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I'll never let go
    She said
Yet  I see only my reflection now
Betrayal love sacrifice
Remorseful it is inside
Painful it is
The future seems bright as always proclaimed
But what is the essence of the brightness of the future when everything hurts now?
Hate me or love me
    What is left is

Self identity
If only you knew
The whispers behind u
You'll wear a frown
And be an owl
All life long.
trust. Care
My loneliness and I often talk about you,
If you had been here,
You would have talked about this and that,
Made me laugh,
How this or that would be,
If only you were here.
Money is happiness
In you I'm bathed in laughter.
The art of enjoying ones company while it lasts is priceless
I was the sea
She was the ship
Rocking gently
On my ocean,
I tossed her
In  waves of sweet lullaby
Heart. Sweetness. Beauty
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