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Mahdi Akhloumadi Jun 2023
Sounds Dreadful,
So undo the Deeds,
Nullify the Wills.

Reverse the verses,
Step back traces,
Reinvent the axle,
Reinvent the wheel.

Drill the crux,
Drill deep,
Upon your skull!
Mahdi Akhloumadi Dec 2022
My dear friend, carbon form of life!
Or digital.

Tomorrow we had;
a Greek date for mate, out of format,
And tea without seafood.
And cha-cha boom
And Besame Mucho!

your Epimetheus,
And your forgetfulness,
Fishy and slipped away,
Thanks to ,
Sandman's fingers.

And I have a worm in my stomach;
By the name of Shay-Khulud.

My sweet dilemma
Mahdi Akhloumadi May 2022
What was it?
Meteor falling?
Visit of aliens, an encounter?
Defense Ministry briefing?
Semantic or phonetic ellipsis?
Or unfiltered beer?
Or was she Serbian?
Such a fake name...

In a french tunic or a jacket?
what century of antiquity? 19th 18th?

Storojeviih do you understand me?
You won't find such a datum in cyberspace!
You left early,
The spectrum is still on.

This is often the case with people,
Abnormal states
Or let's put it this way:
Alien abduction.

In Orginal:

Watchmen in an unknown wardrobe item

Что это было?
Падение метеорита?
Посещение инопланетян?
Брифинг Минобороны?
Семантический или фонетический эллипсис?
Или нефилтрованное пиво?
Или сербка она была?
Такая фалшивая фамилия...

В тунике или в пиджаке?
какого то века антика? 19ого 18ого?

Сторожевых Вы меня поняли?
В киберпространстве такого датума
Не найдёшь!
Вы рано ушли.
Спектр еще горит.

Это часто бывает с людьми,
Аномальные состояния
Или так скажим:
-Похищение пришельцами.
Mahdi Akhloumadi Jan 2022
On the mirrors
Should be written;
"spoiler alert".
Mahdi Akhloumadi Jan 2022
For the begining of the begining
Of the begining
Of the begining
Of an end!
Mahdi Akhloumadi Jan 2022
Here the "love",
the signifier,
the identifier,
The **** Sacer,
Is an anti-keyword.
Mahdi Akhloumadi Jan 2022
Thou are to train thyself!
the living example of life and death,
Gayomart or Keyumars.

Gayomart in Avestan means "the living mortal", from gaya "life" and marətan "mortal, human being".
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