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Rough weather, strong waves
Maybe mother nature is angry?
Tempest storms, furiously raging
If vessels were scared of  storms
They will never berth
You see smooth seas
They never made skilled Sailors
The storms will rage
It's alright to be scared
But listen to me, never quit!
And who knows, just maybe
Sooner than they think
Your name will turn autographs
Keep dreaming! Just don't quit
If you are reading this
Join me in eulogising her
For nine months she carried me
Gave me exclusive breastfeeding
Nurtured me without a price
She could have terminated my pregnancy
But she knew she carried a star
A trailblazer and economic reformer
Don't you wish your Mum was fine like mine?
She is my god in human flesh
She is my friend, my mentor
I appreciate all your love
Youe sacrifices will not be in vain
I will strive and hit the mark
And one day, you'll be proud of me
Thank you for being my Heroine
Surely, you are the world's best  Mum
You said I have rights
You made us promises
You said we own the lands
But the minerals are yours
And you want peace
This you seek is possibly impossible

You said my people are your people
With your sweet savouring tongue
You preached unity and true federalism
I believed without a doubt
Yet, my people are impoverished
But today I say, not anymore

I see Armies rising
They are sold out to a cause
One people, one mind, one voice
From age long oppressions they will liberate their people
Even if it is their last assignment
That's why I see fresh air coming
It is closer than you think

But you have a choice
Restructure now or suture tomorrow
If it is our land, it is our resources
Not yours and your cabals
Before the rain comes thunder
You have been advised

Let the town crier sound the gong
Gather all the villagers
Let your strong men volunteer
Let the women sing
Let the children watch and learn
As we "Balm" these ones for exploits

It is better to live for something
Than to die for nothing
Even if you fail, they will remember you
And forever Crest your name in their hearts
With your picture on their wall
You will be their greatest inspiration...

This could cost our life
Is this really a part we want to thread?
We really don't want  bloodshed
Let us come back to the table
Shake this table that it breaks
Then restructure, to secure our future

We believe in our indivisibility
We can turn our waste to wealth
Covert our diversity to opportunities
Turn our population to  blessings and not curses
But then, collectively, we say "No" to oppression and violence
However, the choice is yours...
If you were a goat
I will spare you
They are lower animals
But yes, they have libido too
Divinity made it so

If you were a Dog
I will also spare you
I see them everytime
Especially when emotions are high
The don't need a "cold room"

Life gave you life
You climbed the ladder
Maybe faster than others
But, "Say you first me reach bus stop..."
No mean say you go first me enter motor"

You desecrated our land
Abused the anointing
Reneged on your marital vows
Pounced on innocent girls
Maybe you do boys too
The thunder that will fire you is warming up

So, there is a "Cold Room"
Where you worship in your daughter's altar
While your daughters schools abroad
I blame the government
To whom education means nothing

Flush them out fast!
Many have become victims
They succumbed to pressure
Exchanged their dignity for vanity
Orchestrated by a monster in human form

You are only privileged
To be a priest over our children
As their lecturer, they saw a god in you
But you abused this grace
Your time is up!

We will follow this through
Until justice is served
You need to be incarcerated
This crime is a sacrilege
And the time to pay is now

My fellow Students
The hour has come
To expose these randy lecturers
If you were ever abused
This is the time to speak up

You gain nothing keeping quiet
Lend a voice to the next generation
In us lies their strength
Say no to "*** for admission or grades"
But you are not alone...

Just a line of thought
If infidels cannot make heaven
What happens to those worse than infidels?
Think about this
These ones are already condemned

They compel our daughters to pay for hotels
They engage them in quickies in their enclosed offices
That is exclusive of the"Cold room" encounter
But for guys, you have to sort them
Because you don't have a hole

Dear investigative journalists of African descent
Be bold and fearless in your discharge
We are in a race to end this scourge
This should have been you unearthing this
Thank God a foreign brand stepped in
What will history remember you for?

My name is Babatunde Raimi
I am product of Nigeria's University of First Choice
I know some very fine lecturers
This does not represent our value
We fume against unethical practices in any form

Not all the prophets in Egypt bowed to baal
Not every lecturer is a randy dog
Rest assured, justice will be served
We pride in our name andgreat academic feats
Our products are doing exploits world-over
We will not allow no one bring "That name" to disrepute
I relish her audacious maneuvers
She is highly curvatious
The most delicious I ever tasted
Her lips, lusciously lucious
Don't try her, she is vicious
Even if you are judicious
Tenaciously she will become voracious
Though her face looks fallacious
Never have I seen a damsel to edacious
Atrocious and highly ferocious
I should have been sagacious
I guess I am naturally polygamous
Hence I fell into the hands of a loquacious damsel
At the end, I became mordacious
Memories now embedded in time
So, we can officially say "It's over"
But logically, is it really over?
Now, i am left with the smell of you
Your sweet smelling fragrance
Puffed from the finest of scents

Day suddenly turned nights
I wish we could make it together
For I hold your picture in a frame
Carefully hidden in my heart
And each time I breathe
A part of me exhales and inhales you

The early morning teas and late night calls
The way you touch my air
Sing me lullaby and all that
Your soft and succulent lips
I wake up in the deadness of the night
With thoughts of you in my heart

It was necessary we said goodbye
That we may follow our path
But in us was "The Dream"
Nature played a fast one on us
We bowed to societal pressures
And science reminded us of genetic and biological clock
In all, we had to say goodbye

Your were extremely caring
And dangerously jealous
That made me really feel special
Even if I say "Yes" to another
You'll always be a part of me
Ours, one of the best love stories ever written
The story of once upon a time...
Goodbye my love
As you walked by
You carried an aura
I saw the tiger in your swagger
Even when you danced
It was a death roll
A dance of death
Like the mighty Crocs in Africa
Come, come to me your eyes called!

Weak but adventurous
I was willing to take a risk
After all, "All die na die"
You invited me to your hallowed chamber
I pounced every corner of your palace
An exact replica of the acts of Samson and Delilah
I positioned for a rematch
Nothing tasted sweeter I swear
Then you faded away, forever...

As my world fell
I was caught in between two worlds
No doubt, that of life and death
Nothing in life is really free
It comes with a cost
A stigma I have to live it
Because I lacked self discipline
It was a sweet bitter fling
That left an incurable stigma for life

Don't pray for me
My choice is made
This is for you
Before you walk that walk
Think of the consequences
Lest what befell me comes on you
Don't say I didn't tell you
There can be trouble in paradise
Save you are ready to say "Yes"
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