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(A) rose within a garden of thorns sits still and glowing.
(N)ot to be prickly but to show a beauty that is over flowing.
(D)own the lakeside crystaline water flows.
(R)ising deeply, to a depth that no one knows.
(E)ventful is the sight created by a "Godly" hand.
(A) magnificent view to behold, an endless story written in the sand.

(U)nderneath a clear blue sky a lovely face sits beneath a tree.
(R)eading a penned story by an author, and that is she.
(E)ntwined, the words that cannot be written in rhyme, and only another tale to be made in time.
(T)o write another is to be done in a different tale.
(A)nd to write it freely is to be like ships preparing to sail.
Sometimes its braver to cry.
Sometimes its braver not to try.
Sometimes its braver to walk away.
Sometimes its braver not to stay.

Sometimes its braver not to fight.
Sometimes its braver to admit defeat when its right.
Sometimes its braver to take the blame.
Sometimes its braver to be ashamed.

Sometimes its braver to take the fall.
Sometimes its braver to not stand tall.
Sometimes its braver to surrender and be at peace.
Sometimes its braver to say less and not to please.

Sometimes its braver not to be brave.
Sometimes its braver to show that you're afraid.
Predestined to sit on a chair is a man long foretold.
Engulf in a manner of truth and democracy that makes him bold.
Defined by honor and valor that in many battles he amassed.
Respiting only when needed be and when he must.
On parchments of solitude before the  coming dusk.

Orchestrated in his mind is a plan for the betterment of all.
Bestowing upon us all, is his service with open arms to heed and welcome every call.
At sophistication he stands as he leans to reach with a helping hand.
Liasing, bridging boundaries to make all one and to mend.
Down the lane arguements will find the way to peace.
On any occasion he may please you for all your pleas.

Jagged may be the path that will come ahead.
Up to the task, overcoming it will be just like a tangled line that could be an ache in the head.
Nicely and carefully straightening it in a graceful trance.
It will not take long before the knots made by confusion turns into chance.
On a pedestal long fortold to be stood upon.
Respect, honor and all that rhymes with it will be embedded in one brand.
(V)elvet were the skies when in november rained.
(H)owling was the gustling of the wind before the winter solstice came.
(O)ver the mountain tops trees started to sway.
(N)eatly stretched branches dancing like children at play.
(G)reeting the heavens and waving at the sun and its melodious rays.

(N)ot far from the lake side stood a shack.
(A) spider weaving web of threads so elastic, lives on the back.
(V)aguely watching the world as it revolves and as it slowly cracks.
(A) ghostly whisper was heard in a nearby brush.
(R)elentless as it echoes repeatedly through a green woodland lush.
(R)ight about the country side a bond was made.
(O)ne sacred union between a lumber jack and a lovely southern maid.
(J)avelin like strikes is what it feels like when you get stung by his venomous poisoned tail.
(H)orriedly taking your life slowly like a cancer that in your sea of blood buoyantly sails.
(O)n the dead of night he crawls beneath your sheets.
(N)avigating through your camp, away from the fire and to give you the creeps.
(G)rinning like a beast as he makes you scream and shriek.

(H)is a deadly scorpion, a shell case demon who doesn't want anybody bursting his bubbles.
Impassable and has an impossible rage that you would never want to unravel.
(L)ethal is his face that would make you beg for your life when you face him.
(A) depth of a thousand fold vengeance is what he holds and its all about grim.
(R)uthless are the plans that he creates, the kind that would give you nightmares in your deepest of slumber.
(I)n his head you are not a person, but a target and just a number.
(O)ne grave mistake and you may find your self in a stinky niche of a dumpster.
(A)bove the church were golden bells.
(N)ext to it was the finest sight, a hunch-back belle.
(N)ested in a tower of cobwebs and dusty shelves.
(E)xcept no one new that she was a princess walking among our common selves.

(C)arved within her heart is a beauty without comparison.
(U)nsuspectingly she can bust you out and then throw you to a jail garison.
(R)eclaimed by her will was a kingdom of magic.
(T)hat three young lads fought for her though always arguing about logic.
(I)n her eyes you can see a bright red glow.
(S)hining like blood red rubies in a cave under six feet of snow.

(S)ilence is sought out whenever she starts to sing.
(M)ajestic is her voice but can give you an alarming sting.
(I)n her greatest moments she sings with an enormous chorale.
(T)he kind of crowd that boosts her morale.
(H)old your breath for a mesmerizing musical royale.
(J)ust like a noble steed she strides through the boundaries of every unmapped terrain.
(O)ne magnificent beast that could pass any hurdle with one leap and never feels the strain.
(S)uch beauty that she possesses brightly, makes the stars go dim.
(E)ven gods would probably kneel before her and just watch her glim.

(M)ighty as a stallion riding towards barren fields.
(A) vast amount of knowledge is what she has and what she wields.
(R)ested within her is a golden heart said to be pure.
(I)n her soul there is an endless humility with an extent that no man can measure.
(E)ternal like time and change, all cherished treasures.

(B)raving storms that only comes in the darkest days and the blackest nights.
(O)n solid ground she plants her feet as she prepares for the fight.
(R)ushing against the blowing wind and towards a victorious plight.
(J)ourneying through long and rough winding roads  she walks to find her path.
(A)s to where it leads, well lets leave it to her and that is that.

(V)aliant like a true knights sacred mount.
(I)n never ending wars that even kings can no longer count.
(C)ourteously she brings us smiles and laughters whenever the curtains are lifted.
(E)ven if behind it all, all she wishes is that all the sadness would have drifted.
(R)elentless are the tears that would never seem to go away.
(A)nd yet she hopes to find a proper bloke, to mend her heart, and with her to stay.
(L)ove that can over come any test and that is what she prays.
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