.

I had went to the porch for some  introspection  and to take a ****.
Dear Lord Man!
What I saw was proof i had done way to many drugs and slipped yet into another rambling state of Gonzo.

White  powder covered the ground  it was a gift from Jesus or Elvis really   whats the diffrence?
Hunk a hunk burning  clap  it was pouring ******* from the sky !
I burst through the door like Lindsy Lohan fresh outta rehab

Jerry !  
What are we yelling about Jerry?

I dont know but zip your pants up.
I know your a **** but I dont need to see it as proof.
Jerry a doctor a fellow brother of Gonzo
and true deep thinker.

****** man what was i gonna say i really need to lay off
the drink *******  Dr Pepper.
Well smack my **** and paint me purple and sell me to the Canadians.
dont ask.

Jerry good lord man look  outside its a true miricle.
Now only if it would rain strippers and wild turkey.
That would really be proof the easter bunny existed!

Jerry shaking his head for he knew his drugged out mental asylum bound  friend with a heart of gold or at least bronz  needed some alone
time in a padded cell looked out the window.

See i told you !
It's ******* snow Gonz ya *****.
snow what the hell's that I thought to myself while speaking
out load on a poetry site   where people think what the **** is wrong with him.

****** I should go outside more than once a year.
these seasons really throw me off like Skeeter  on
a cold night.
****** i told you  not untill you pay for last time ******!

She was a true lady just wish she took credit.
After a breif explanation time travel and where babies come from.
Dr Jerry returned to his favorite hobby surffing facebook
for underage *****  hey dont judge  how do ya think i met my wife?

Yeah man look at this one amigo sent me a friends request.
Jerry showed me a pic of a hot looking chick
and being she was good looking and talking to Jerry ment either
two things.

One the Gonzo On facebook page was down due to such high traffic
cause im super awsome.
Dork  you got like 14 friends.
Jerry went back to looking at the computer screen.
ha ha ha ha ha *** not funny.
I know you are but what am I?!

****** man he always get's me with his mature 40 something living
in his grandmas back yard  logic oh snap girlfriend.

Or Two  this little monkey  was really a ****** or a mormon
whats  the diffrence but enough with the foreplay children.
Jerry sat deep in thought and four **** hits and ten shots of turkey later sat the puzzled.

Amigo what do i say to break the ice?

The lights dimmed  a voice from the heavens spoke or New Jersy
John Tesh  apeared from the closet  ****** man i thought i herd really boring music from there i thought the rat poisen would get him for sure.      
When thought's are blured and both hands are busy.
When you just cant seem to find the words to break the
ice to that hot little hamster across the net,

Take that extension cord from around your neck and get
head out the oven dam you Slyvia Plath.
Just call dah da da dah da or however it ****** goes
sorry i dont watch   super hero movies although
I need a pair of thoose tights.

Move aside silly girl I'll break the ice for you!
Umm  no Gonz thats okay Jerry replyed in that no
but it means  yes seductive five packs of cigs a day
sandpaper voice of his.

Trust me Jerry  Im a writer and i know how to
talk to the ladies  yes my friend how they do love Gonzo
Oh they pull out there pepper spray fire there guns
but inside they have a thirst for crazy.

No Gonz it's okay.
Dont mention it Jerry.
Gonz !
Jerry !
What the **** were we talking about and why the ****
are you in my lap!
Good question my friend but least your happy to see me.

At the keys the master or insane half wit began his
works of geinus this would break the ice for sure!

Dear Sarah

Wow all I can say is me likey.
And may I say that sweater really brings out your *******.
We should get togather and  talk  bout  things
while naked in bed to bare are souls.

Something about me.
My name is Jerry im  superbadass hells yeah.
I like drinking other peoples beer i can bench like a
thousand pounds.

I have a big   tv. What get your mind outta the gutter!
Lets drop the small talk you know ya want it why fight it.
Let that inner tigress out meow kitty  
Lets get naugthy and do things to make us both
purr in the litter box.

Kisses Dr Jerry   giggles and a gay *** emicon,

Yeah I know what your saying no wonder im such a ****.
And no wonder i have to pay for *** and im always alone.

After some mock tears and a snuggle   we waited for I know a
turned on little nymphs  reply.

Hey Kids it's  time to play are favorite snow game.
car surffing  in the blizzard cause im a drunken idiot
okay that kinda hurt.

Driving around the mean streets of KI  hopping officer
Rutherford was off duty or searching some drunk woman
looking for  some goodies hey I wonder where my sister is?

We at the rip roaring speed of 10 miles a hour What ?!
Hey saftey first that and the snow made it really hard for Jerry to hold onto the roof and pass the bottle.

We laughed we cried we lit are farts and made a beautiful
snow sculpture of two snow people getting freaky right in the middle of the road  hey kids blame it on the Beatles.

After we took out a few mail boxes stole a few garden gnomes
And taught a jaded soul how to love agian  we were
back at the office slash trailer in jerry's grandmas backyard
yes to think he's really come a long way since the tent.

By the warmth of the fire  music and fine drink to
match are deep conversation.

Hey dude ya think think that extenze stuff really works?
And if so if you took a lifetime supply  could you answer the door without getting outta bed?.      
The knock at the door was sudden.
****** man I knew it! Snow monkeys hide the
penut butter  and  put on some Kenny G!
Hey **** Kenny G  
Dam you John Tesh Go back into the closet where you belong!

Jerry looked at me as he usally does.
Like this ******* really needs some shock treatment.
Talk about a charge.

After Jerry assured me it wasnt the artic monkey's come to take there revenge   and promised to read me a bed time story what!
I have a inner child oh was starved of kickass stories.
Like Jack And The Beanstalk ,Catcher And The Rye,Or Debbie Does Dallas.

I opened the door to see a  large angry looking man
with a axe in his hand hmm dam lumber jacks  there always
on the job.

Are you the perve that wrote my 13 year old daughter that perverted
email on facebook?

Oh no im Gonzo im the other pervert who writes really long rambling stories on a a poetry website that arent really poetry
or very good,And drinks alot and doesnt make much sense

Yet always bring a laugh to demented people across the globe
cause yeah im super bad ***...

The man stood unfazed gritting his teeeth *******
me with his eyes hey it's cold okay.

Uhh no sir that's the perve your looking for over there
looking at your daughters pics hey ****** man we have
company  stop that.

I made my exit to the sound of screams it was like
a pit bull was latched onto a girl scout the agony    
Well looks like things were off to a good start Jerry was already meeting Sarahs  parent.

No need to thank me  Jerry
Remember kids if ya need a little help in time of need.
Look no further than Gonzo.

Slower than a fast moving virus.
He can leap small dwarfs and some short big girls in a single bound

Gonzo fly's  of into the night in a epic soon to be forgotten.
B movie moment.
Stay Crazy.

Look Im flying.  **** tree!

Splat , Crash, Boom  Ouch Shitfire And Flying Monkeys
Next time I'll take a cab.

Adios Amigo's
Id like to thank the  academy.
Blues clues  Bigfoot.

Skeeter for passing out that one night and not waking up or at least not charging.

and to think i took screen writting and they had the nerve to
tell me i was crazy and id never find anyone who thought this was funny.

you like me your really like me well kinda and you thank God i dont
live nextdoor.

The credits roll  Gonz and Roses play.  

He's just a small island nut job living in a naughty minded world.
He took the midnight train  and as the semi hot hurled.
Yeah held here hair.

Dont stop reading.
Hang to that ***** feeling .
Just not in public or it can get ya trouble im just saying.

Thank you  Detroit  
Returning is certain.
One way, one day
Lifetimes within lifetimes
Transcend, one into
Eyes smile in recognition as
Adios will always
Bring you home.
Copyrighted by Elisa Maria Argiro  May 2019 Iowa America Earth
Trupoetry Jan 2015
You should have told me this was coming
Not that I could have prepared but at least I would have been foolishly aware
You should have whispered while I loved you that you would leave me
That I'd lose so much of myself in you that in the end I'd need me
Like these shallow breaths I take
That make my Earth quake
Breaking fast at the sight of the Sun & the truth
It rises and falls and all I think of is you
I was a little bit naive by the time it was over
Was hoping to find the fourth leaf of my crazy clover
Before it took me over
I wish I could fight this feeling inside
This desire to need you to want to say goodbye
butterfly May 2017
You are the sun
cast light the garden
warm the moon
touches the river
calms the flood at dusk -----
the smile I draw on the sky

I see harvest as you shine
rays in every leaves
grew the farm
kissed the earth
sang the music of your heart
a whistle  and a lightness on your face
The sunset has come
and carried you away
darkness fell
I fell on my knees
powerless as you're asleep
People stay awake having coffee and bread

They put you in a box
when you called fire
They put you six feet the ground
when you asked for ash
Those your blue book
they swallowed and spit

The ******* of religion
they cradle like child
I was so broken
my heart is revolting
against the shared fate

You’re a free spirit
sun of the sky
you’re rays reach 
every angle of the world
you hold the big heart
in your chest

Mahal kong Ama,
"Gihigugma ko Ikaw,
"Sangko sa Langit"
December 2010 My father passed away and wrote a poem on my solitude seven years ago

Some translations:
"Nakasabot ka Papa, Nakasabot ka" =  You understand Father, You understand"
"Adios Mahal Kong Ama, Adios"! = Goodbye my dearest father, goodbye!
"Gihigugma ko ikaw = I love you!
Sangko sa langit = It reaches the heavens
Nakasabot = understand/ understood
Ikaw/ ka = You
Ako/ ko = I
Papa = Father
Adios = Goodbye
mahal = love/ dear/dearest (it's also use to say something expensive)
sangko = reach/reaches
sa = to
langit = sky/ heavens
The phone rang and as usual I answered with that touch of vocal swagger I'm so greatly
known for.
the voice on the other end was timid and who could blame her it's not often
A writer gets to speak with a semi legend in the making well kind of look I can ******* dream okay.

Is this Gonzo?
The voice asked unsure in a world of pitfalls and scammers she had stumbled upon  the
true voice behind the madness it was like Christmas minus the annoying little ******* and terrible music.

Why yes yes it is.
Hey this is Lily Mae  it's really awesome to finally talk to you.
I understood her happiness it must have been what it was like to first realize
your idols were real  Lily was thrilled with excitement she rattled on a star struck
fan in the glow of the great one.

I'm so used to this by now as you can imagine being as awesome as I.
We spoke for hours on some of my favorite subjects like myself.
Duh what else is there to talk about well besides ******* and what a ******* this site has become.

You know you really are a mystery to most and it really works for you.
Well honestly that's mainly because of the whole outstanding warrants thing I said.
To which she laughed.
Although I don't know why being I was serious.

We chatted for hours on every subject under the sun.
she told me all about her interests like miniature golfing and arguing with  airhead teens
at writers café.

And A bunch of other things I cant recall cause I was far to busy hearing about how awesome I was .
Well you can't argue with the truth folks I know they  don't call me captain kickass for nothing.

So I bet you get a lot of girls writing you huh?
Duh of course I mean it gets so bad cause I mean I hate having to turn them down cause I'm like
yeah I know all you poetic chic's want to get with me but like I got to rest my ding ding sometime.

You wouldn't believe how bad it is I mean there's a lot of really weird people out there on the internet.
Yeah and I think I'm talking to the weirdest.

Seems this hamster was getting a bit jealous I couldn't blame her.
But I was like a wild turkey I  had to run cause I couldn't fly and that and I'm afraid of heights.
But I'm usually cool with getting high not that you should ever do drugs.
Cause look what doing to many drugs can do to your brain.

Hell the effects are clear just look at the people that run this place.

Umm Gonzo I got to go.
Seems being in the presence of greatness  had all the normal side effects
but honestly enough about peoples personal problems.

Hey don't take this the wrong way or anything.
I knew what she was going to say next oh silly fans like I told my last one
of course you can send me **** pics just not if your a dude.
Duh who wants to look at some dudes hairy sack it was just a faze I was going through okay!

Besides I had to have proof Justin Bieber was really a guy .
I'm kidding like he has hair on his *****.
Not that I would know but I mean he is Canadian it's just there culture okay.

Of course Lily just remember I have high standards I'm kidding I'm a total ****.
What she said confused seems she was experiencing a contact high yes I'm just that good.
What the hell are you talking about?

Look I know how it is to be in the presence of Gonzo
trust me even I cant keep my hands off myself.
Big shocker there Gonz  but hey switch it up sometimes and call it a double date.

Lily Mae not only is she a poet She's a pretty good smartarse as  well.

Gonz what I was going to say was .
Is that don't be hurt but your kind of  weird so don't try calling back cause I'm going to block your number.

I heard what she was saying and like most men I didn't let reality get in the way of my own ego fed

Sure she was saying I was weird and after talking to me she really wanted to take a shower .
But what she was really saying was.
She knew I was a loner a outlaw  and a true freebird minus the really long *** song
and drunken redneck fans with lighters held up.

She knew she couldn't tame the king of crazy so she would simply admire from afar like all the rest
hopefully without  a restraining  order or pepper spray that *******
**** burns much like the clap.
Not that I would know.

Umm Gonz are you there?

Yes little hamster I am and I fully understand be free my friend and stay crazy.
Uhh yeah you to and well I got to go your really creeping me out.
Adios Lily.

And just like that she was gone but I believe she took a great deal from the conversation
like don't talk to people from the internet and sometimes people who play crazy
truly are ******* crazy.

So remember if your ever alone and feel like just talking to someone.
You probably want to avoid me cause it's really not a act.
And I'll probably scare the ***** outta  you or make you take a bath  and if so I'm
just saying that web cam is got to get some use sometime.

Stay crazy hamsters  

based on a true event only the names and just how awesome it is to talk to Gonzo have been slightly changed to protect the innocent.

And remember your not ***** till I've put you in a Gonzo write.
MicMag Jul 2018
Fanatics fixed their eyes upon
The screen to cheer their team
The mood there in the air was tense
Tricolor seemed out of steam

The clock was counting down
The time was drawing nigh
Doomed to lose and head on home
Bid Russia their goodbye

An errant shot deflected out
Gave them one last chance
To score a goal and prance about
Show off their famous dance

From the corner, the ball soared in
A hero rose above
Mina smacked it with his head
And won his country's love

England shocked to see the win
Snatched right from their grasp
Colombia delirious
Successful at last gasp

And thus the game was sent along
Into the overtime
Two periods were played to nil
Two teams full in their prime

Penalties would now decide
Which team would advance
The locals glued to their tvs
The nation in a trance

Falcao scores! Kane as well!
Cuadrado, Rashford too!
Muriel then strikes one home
Tricolor up three to two!

Ospina blocks the next one
Hypes up the frenzied crowd
But Uribe hits the crossbar
And the silence echoes loud

Trippier knots it up again
We're down to final shots
Bacca fails to get his through
Past Pickford's valiant swat

Fate rests upon this final kick
Well placed with perfect spin
Just past Ospina's outstreched hands
Dier seals the win

The cafeteros reel from shock
No sign of jubilation
But still the crowd, crushed in defeat
Show their appreciation

Colombia eliminated
We give them all a hand
And though their World Cup here is done
I'm now their biggest fan
Inspired by the happy Colombian heart!

I'm not even a soccer fan but this game was a rollercoaster!
Dorothy May 2015
Packing things into brown boxes.
Concealed memories in a cardboard funeral.
Harboring dust like it’s a trophy.
Time ticks
                           ticks away.
So much crammed into tight spaces.
Wrinkled and wrapped up just like it was placed.
The season on my face is fall.
Each tear swaying down like a fallen leaf.
Choking on how to say goodbye.
Au Revoir.
In my office me and Gonzo waited speaking on deep issues
with no true meaning as usual.
*******'s heart had been broken for Drew had   left him a beaten and
love bitten  luchador slash attorney.

Senior Gonzo speaking endlessly to the hat rack had reminded me why
I never  dropped acid anymore.
Poor gonzo had just been served with divorce papers  to which
his only response was ****** amigo  i never knew i was married.

As his attorney  i belived a trip to mexico was outta the question for i had just got back do to some well a misunderstanding  its legal
jargin you  couldnt possibly understand.

His deadline was near  and without my solid advise this man wouldnt be able to pull it off  so being we had been in the bar for more than
eight hours  we decided to make a exit through the  mens room window.

Front doors are over rated.
In my legal office slash camper  hey eveyone starts somewhere
  I was reminded of my  loved hellcat Drew
she had left many items here a satanic bible  her  boil cream.
how I did mis rubbing her webbed toes.

How was i to work Gonzo was a mess hidding under the table
so the ginger bread people couldnt find him
and return him to there  bitter talentless leader
Kate Perry  i swear if you stab me one more time senior  gonzo
with that fork in my maracas im going to get medevile on your ***

Oh how i missed my tag team partner drew.
i should never have introduced her el man donkey who
resist such a uhh personallity.

But now here I  sit with a madman under my table tripping his
***** off   insisting  I contact Simon Cowell  to inform him
man ******  are so yesterday.

If only I had gotten the Lindsy Lohan case  I would finally have gotten my brake or maybe just a std.
Oh well theres always hope Mel Gibson  will need me.
The road warrior was a true classico  and he seemed so well
balanced compared to my   reallity challenged  cilent.

Remember kids if ever  you have a chance to trip with senior Gonzo
its probaly best you hide all sharp objects.
adios  *******
el ******* is always availible for quick and honest legal advise
i except all major credit cards and  will take trade as well
******* loves you all  just like  sisters  even the men to
Rangzeb Hussain Aug 2010
Madness round about us and no one knows,
Memories of ember fired trust,
Watch them, these entombed brains,
Piano sonata, violin concerto, torn notes,
Who are the ******, them or us?

Madness, insanity, absurdity, irrationality,
Craziness, dementia, stupidity, psychosis,
Senility, fanatical, deranged, mental,
Foolishness, hysterical, delusional, frenzied,
Psychotic, maniacal, lunacy, neurosis, disordered,
Take these notes and from them weave
A hymn to chaos.

And so here it begins...

Bee bar locked up honey sting hive,
For them that have wept grains of sand warm yet wet,
In that dark distant horizon mountain bark,
Onion quake cuts splash serrated blade,
Insanity uncorked frothy so seeps humanity.

Orphan sky spits pregnant daggers drip,
Wing plucked harpies never will sing,
Dead sailors salted lie in silken mermaid beds,
Schooners sail the scattered chase round the horned tail,
Skulls bubble air sockets freed from cloven trouble.

Roads webbed spiralled butterfly miles of bottled lies,
Venom harvested acres baked into medicine,
Undone years plunged inside veins popped into mouths,
I loved you know,
No, no, you did not know for all eternity.

Hope filed cabinet all lost my ghostly dancer,
Rooms silver sunned windows seared,
Playground memories brim on the haze,
Smoke fogged pipes puffed clouds,
Asleep amongst trees over green glass grass blades frost.

Hold fingers to hands strange,
Notes ring around maze tower of desires,
Low sands but tides rise and torrents break or fall,
Alone we enter same goes exit,
Midnight clowns ****** into dreamscapes.

Creased rage silver ironed steam brains,
Unfurl flags red and painted war pain,
Impotent artful eye with sedated lust,
Boil drum not loud remember to listen,
Say less, speak more, silence best of all.

Galleons crawl upon the divided cloud docks,
Look there, point to starboard land ahoy,
Deep bosomed tear slaked shore,
Sense mixed universe reduced to a tick-tock,
Never shall it stand, withered time no glance past.

Adios, fare thee well, goodbye, auf wiedersehen,
Tongues weep, eyes talk, observe tender songs silence,
Contradiction philosophises perplexing paradoxes pure,
Marbles, one and all, drown in the air,
Narrow, so narrow are those who judge all.

Sin to fear and all is terror called,
Wanton doves warble tunes broken,
Afraid I was, too wrapped in fear coiled I,
To know fright and bride forsake,
Never were holes deeper dug.

Reason not the rhythm nor rhyme,
Pandora, oh Pandora, what hast thou done?
Stare upon thy casket coffin spread-eagled,
Fire stealer Prometheus universal milk burns,
Gorgon Medusa snake dancer charmer seducer.

Silent bones drum against skin, wake up fool!
White winged dove blood red beak suite,
Humbled blood sore butchered vows vain,
Then as now silent partner is all,
Meant so much more you were.

Rapier, pistol, kiss and hold, to my temple place,
Slash, bang, smack and rake, let matter escape,
What uncharted continents we all are,
Walls rise hand bricked high over hill and sky,
Dilated screams of the civil dead no wall can cage.

Tears glitter sky to earth,
Seeding jewels amongst dung natural,
Fountains colour horizon wide,
Sanity transfigured stitched, haggled,
Eternal slaughter diamond edged sold.

Torquemada burrows rib cracked skin blood,
Skeleton tomb dust for leprosy romance,
Wail now poor Quasimodo tongue-tied,
No one to keep company but rat bones,
Unborn, forgotten, locked and barred.

Hush there! Let there be deafening silence,
Lie, cuddle snuggle, caress dark death,
There, still now, wipe away sleep,
Space time galaxies born in minds beyond measure,
Planets die, titans die, you and me we all certify.

Madness here! She creeps into bed mine,
Yours too! Oh, how richly embraced we,
Paris Town cellars breed inmates,
Lice tea stirred drunk and promises sung,
Escape none, trapped all, sky above and death underfoot.

This asylum madness no wall can hold,
Floats into night skies and into ears young,
Oh no, goodness no, you cannot out keep it in,
Destroy the house of madness you cannot,
Dost thou fear thyself knave? ‘tis merely a jest most musical,
All the chords sprinkled peppered and cast asunder.*

©Rangzeb Hussain

— The End —