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Jemevic Dec 2018
A life in Silica is promising
Bread and Wine is plenty.
Everyone lives in a square box with four windows.
Men work at mines and markets.
A life in Silica is truly blessing.
Those who know the blessed Silica,
Leave their nests and fly,
In hope to settle down on a new blessed land.
Silica is really new and interesting.
The country is always sparkling
The buildings are so tall that a man broke his neck when he looks up.
Lips pushed out when they speak.
Silica must be really interesting as it said.
I know the Silica
My friends know the Silica
Everyone knows the the Silica
But God sends only a few there.
Everynight we pray fervently
Everyday we listen in awe as we listen to their story.
Everyday we dream that we are also there.
I want my family to have a full meal.
I want my family to live peacefully.
I want my sick father to be recovered
So he can write poems with me.
Once we are in Silica
My family will be fine.
Their future
Will be really promising.
I just cant control myself anymore. I hope immigrants can relate to  this poem.
LordxWilliamson Dec 2014
Yo soy *****

**** immigration and the racist white tèjanõs, please tell me how the hell would they ever know what I know, shout out to my Mexicans Hondurans and black Cubanos shut the border down call it the no fly zone. Adios Americanos me and my amigos are stealing ya women and playin em like pianos, vocal terrorist this lyrical revolt should be your primary interest. Public enemy number one the domestic hectic terrorist I'm influencing your white son, right to bear these nuts I'm taking the tea parties guns stealing your freedom from right up under you, all your jobs, and way of life, your point of view. I'm the original black power ranger hide your right winged minds if not I swear they'll be in danger. I am the broken brick the stone left unturned the rhythm of the wind the willingness to learn and the desire to fight and get what you earn. I am the individual placed on the no fly list with my hand balled into a fist cause my turbin is too tight and my beards to thick. I am the man choked to death by nypd for selling cigarettes now I'm rioting with my words doing lyrical pirouettes.  Yo soy ***** spitting jive like lingo I want a Pam Grier keep your Marilyn Monroe, from the 6th borough buckin like bronco they said finish em I'm educated and black had to hit em with the combo.  I'm non fictions Huey Freeman battling congress and their demons catch me flexing on the law lookin like the black He-Man Standing up for what I believe in writing in my notepad I stay steady schemin with my head up in the clouds I stay steady dreamin. Yo soy ***** freeze em like sub zero not concerned with dolores or the dinero yen or bills yo, I'm still waiting for marvel to make a Mexican superhero.

— The End —