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Trupoetry Mar 21
I want to write you poetry

I want to be the cover pulled up to your chin against your nightmares

a reminder

that fear only has as much power as we give in to

never forget

love is not a fairy tale

neither is the story of creation

lets love as intentional as his 7 days

I'll be honest

even when it hurts

pain is pleasure

only when we can grow thru what we go thru

keep in mind

we have all been let down by love

yet never abandoned by God

& God is love

Betrayal lingers behind me like cigar stench

I just keep flicking the ashes

wiping them from my clothing

hoping they don't ruin the fabric of who I am

change is necessary

open your heart

make a place for me there

speak into words what it feels like

to Truly be loved...
Trupoetry Jul 2018
I googled once "places for singles to go to re inspire love"
The first was
A picture of Barcelona, Spain

The art
The water
The food

All fire starters
For the piles of dried up cherry hearts I've been carrying
Underneath my left arm ike firewood thru a forest of faith

Lost, yet somehow on my way somewhere
With a full itinerary

I have scaled mountains with my eyes closed
I have swam oceans holding my breath backwards
Barely upright I have walked the lowest valleys

Breath taking-ly beautiful things scare me
So I close my eyes when I kiss
I hold them monumentally wide when I make love

I am waiting for nothing
I am hoping for enough faith
To freak fear out

I want to love you purely
so I'll get these kinks out before you meet me

In Barcelona xoxo
Trupoetry May 2018
I'm at war with my own self
Last night I almost lost the battle to mental health
Been over 20yrs since I was sincere

Cant even think of the last time I hugged my mama
Brain clouded I allowed it to be flooded with drama
Yet I keep my head up even when I'm fed up

Never been accepted
So I'm aggressive when it comes to demanding I be respected
I got the heart of an angel, mind of a scholar, I move with honor...never did nothing strange for no amount of dollars

Imagine feeling anguish that is not taking place in the physical
Depression doesn't leave traces that can be picked up in a physical
If my body seems fine the Dr wont ask; so I grin and bare and continue to wear my mask

When honestly, I'm tired of being here
Rolling with the motions every other new year
No one to be concerned even when they've learned just how bad for peace my mind yearns.

I need more loving and less judgement
Got a little love left in me; could use more of it

This season I'm a little overwhelmed by this inner grieving...
Trying to stay a float; so this poem I wrote...
To give myself something to believe in <333
It gets better right? It has to <3333
Trupoetry Mar 2018
Don't change yourself for anyone
for if one day you wake & they are not there
the weight of you waiting
might be too much to bare

Stop saying you know who you are
Have you forgotten the beauty in the unknown
Stop keeping track unless you're going back
to that which you've outgrown

I still walk that trail you showed me
I call your name over the waters waves
I breathe more deeply, more freely
& allow the memories to return that time tries to make go away

When I said you were irreplaceable darling
it was one of the few times I told the brave truth
The rest of my honesty, was honestly
forcefully given to you

I hope you've learned to stop stomping on flowers
& take the advice of the wind
all things start
in the same place that they end

Forever Advice from Forever a Friend xoxo
Trupoetry Feb 2018
Pardon me...
but why is your heart so hardened...My G
I know you have a watered down definition of what a woman should be
Thanks to IG
half naked public pics just isn't me
Thankful that you still noticed me
Word is, it was my poetry
so before I proceed

May I?
Why thank you my dear!

Now another question
Can you come here?
If only for a second
My third eye don't lie
Ya whole vibe says you struggle with affection
is that your fathers image being reflected?
or your Mother & all the parts of you she neglected?
I don't need an answer
I wanna help you catch it before it spread like cancer
Would you take the road to recovery if you could plan it?
Love aint everything but not having it is a disadvantage

May I?

Light a candle, pour the cognac & light an incense
before I give you the same thing you've always had, only different
dripping in innocence
although in your mind I'm guilty
it's only in your mind
in this instance
allow me, the freedom to be me
allow you, permission to be seen
not viewed
lets color coordinate our highest chakra hues
its no coincidence that after the heart is exposed we fear being used
because we communicate thru the throat chakra and its always blue

May I?
Explain instead of running game

that's why the candle I lit is white, the drink is a grape
the incense is lavender & the music is Xscape
I want you here with me but resting in outer space
enjoying my inner beauty
admiring its outer shape
no matter how out of shape
watch me bend, don't let me break
fragility is humility
I am soft with you
I do fine finding my way when you're away
May I? Get lost with you
Trupoetry Nov 2017
Who cares if I want to be
I know I need to be
A Millionaire...
because life's never been fair
and boy do I care

Who cares if I want to be
I know I need to be
able to assist with fees
for kids who will graduate
first generation
college students & entrepreneurs in preparation

Who cares if you don't think I will
I pray it's in Gods will
let my divine energy be revealed
so that I may prosper to propel others up the hill
hard to climb and heal
Trupoetry Nov 2017
I ran to the edge of Heaven today
Leaped from my bed and almost fell down a cliff
In a balled fist
I had a list
Your name was at the top of it
"Unfinished Business"
God says I have to keep living until you agree to die together
Isn't that why Marriage says Until Death do Us Part?
Yet you keep parting ways with me in the living
& No kidding besides my Fathers Death
You are the only memory that chokes me up
Like walking into a funeral late
Everyone there has already grieved
So you swallow, hard and quietly
The tears don't roll down your face
They bravely brace the fire escapes we call cheekbones
They know
That burning passion will create smoke in your eyes
Smoke in the eyes always creates water
Water helps things grow
& your heart has been dry for far too long

So today I took the last Birthday Card I ever sent you
Folded the sides of it down
Turned the corners of it upward

Got a running start from Earth
Launched it to the ******* the cliff in Heaven
She keeps reaching for me
Speaking to me
I need her to see

The Earth bound boy that makes Heaven worth the wait

The clouds in his hair
The wind in his laugh
Cools me in summer
Challenges me in winter
& scares me during my storms

He is all I've ever been
I know him
I owe him; a glimpse in the mirror
A ring around a rosie
A 1, 2 , 3 not it
A Happily EVer After
A you can do it Baby
AN I forgive you
Please forgive me
For laughing my real laugh
I know the snorting tickles you
I know you hate to be tickled

The plane never quite makes it to the cliff
Although intrigued by my love
She never quite gets the jist of it
& this stupid list
of Unfinished Business
Keeps auto correcting in your name...
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