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Running to u, perhaps
results in
A heartbreak;
a tear
a sigh.
Galloping across pulses
Perchance, is a chase
of the wind.
Even so,
I'll run to u.
Based on ben e king's stand by me. Dedicated to all those who still hope for love and meaningful friendships one day. May you find the person you can always run to.
Rain falls from
our cheeks,
Pages of memories
are burnt
inside fate's tower.
Life is a Hydra.
We often shed tears over struggles and losses of loved ones. I dedicate this to all seeking for another day in paradise
I fell for her like rain.
Droplets of
dropped hastily
from clouded minds
carved in skies of doubt;
with interludes of
Thunder and illusion.

Speeches, displayed
in lightning lies
and Jasper eyes
I fell in haste.
Till the scorching sun
dried up the well.
I fell like rain.
This is a remake of my own poem poetry2. It is dedicated to my friend Mawunya, a fellow poet on hepo. It is also for unrequited lovers and those who fell for a special someone.
This is not a poem
Just a thank you
It's ma birthday
Just want to say
Thank you
Poets of hello poetry
Thank you for the love.
It's ma birthday and I want to thank all poets of how who have patronized ma art. Amanda, dr. Lim, and a host of others. Thank you very much
What happens to a broken promise?

Does it sting
like a bee?
or creates a wound
and leaves a scar?
Does it die in the heart
or grow as a seed

Maybe it just lives
like a ghost

Or it creates strangers?
This is my remake of  Langston Hughes' a dream deferred. I've been in love with the poem for sometime now. I dedicate this piece to those in search of true and meaningful friendships
I am poetry;
Sonata composed in fourteen lines;
Woven in a dilating sonnet.
I am poetry,
Anaphora riding on iamb's saddle
Echoing free verses n
From line to line
And singing metaphor's
ever-living  hymns;
Of then and now,
Dawn and rise.
I walked  in rhymes
Till my feet strikes the gleaming Volta
And sends me back
To gloomy Arden.
I am poetry.
Dedicated to all poets who inspired me during ma difficult moments. Dr lim, rose, Ayesha, Jay, Empire and a host of others. Thank u
Sleep, o little one
For nature morn will call
in your little garden,
chirping melodies,
Little Heidi sails
On streams of laughter,
Echoing verses
Of blissful feet
Sweet discord trumpets
"Heidi !
mother's countenance
strikes chord of labour lullaby.
forming rosy rivers round the sun.
Heidi swings a cockadoodle
Till the apple of the sky sets his blazing hand
And rest in nature's cradle.
This is a poem based on the novel Heidi and songs like Rockabye (clean bandit ft Anne-Marie and Sean Paul) and classical compositions like o little one sweet(Bach), kind I'm einschlummern(child asleep) by schumann
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